Fight Club Challenge *magic/skillz* style

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Jun 30, 2003
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open challenge to anyone who wants to duel in a magic/powers/skillz type fight. But you have to display your skillz when u accept this challenge because u cant just come up with stuff at the last minute.its like fighting in fight club its just that you have powerz now ^_^. and i guess the powers have to be agreed by the referee

well my skillz are:

Psychic wind: able to move people back a few feet with my hand

Ice Wave: shoots ice at the victim *doesnt freeze them just hits and splatters* like being hit by a rock in a dbz episode

Fist Of The Dragon: i hold my right arm up and gather energy from dead spirits and i shoot an ice dragon out that hits u in the chest possibly knocking you unconcious *sorta like hiei's move from yu yu hakusho*

*hopes a ref lets me do it*

anywayz someone except! im anxious to see what you have :devgrin:

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