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Nov 24, 2001
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The last few ones that tried to start just kinda crashed SO im here to make the one FanFic that will live. Here are some base rules to keep the thing in order:

-7 People Max, We can't have the whole forum writing this @[email protected]
-You can be stronger than other people occasionally, just don't try to be the ultimate 24/7
-You may control other people's characters just dont do anything drastic like have your char just beat the complete **** out of em.

Thats basically everything that needs to be laid down out in the open, if you got any problems with it send me a pm. People who will not be writing in the fanfic Do not spam! I repeat Do not spam! We had people in FF2 that just did random posts in the thread and it pissed some people off so, don't do that. O_O Thats enough rules from me, to write or not to write that is the question!

The FanFic is set BEFORE DB

Forum Fanfic

Five-Million lightyears away from Earth lied a planet of acient and wise creatures called the Alrains. For centuries they had kept check on the universe, without any other sentient species gaining knowledge of their existance. Until the Saiyans, under Frieza's control found them. The war between the two lasted for about 20 years; each side taking key victories and loss's along the way. Eventually the Saiyans won this battle, but in doing so set off a chain of events that not even the wisest of people would know could happen.


-Planet XF-139

"The species here known as Telerians, seem peaceful enough." The final Alrain in existance, had escaped from his planet during the war.

"Even though they know nothing of other species existing in space; they have welcomed me like I am one of their own." Zabier spoke into his recorder. Even though he was the last of his species, he had a job to uphold; to study and maintain peace in the galaxy.

"Telerians, as the records show have excelled mind abilities, ranging from reading minds to moving small objects. Though I have not yet felt them probe my mind."

The Alrain had explained the situation to the planets leader's, and he had been left in a room until they decided what to do with him.

"I fear though, they may want to destroy me so that the saiyans do not destroy them. This may prove a problem, force may be necessary."

The doors to his room slid open as 15 armed men entered the room.
"Under the decision of the councel, Zabier you shall be executed." The head soldier said.

"Cowards! Destroy me and the Saiyans will still come!" Slowly he dispatced all 15 warriors, not as easily as he predicted; and as it was he could feel the presence of a Saiyan warrior approaching the planet....


-Saiyan Warship: Kyuuin

"We are closing in on the planet, commander Rigen." The navigational operator announced.

"Excellent, send one warrior to each region on the planet, we must locate that Alrain! For the pride of Vegeta!!"

And so, 7 Saiyan pods were launched and little did they know; one contained one the of what was going to be one of the greatest Saiyans alive...


Phew ^_^;;; *wipes sweat* Theres your start, now lets hustle people! <__>

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