LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s

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Jan 9, 2003
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Time to get over it. From the way you read my post I'm surprised you could read the word "FAQs" on the mainpage. I believe that there was a mistake which they caught and changed, but for you to think that it was not a mistake the first time you saw it is truly a sad event. It just goes to show what the internet has come too.
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Jun 7, 2002
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Originally posted by [email protected]!D3R
What is the point of this anyways... Oh wow, they said a bad word about a game... How much of a lifeless nerd are you... haha who honestly cares
hmmm i see u registerd in Dec and have more than 300 posts in less than a month seems like i have more of a life than u do


* I like writting diry stuff in Spanish that the mods have no idea wtf it means and they are prolly gonna beat me down now.
- I have a special stick with ur name on it -

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