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Aug 26, 2002
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How about a kinda cat and mouse type game. U member in the andriod saga how DR whats-his-name ran through the rocks trying to get away from the Z fighters and get back to his lab. Well the mode would be like that. Some people choose their fighters and there is one other person who gets selected at randow to be the mouse and run around the maze like map that would be in a grid his job is to not die. There should be a map in the top right hand corner that shows the grid of the map and has
coordinance like B4 or something, then you could comunicate with ure team (using voice) and tell your team where abouts he is. e.g "hes just turned into G5" you wont be able to see him on the map so u would have to judje what path he has turned into.

Now heres the thing, This person cannot be seen on the scouter but the mouse can see everyone else on scouter. They cannot fly or do attacks (exept for solar flair) . the people in the air are trying to search and kill the person in the maze (they have all attacks except solar flair). There is kind of a timer and if the player on the ground is not killed in that time then he wins. But if he gets killed he loses. People can either blast away at the map and hope for a hit or fly around the ground searching for them. I think this would be fun and maybe make teamwork happen. People could get attention by making an attack called flare where there is a massive light near that person.......Maybe there could be more than one mice but i dunno, you say what u think....or make some suggestions.

Anyway, i think it would be fun and is not just a stupid mod as the idea has been taken from the show.

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