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May 25, 2005
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Last Man Standing:
As the title says, have a FFA setting with no respawn until all are dead. Probably would work for team based too, but that might bias the powerlevels in favour of a team with too many win streaks.

God mode:
No, not invunerable players, what you'd have is a large HP/Ki Boost for all players. Something like 10-50x hp and ki and a large reduction in the ki regen rate (and limit buus hp regen rate too). The reason for doing this is to make battles feel more like battles in the show. Powerlevels should remain the same as should damage.

Gravity mode:
Disable ALL flying (jumping is allowed), just think this would be cool. All players run pretty fast as it is and it would also give much more meaning to beam/wall jumping.

Well thats my 2 (or 3) cents, except for maybe last man standing these should be easy to implement into the game without much hassle.

Anyone else got cool ideas for (possible) modes?

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