I can not work this out

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Aug 20, 2004
okay, I have looked and downloaded so many wrong stuff in the last 2 days. The main page tells me that ESF can be found on the files page...WRONG, I downloaded both things on the page. The first is a patch, not the game (or mod or whatever) the other is a dedicated server. I recognized that to begin with, but it was the only other option so I downloaded it anyway. I installed it and...YES IT WAS A DEDICATED SERVER, not the game. So far my biggest problem at all is even getting the damn thing. Before I got condition zero steam had a title of 3rd party games(I had never used it) but since I had none it was blank and I never bothered to use it. Now however, since I got condition zero, my steam has been updated and everything on that list is in the same title now which is My Games, thats all though. I can't even find the game anyway. So it would be incredibly helpfull if someone could give me a link to the game not the patch or anything else, and then describe what I need to do to if my 3rd party games list is gone (unless by downloading it, it comes back).

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