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Dec 10, 2002
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hey guys im a ff11 fanatic but i got a prob with hopefully some of you can help me with.
i recently moved and i got my pc formated ( no big woof right ?)
but the prob is my instal disc nr 1 of the normal ff11 got damaged so now i cannot instal it my question is ;
can anyone upload the disc so i can download it from you?

this isnt wares or anything like it because of the following reasons:
i have to pay with my credit card
i have the original
i cant use it for private servers because ...they plainly dont exist due to the pol (play online licence) servers + the direct link to square enix so you cannot change it to a private server i surfed the web to double check and i was right.

so please anyone please help me =(
(i only need the first instal cd for ff11 i checked the others and they are in working condition
cd 2 and 3 work find chains of promethia works fine aswell and well the other cd rise of zillart works just fine aswel ^^)

thx in forward guys
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