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Feb 17, 2002
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I recently when on my first plane flight and while looking down on the clouds I thought you could make an ESF map similar to this.

There is a map called esf_skyarena that uses cloud effects.

I don't know for sure how sky textures work, but I think they make a complete cube around the map don't they? If you could make a sky texture that has the "sky" (the very upper sky) above, and the sea below with some tiny islands drawn on it, put in some clouds a very high way up and you would have an extremely high looking map.

I don't know if you could do this with HL mapping, but you might be able to make the clouds scroll across the map, so it looks like they are being blown slowly in the wind.

I know this is a very basic map idea, but with ESF these sort of ideas still work out.
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Dec 25, 2001
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hmm .. for the howto make a sky texxture thing you should check
and with the scrolling clouds.. hmm ... maybe if the sky would be a sphere with an inner spere with a scroll texture that looks like clouds.. but i dont think it would look like really clouds becouse of the non dynamic distance (hard to describe... aaw)

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