I Thought Upload and Download rates were connected.... this is ghey

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May 1, 2006
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Uncheck "Randomize port each time Utorrent starts"
Change "Protocol Description" to "Enabled"
Change "Global maximum upload rate (kb/s)" to at least "20"
Change "Global maximum download rate (kb/s)" to "0" (for unlimited)

You're also using an outdated version of Utorrent.
Did all that. Still the same. But anyway, I upgraded uT. Not helping, nor did I expect it to, seeing as every download gives me the same speed.

Oh and btw, its jumped to 110 kilobytes per second o_O
I'm loving this lol. Its really bad for my ISP. Those guys are gonna wonder how I upload over 2 GB each night through seeding. lol. :smile:
I dont care about the DL speed much. seeing as it would only spoil me if it went too high. I'm happy with it. :)
Just posted this here to find out if anyone ever heard of a connection which gives an upload speed thats nearly 15 times the download speed. lol. Judging by the reaction, I was right and no one has. :cool:
Thanks anyway.

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