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Sep 20, 2003
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>.< You don't give up do you? Your question has been answered.

1. No there is NO lag compensation for ESF.
2. KWS explained how the HL servers worked and all that jazz, which should have explained to you, through trial and error and/or common sense, what lag compensation is.
If you fight in 50 ping you are going to get a 50 ping feeling. Fight in 100 ping, you're gonna get a 100 ping feeling. It doesn't change.

P.S what I said about the whole gfx card thing is true I said
Fire Phoenix said:
IF your computer can't handle an ATI Radeon x800 you could get worse fps then your old video card. You're computer has to be able to handle it.
I hope this answered your question, if not, i suggest you have a nice little chat with KWS, who seems to know his stuff when it comes to HL and the servers. (you should see what he can do with that ent mod thing XD it's kick ass)

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