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Nov 29, 2005
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I have some more melee ideas that i thought of. Let me know if they have been suggested :).

The first one is if your in advanced melee, can there be a special move or secret combo that when executed, becomes a very strong hit, like downward for example, and is strong enough to where the opponent can not recover from, and is flown all the way down and smashes into the ground. ( or, if he is out of stamina / ki , then he can not recover, and must wait till he crashes into the ground ) Many times in the show, they are hit downward and cannot recover from it. Im sure it can be balanced, and would be fun to use.

Another one i thought of, is it possible to add a move, like the show, where you grab the opponent from behind, and fly with him into the ground, or letting go at the last second, and smashing him into it. Another fun move to the arsenal.

One more, for new advanced melee combos, can there be different kinds of combos. Like, for example, a fast hitting , many strike combo, or , a couple large hits, kind of like how red arrows are. Maybe there can be a combo that starts with a couple hits and leads to a quick throw.
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May 28, 2005
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idea 1:
I'm sure that will happen in 1.3, you can already sometimes do it if you hit him hard, all you do is a combo than afterwards a red hit than if he has low or no ki than he stays there for quite a while.

I like that, but I think it is already added, I heard that somewhere or I dreamt it, lol. So there's a chance that it's in, not sure though.

idea3:There will be many combo's, don't worry, I'm sure they'll add atleast 6 or so, becasue from what i've heard it's the last release, so they'll do as much as possible, look how long we've been waiting already, meaning that it is going to kick ass!

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