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Nov 30, 2002
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Well, I have a couple suggestions!!! lmao, yay

-Dont make charging make you fly, I hate it when Im beam jumping and go to charge while falling in hopes of shooting another, and I start hovering... :cry:

-Its hard to hit enemies beams to start a multi-powerstruggle if someone has already shot at it, is it possible to make it push both beams in whatever direction you shoot it in, unless its already like that and a ball cant enter a M-PS with 2 beams. o_O

-Its hard to gain power since you dont leech of other people anymore... ;D not saying its bad, I still have experimenting to do

-Sometimes I cant get the melee fly at boost thing to work (forgot the name) O_O

-I hate when people camp over me waiting to attack me when I transform, could transforming push people back to a certain distance.

-Beams should keep straight when you beam jump, they should cut off if they bend

-I still dont think beams should be detonated, I think they should break off into the comet like beam, basically just like when you get interrupted while shooting a beam.

Some of these may be bugs, but oh well, if they arent, Im suggesting their change.... :fight:

well, Im off to play more to find more things to complain about!!!

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