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Aug 9, 2002
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I've been trying harder then ever to learn to model, but i still haven't even made more then a circle, i've been reading the stickies, like the CS girl, and the list of tutorials, but there just not helping me. So, i'd like to know from you people, not how to completly model, just how to start.

1. For a reference pic, do you draw it or get one from the internet?

I got a reference pic, but the skeleton wasn't in a position like the pic, so i couldn't see how to do it.

2. Do you make the skeletons? Or take them off exisitng models like CS or TF models?

3. Does anyone have any sites that have VIDEOs of model making? The CS girl site had one, but i didn't have the right codec to view it. Thanks :yes: :D I really want to learn!

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