Guide to Downlading ESF Open Beta Via Torrent.

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Jan 7, 2003
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First things first.

Download the torrent client uTorrent here:
I usually go for the off line installer.

Installation guide:
1) Double click uTorrent.exe that you just downloaded.
2) Select your language and press OK.
3) Click Next :)
4) Choose where you wish to install it to, just choose default; Which is...
"C:\Program Files\uTorrent\". then Click next.
5) Here you can choose where the shortcuts etc go, once done click "Install".
6) Then click finish, It should open uTorrent automatically.

Now to configure the uTorrent client.
If you know your Internet speed and type it will make things alot easier.
If not thats alright.

How to find out your connection speed:

Up the top, click on the Options menu.
Then select "Speed Guide...".
To find out your internet connection speed, click on "Run speed test at:

On the dslreports website choose "Flash 8 plugin based speed test"
Next choose the server located closest to you.
Because I am located in Australia I chose the one with the smallest green bar.
Now the test should start automatically, It will take awhile for it to complete.
I ended up getting an upload result of "87 kb/s"
And a download speed of "500 kb/s"
Write these down as they will be required shortly.

Go back to uTorrent, The Speed guide should still be open.
Under "Connection type"
Choose the connection that closely matches what you discovered on the speed test.
For me it would have been: xx/128k (Allays choose 1 or 2 connections higher for maximum performance).

Now for Ports...
this is a difficult part.
Under "Current port:" type in a number like 6112.

then click "Test if port is forwarded correctly".

A web page should pop-up
If anywhere on the page it doesn't show "OK! Port 6112 is open and accepting connections." Then your ports will need to be forwarded inside your router.

To do this, find the make and model of the router.
Then read this thread:

Once all that has been done, goto the main page of esforces. (
Click on the link "" - The link may change in the future.
Click on "open" so that once the download is complete it opens it automatically.
Now a whole heap stuff should appear. Just click OK.
It should start automatically, Be patient, As sometimes it may take awhile for the download speed to pick-up, And download speeds vary greatly all the time, depending on how many people are downloading it etc.

Once the download is complete, right click on the file and goto "Open Containing folder". Which should open it. After that the rest of it is up to you.

Now in uTorrent on the main page where it says "Ratio" Try and make it to 2.0 to help the community out.
And try and limit your upload while your downloading about 2-5Kb slower.
So for instance I have a 128k upload, I would limit it to 100k or from 12k to 10k.

To do this, look down in the bottom right corner, where it says "u: 0.05" or something. Right click on it, and change your upload rate. If you would like to set an upload rate slower than one displayed, select the slowest upload rate, then right click again, and more will appear.

If you have any further questions, Just ask :)

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