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Sep 28, 2005
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1.If you fall after a hit from an adversary u should stop a few inches above ground with some dust blown away . U know what I mean.
2.As I have said before Piccolo Should have the explosion attack (the one in the Imperfect Cell Saga).
3.Sayans should have a golden aura permanently after they've transformed.
4.Cell should have a tail abblity .He could do some damage with his tail in the form 1 and 2 .
5.It would be cool if u could fight 2 or 3 guys the same time
That's all folks
These are my ideeas
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Dec 21, 2003
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1. No way, you struggle your way after being hit to determine whether or not you git the ground.

2. Not aware of this attack, but Piccolo's getting Ligth grenade, so i'd assume that is enough and that there is no real need for him to get any more new attacks (he's also had scatter shot redone).

3. No, just no. People would have problems identifying if others are ssj or not.

4. I myself wouldn't mind seeing cell have some sought of attack that uses his tail & that allows him to absorb hp or ki from an opponent, so I suppose with some ideas and balancing it is possible to happen.

5. You can already do that, just not in adv melee, and as far as I remember there weill be 3 person melee in 1.3 (with whatever replaces adv melee).

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