How to compile MS3D files to HL(ESF) Models!!!

Lost in space
May 8, 2003
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well, I have read the stickies and searched through the tuts...
but there just isnt 1 clear explanation about how exactly am I suppose
to compile my milkshape model to ESF HALF LIFE .mdl file that works!!!

I dont know how to use the qc scripts but since I must base my model
on the ESF ones in someway so it will work in ESF - I guess that I can just
decompile an ESF model and use somehow its QC file with changing the main
ref SMD file with my work

but this wont work, I am doing so many mistakes
so all I need is a tut or some1 to explain here to me exactly what to do

the easiest way for me is just to find some1 that is willing to compile it for me
just to c how it will look... but I am sick and tired of looking for those pplz
with no free time to do a simple compilation
I hope this thread will be usefull as I hope it will

thnx from ahead!!!

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