Gotenks(full suggestion)please read esf team

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Dec 22, 2004
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ok I am posting this but Zeronightmare and Krazy Killa came up with ideas and I helped. Here is our suggestion

Fusion Requirements/Limits
Powerlevel needs to be equal, or close to equal for both characters.
Powerlevel needs to be higher than 1,000,000.
Power is multiplied by 1.5x while fused.
Once Fusion is initialized:
Arrows appear (No randoms), and you have to get 100% of them right, or fusion will fail.
Fusion lasts 5 minutes, and will remain fused until energy is empty, or near empty, after timelimit expires.
Cannot perform fusion for 3 minutes after defusing.
Goten & Trunks (Normal Form)
Health: 100
Speed: 220
Weaker Kamehameha/Double Buster
Fusion Dance
Goten & Trunks (Trans #1)
Health: 110
Speed: 250
Powerlevel Requirement: 1,000,000
Multipler: 1.25x
Double Generic Beam (On-top of Generic Beam)
Combined Kamehameha/Double Buster (Both characters are used in this attack)
Gotenks (Normal Form)
Health: 120
Speed: 290
Continueous Die Die Missiles
Double Buster (Weaker version)
Gotenks (Trans #1)
Health: 130
Speed: 320
Powerlevel Requirement: 2,000,000
Multiplier: 1.25x
Cosmic Halo
Super Ghost Kamikazi Attack
Double Buster is removed from list.
Gotenks (Ultimate Form)
Health: 140
Speed: 340
Powerlevel Requirement: 3,000,000 (While in Trans #1)
Multiplier: 1.5x
Victory Cannon
Cosmic Halo is removed from list
Super Ghost Kamikazi Attack

so what do you think? please post your comments.

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