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Dec 18, 2001
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I think that they maybee could make some fusion in esf?? like:

Vegeta and Goku stand Beside Each Other and then both of them click on a button at the same time and maybee they should have three tryes and the they would be split up and they can not fuse in about 5 min exept if they are dead and then again try!!

Time in Fusion

And when they are fused they could swicht each 1min or something like that and the fusion would be broken up after 10 or 20 min (Just a thought) or they could press the fusion button to split up!

After they kill somebody in Fusion

yeah after they killed someone they should share the PL that they got from the kill BUT only when the fusion is broken

PL in Fusion

The Pl would be like if Vegeta have 2 million in PL and goku have 4 million in PL then they would be + ... like 2+4=6 right and then the PL 6 would be raised with maybe 1/4 of the PL (Just a Thought)

Thanks to SpiritWalkor for the Sig!!

Pokemons is COOL!!!!......................................NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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