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Here is the original thread:

This thread will be the site of all current bios, this way we don't need to comb through inactive clubbers to get to who you need. Anyone who wants to move their bios over here feel free to do so.
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Height: 6' 6" (198.1 cm)
Weight: 276lbs (125.2 kg) (19.71 stones)
Eyes: black with gold dual pupils (glows on occasion)
Skin: green
Attire: Black leather duster, dark, mirrored sunglasses, leather pants and boots.

No one is certain of Cucatoth's true form, it is assumed by some scholars that Cucumba may be a rouge avatar of the ancient deity.

Martial Arts style: Tae Kwon Do, Hun Gar, Tai-Chi, Hapkido, Wrestling, Muy Thai and several swordsman techniques including the ban saber techniques of the admin knights.

Weapons: Ban Saber, Big Ban Attack. Cucumba has also said that portions of him exsist in the ban daggers, if that is true, there may be more to his hand to hand combat than previously thought. Cucumba may have a Soul Slayer, or Zanpaktou, if this is the case, then he is certainly of captain rank, and may have mastered his weapon's bankai.

Known abilities: Ki Manipulation, Force Sensitive, Super Strength, sharpened senses, flight, teleportation, healing and cthulian magic. It is completely possible that Cucumba has not demonstrated all of his abilities; in his inagural fight, he posessed a cyborg.

Known techniques:
  • Wind Spear Hands: Cucumba can, through years of conditioning and training turn his hands into deadly stabbing and slashing instruments. The specifics of the technique are not known.
  • Bridgehands: The ultimate Tae Kwon Do technique, Cucumba is able to dismantle opponents by crushing them with ki aided melee attacks that fall in the "multiple tons per square inch" category, the only effective counter is to not be in the target area. It is not unlike Hwoarang's Iron Fist Technique.
  • Force Manipulation: Though he has only demonstrated it twice, it is assumed that Cucumba is very adept at it's use.
  • Big Ban Attack: By gathering ki and infusing it with his administrative powers, Cucumba can banish people from forumscant or any similar computerized world.
  • Pikka Flash: Unlike the BBA, Cucumba gathers tremendous amounts of Ki and compresses it in a marble sized ball. This attack has the power to level mountainsides.
  • Fist of the Bloody Southern Cross: Cucumba is able to strike key junctures in the enemies ki flow, causing his/her muscles to spasm and tear open. The victims of this attack often look like they are spouting geisers of blood, so it is rarely used.
  • Resonating Shadow Strike: Cucumba is able to deliver blows deep within the targets defenses without physically being there. The move takes a very short while to start, but it is an opening.
  • Four Point Shadow Strike: As above, only Cucumba makes short lived replications of himself to deliver the deadly payload in key cross body areas.
  • the Horrid Swarm: Cucumba's take on the replacement technique. Cucumba breaks into several smaller winged demons.
  • Onigan: Cucumba's "bloodline limit" technique. It can be used to induce a dream like state, inserting a hallucination directly into the opponent. It can also see short distances into the future, allowing Cucumba to plan according to his opponents every move. When used in conjunction with Cucatoth's nearly limitless power, and Cucumba's own force sense, this move becomes nearly impervious.
  • Slipgate: Cucatoth exsists not in a place, but a place between places. Because of his attachment to his home dimension, Cucumba can move through our world to his at a whim.
  • Horrid Transformation: Cucumba is able to take the aspect of his darker self while under duress. His true form is a monstrosity, lacking facial features save glowing eyes, membranous wings, bladed tentacles and wicked claws.
  • Great Dragon That Stands Tall and Shakes the Heavens: the Green devil collects a frightening amount of swirling ki to his feet for a devistating downward flying kick.
  • Covenant: The ancient horror can call upon an ancient pact forged by a version of himself that has already existed to the end of time. This pact allows infinite Cucumbas to assist one who is in danger of losing control of his individual time stream by calling on parallel universe Cucumbas. Every time a quantumn event creates a new time stream, a new Cuc is bound to the covenant by the onigan to defend the interests of the one Cucumba called Kaiser. Kaiser Cucumba himself would be the accumulation of all the knowledge, skills, and experience of every Cucumba that has ever, and will ever exist. This Cucumba is in permanent Bankai and uses the unbridled power of Harbinger.
  • Kamidaishou no shounetsu-ken: (Burning Fist of the Divine General) Cucumba strikes with such force that his fist glows red hot from the effort and smokes as if it fell from re-entry. The power of this strike surpasses that of the bridge hands technique.
  • Sen Kaze Yarite (yah ree tay) Shinken: The perfect form of Wind Spear Hands; the god given skill of the 1000 wind spear hands. The attack quite literally lands 1000 blows with the WSH technique at a speed that is impressive even for the Jade Behemoth.
  • Southern Dipper Waterfoul Fist: Nanto Style slicing technique similar to a soft version of Wind Spear Hands. This style works well defensively and offensively, being best applied while in close or in the air.
  • Southern Dipper White Heron Fist: Nanto Style slicing technique that uses primarly kicks, it's is a powerful arial style. The style is extremely effective against multiple opponents.
  • Southern Dipper Crimson Crane Fist: A vertical style of slicing that has more range than the other Nanto styles, Cucumba would likely use this to cut his opponents to ribbons from afar.
  • Cataclysm of the Old One: A firey hurricane summoned from the core of a distant star in the gulfs beyond our solar system. The destruction wrought by this attack is pretty severe, even by Cucumba's standards and has only been used thrice in his entire existance.
  • 100 Petals of the Black Lotus: A pin-point accuracy series of finger jabs, all aimed at vital junctures. This attack renders the ki system of his opponent damaged, and causes them to lose speed, accuracy, and strength.
  • Shikai: When Cucumba holds his soul slayer aloft, and says, "Rise from the depths, Harbinger" he can release his soul slayer from it's dormant state. Reports are sketchy, however, it appears that in it's sealed form it is merely a broken hilt. When released, a brilliant energy blade springs forth from the handle. It's important to note however, that witnesses may have seen his ban saber, though the reports vastly predate that weapon's understood date of creation. It's released form's powers are not currently known.
  • Devour the Light: In it's shikai mode, Harbinger is able to spread the damage Cucumba has recieved to others within a certain radius, this move kills most mortals near him as they are unable to shoulder the wounds he can carry, so he is reluctant to use it.
  • Broken Angles: Cucumba can implement a slipgate directly at the point of injury and move the line of damage anywhere he pleases through yet another slipgate. Cucumba is only able to do this with the help of harbinger, as the slipgate he uses without it is nowhere near as fast.
  • Bankai: Cuc's multi-level bankai moves him ever closer to perfection with his fractured soul, which is a fragment of Cucatoth's soul. At full power, there is no distinguishable power gap between Cucumba and Cucatoth.
  • Sit Upon the Black Throne of the Betrayer with Seven Crowns: Each of the seven crowns are worn in succession until the Green Devil can unite them all and regain his divinity. Each crown is a gateway to control one elemental aspect.
  • Tremble Upon the Grey Throne of the Veil with the Silver Key: Cucumba becomes multidimensional, and can warp euclidean geometry space within a certain area, basically breaking physics and reality in a local area. This power is taxing, and cannot be maintained long.
  • Roar Upon the Golden Throne Beyond the Door . . . Spear of Destiny: Kaiser is the only Cucumba known to use this technique in battle. He is able to siphon the soul of Cucatoth and convert it into usable energy. Kaiser is able to shift the scale of power past 75%, absorbing 3/4 of Cucatoth's power. At this phase, all of space time is under Cuc's command, and should Cucatoth ever die, the balance of the Great Madness' power would flow into Cucumba. It is also through Kaiser Cucumba's strength that Cucatoth remains feeble and unable to escape his prison.
Cucumba's history is dark and shrouded in mystery. Though he is well known, relatively little is known about the ancient demon before he came to Forumscant. What is known, is that despite his ancient predisposition towards evil, he has apparently changed sides and plans on helping the humans of this board. He is mentioned in some old texts, like the P'kylnomicon, as the master of a sunken city beneath the waves who would rise again when the stars are right. He is often referred to as Cucatoth in these texts.

The mad old one is a powerful opponent, as well as an intelligent one. The green devil is know for his honor and fairness, though he is also known for showing little mercy. His martial arts techniques and powerful supernatural abilities give him limitless ways to murder and maim.

It is best to assume that a loss to the pickled one will be painful indeed.

Cucumba has recently declared war on Faction: Catalyst and Verbal Violence United, he is the leader of the Nation of Administration.

Engar has recently revealed that Cucumba has taught him the ways of the admin knights, but he is not a true Modiwan according to Deverz. If so, then what is the Pickled one planning?

And what of Cucumba's connection to Pride? When did Pride learn of the true name of Cucumba? Only time will tell.

Cucumba has disbanded the NoA, though he maintains ties to Engar. In the meantime, he seeks to put a permanent end to the threat of Smith, and squash the delusional ideals of Kelesk. Pride's time is on the horizon, as the Green Machine hasn't quite finished with him yet.

Cucatoth and Cucumba are quite different beings, but the nature of their tie has not yet been revealed.

Cucumba claims to become the 66th succesor of Hokuto Shinken, the god given skill of the great northern bear. If this is true, his martial arts prowess may just have no equal. There is only one problem with this, currently the 63rd successor is teaching students, the 66th does not exist yet. Therefore, no one can tell if this is another clever trick of the green devil's or a future fact.

Scholars in the 13 protection squads in Soul Society have apparently found proof that the Jade Behemoth had once infiltrated their ranks. An ancient document found in the central library at Seireitei claim that the only time in recorded memory that an outsider became a Captain after defeating a captain in front of the required one hundred on-lookers. This captain had green skin, white hair, and a deep understanding of demon magic that dwarfed his impressive skill with the blade. This challenger called himself only Zucchinius, and handily defeated the 11th squad captain. He stayed with his shinigami post for some time, then mysteriously dissapeared after he was defeated for a bid to control the science and research department that existed before the beaureau of technological development. Ran'Tao, another brilliant shinigami captain, won the bid and began her experiments. What he learned there is unknown, and his purpose for being there is even more in question. However, it is known that he did have a Soul Slayer, and he did, at the very minimum, learn it's name; Harbinger.

He was reported to have awoken his blade's shikai by saying, "Rise from the depths . . . Harbinger." It was used in it's unsealed form against a Menos Grande.

There are also whispers that he may have mastered his bankai, though it seems he didn't have time to perfect it in Soul Society.

At least, there are no records of such a thing happening.
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Nathan Grey.


6'4" (193 cm).

210 lbs (95 kg).

Agile, muscular.

31 years old in appearance.

Short, black.


Generally wears a grey trench coat (closed for the most part) with matching fedora, black slacks and a black and white, vertically striped shirt. Black shoes, black leather gloves.

Smokes. Drinks. Relatively handsome, if one ignores the unsightly scar across his right cheek.

Psychological Profile
Analytical, tactical, confident, and calm in general. Can enter a state of rage in which he becomes a whirlwind of terrifying violence. Dislikes senseless slaughter.

Fighting Style
Vicious and effective. Appears military in nature, but has no equivalent.

Faction Affiliation


  • Telekinesis: Nathan Grey has an unprecedented mastery of telekinesis. It has been speculated that even Kelesk and Cucumba would find this power to be a fierce challenge, should Nathan choose to use it to its full potential. Due to the high probability of collateral damage, he minimizes the extent of the ability as much as possible.
  • Regeneration: An ability that makes Nathan Grey one of the hardest people in the world to kill. Though a bullet to the head would no doubt put an end to him, he is capable of withstanding enormous amounts of damage, provided his blood-loss is not extreme. Lost limbs can grow back in a matter of days.

Nathan Grey's personnel file states that he was admitted to Catalyst's ranks for exceptional combat performance. His past is as shadowy as his motivation for joining Catalyst, as it is clear he could easily be a force in his own right. There have been rumours that the mysterious Nathan Grey has been given two tasks: One involving Kelesk, and one involving Cucumba. More conspiracy-inclined rumours would have it that Nathan Grey has become the shadow-puppeteer of the entire Catalyst organization; aiming to disassemble Cucumba's might and stop Kelesk's dangerous rampages.

Catalyst DNA-analysis have revealed that Nathan Grey is a bio-engineered human, and that the technology involved is extremely advanced. Even the NoA's laboratories at their peak never came close to his DNA's level of sophistication.
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Name: Synth

Age: 26

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Green (flash Red, when his powers are triggered)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185lbs

Features: Extremely toned muscle density, and noticably dark circles under his eyes.

Clothing: A white gi with blue stripes.

Weapons: Synth considers his hands and moral wit to be enough to face everyday challenges, challengers, and evils.

Fighting style: Tae Kwon Do. He is also trained in the basics of long and short style, Tai Chi.

History: A childhood that was stressful, but economically and mentally rewarding; was solidified through hours, weeks, months, and years of endurance training; where he learned the true meaning of hard work and the value of believing in yourself. It wasn't long after that he was finding his temper getting him into many fights, to which he used to quickly gain immense respect and unbelievable street credibility, platforming his goal to be known as one of the best fighters ever. Sadly, this achievement would soon consume his identity past the ideology of recreational combat and into the realm of global warfare, as he became an instrument of capitolist leverage. Thanks to a company named Bio-Rad that was supposedly unaffilliated with military endeavors, his internal structure was now cutting-edge metallics fused with an omnipotent core, that powered his every attack to be relentless and without mercy.


Bukujutsu: (Flight) a simple technique of concentrating one's ki below them to create levitation and accelerating it for propulsion.

Jinsoku Aian Genkotsu: (Swift Iron Fists) a rapid concentration of energy to one's hands. Used effectively, it is considered the peak of Martial Arts.

Jinsoku Aian Reikyuu: (Swift Iron Coffin) a quick barrage of beam attacks, aimed to pin an adversary into the ground until they are crushed or incinerated.
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Name: KelesK
Theme Song (Chaos): Sybreed - Twelve Megatons Gravity
Theme Song (Oblivion): Vampire Mooose - Ogdru Jahad
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair: Red, medium length and spiked
Eyes: Red retina, black pupil. When Kelesk's power reaches its pinnacle or if the Oblivion Aura is active his eyes glow vibrant crimson.
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Body: Toned, various scars across his face, chest and arms. Notably two large facial scars which run down the right side of his face revealing his canine and a second crossing it from beneath his nose to his ear.
Weight: 95kg (210lbs)
Clothing: Ripped and torn baggy dark grey cargo pants, white shirt. Due to his exile he has been seen donning a tattered and torn modiwan robe which is presumably stolen from Engar.
Personality: Kelesk's personality is similar to that of a psychopath, while usually quiet he generally exhibits tremendously uncontrollable rage when Cucumba's name is even mentioned and is uplifted by the very idea of bringing destruction and inevitably crushing his enemies. He loves nothing more than to destroy things, as shown by his wanton destruction of towns and cities for little more than intimidation. Kelesk also has a tendency to toy with his weaker victims, Kelesk enjoys playing with his feeble foes with sadistic sarcasm, often taunting his opponents into attacking images to incite frustration or fear, however against stronger opponents he is known to attack in ruthless volleys forcing his opponents into submission using any means necessary. Kelesk himself rarely has anything to say to any opponent he faces, which may have come from the fact that he was betrayed by NoA.

Fighting Style: Kelesk's fighting style is different from most fighters in the Forumscant as he often prefers a brawler type style rather than actual fighting techniques though his current form vaguely resembles a mix of Hapkido and Silat. He has also specialised in the use of staves. During combat it is rare to see Kelesk move on his own if making an offensive action, rather, he will use his Dimensional Tear ability to attack with volleys of consecutive attacks which are hard to pinpoint.

Rogue Scythe - A dual bladed Scythe (Displayed above). Blade colour varies from dull orange to vibrant amber depending on the chaos energy surrounding the wielder. When the Oblivion Aura is active the blades glow crimson.​
Ban Sabre - A blade wielded only by the hierarchy of the Forumscant. It is unknown how the sabre entered Kelesk's possession however the blade glows with a vibrant violet so it is assumed that, alike his modiwan robes, the blade is Engar's. It is extremely rare for the sabre to see combat, it is rather worn as a relic marking his unknown ties to both Cucumba and more importantly, Engar.​

Techniques/Abilities: Kelesk unalike most fighters in the Forumscant cannot fly. He is able to levitate through the use of his powers, though movement is extremely limited due to how his powers work. Aside this he still retains the lightning fast reflexes most others have and has heightened senses. But he also commands darker abilities; ones that are fuelled by the Chaos Energy within him. Although of decent size and weight, Kelesk's power does not stem from his physique but rather from his immense pool of energy which he siphons from the world around him meaning that if a destructive fight drags on with a minimum of injury to his body it is possible Kelesk's energy attacks may strengthen even as his stamina and body deteriorate.
The Chaos Aura - Kelesk's aura is unalike most other fighters. While it does boost his power significantly it also acts as a barrier to anything not powerful enough to resist it's effects. Anything caught within the aura will be twisted and torn until it is no longer existent. Kelesk's speed and physical strength, however, is not effected by the aura due to the nature of how he attacks. The aura generally burns a vibrant amber in colour but varies depending on Kelesk's mental state. Being the power source of Kelesk's attacks most of his attacks share the amber colour. While the Oblivion Aura is active the Chaos Aura cannot be used.​
Chaos Orb - Chaos Orbs are compressed balls of chaos energy which can be recognised visually via the sphere of energy surrounding Kelesk formed through Chaos Control. The sphere then shrinks into nothing more than a speck of light above the palm until it is grasped and thrown in which case it will grow to the size of a tennis ball. They can vary slightly in size and greatly in power and are the most basic of Kelesk's chaos abilities. Only one Orb may be summoned at a time. However they can be summoned in rapid succession or split into separate Orbs with divided power these Orbs are launched directly from the energy sphere however neither of these methods can be directly aimed at any given target any resulting hits are completely by chance.​
Chaos Control - Kelesk's primary source of power comes from an ability called Chaos Control. The ability varies depending on the extreme of which it is used, but most of Kelesk's abilities do stem from this one. Primarily Chaos control is used to slow time of either the surrounding dimension, his opponent or both. Whilst using this ability the world around him and his target tints totally orange if his target is effected then he/she too will share the orange tint. During the effects Kelesk's power triples though because of the influx of energy it can only be used in short bursts.​
Chaos Glaive - Chaos Glaives are small shards of chaos energy which can cut through anything provided it was the first thing it came into contact with, after it leaves the first object it's power dissipates and leaves the glaive to bury itself into the next surface it comes in contact with. The glaives shortly after dissolve into a fine black dust/powder.​
Chaos Bending - The first of Kelesk's ability to have been branched entirely from Chaos Control. Chaos Bending has the same effects of the Chaos aura, just on a much larger scale and a much more focused area. The attack is similar to Chaos Control in that it tints an area orange, though instead of slowing, it causes any target to decay through the effects of sheer chaotic energies, twisting and bending until the target is released into the "real world" physics which ultimately destroys any matter caught within its area of effect. The ability can be used against individual targets or over an area.​
Chaos Reflection - Consistent training under Engar and the Mad Old One has birthed a new ability. The technique is a slight combination of Engar's after-image technique and Cucumba's ability to travel between dimensions, and his own dimensional tare ability. Kelesk is capable of mimicking himself solidly in one dimension whilst being in another, causing any attack to cleanly pass through him.​
Dimensional Tear - This ability is a basic teleportation between dimensions or to other places within a dimension. Kelesk can rip open the fabric of time and space in order to quickly move from place to place. Visible bursts of energy erupt at both entrance and exit points of the tear due to the restraints on Kelesk's power being removed in order to pass through the tear. Although the rip isn't visible to the naked eye it is still possible for foreign objects, people or energy blasts to travel through the tear for a breif moment before it is closed behind Kelesk.​
Chaos Reality - This ability is another that he learnt whilst training with Cucumba. The ability puts the target into a dream-like state where his worst fears reside and makes them reality. Creating images of their deepest secrets that only they can see and hear. It can also be used to create illusions of Kelesk's choosing. While the illusions may appear extremely real, they are only in the targets mind and any damage done to the surrounding environment or the the target will vanish once the effect has worn off.​
Meteor Blast - (Shown Above) The Meteor Blast ability is unique when compared to his array of other abilities. Kelesk is only able to use the ability when he is at the pinnacle of his regular power and is unable to conjure it after succumbing to the Oblivion Aura. The Meteor Blast itself is a solidly compressed ball of energy which glows with the energy of most Oblivion attacks yet actually appears alike a Chaos attack. The ball itself is rock solid which makes it similar to the shards Kelesk uses when attacking with the Oblivion Wave yet it has the physical force of a small meteor upon impact allowing it to create vast impact craters with minimal collateral damage which a typical energy blast would create. The attack does not vary in size or strength and leaves the crater and a small surrounding area covered in unnatural flames similar to that of the Oblivion Aura itself.​

The Oblivion Aura - The power source of the Affinity Attacks and Kelesk's answer to the power gap between himself and Cucumba. The Oblivion Aura is fueled by dark energy and uses dark matter as a substitute energy reserve in case of unexpected spacial distortions, after the aura has been ignited a consistent rumble will continually echo around Kelesk due to the movement of atoms around him. The Oblivion Aura, unlike it's lesser the Chaos Aura, is viewed as extremely transparent black flames of energy however from certain angles it appears red and emits a red glow. On top of this the Aura does not comprise of Chaos energy and as such will not completely sunder anything within it's reaches however the energy will in fact burn nearly anything that isn't comprised of a hardened alloy (anything capable of withstanding estimated temperatures of anywhere up to 1000˚C [1832˚F]). The aura itself does not vary in size or diameter and burns from the ground in a two meter radius around Kelesk and flares up to several meters above his head. While the aura is active it gathers energy used to power the Affinity attacks however while the aura is visibly active Kelesk cannot attack as doing so will cause the aura to cease. It is considered however that once Kelesk deems it necessary to use the Oblivion Aura his power becomes infinite however the side effects are grave - siphoning energy from the depths of the universe results in the universe shrinking and as such time will ultimately relapse upon itself causing severe damage to the current dimension so the aura must only be used sparingly. In addition the raising pressure of energy around him as the aura remains active will ultimately begin to destroy his own body and so any energy gathered during the aura's life must be used.

Chaos Affinity Attacks: These attacks are solely powered by the Oblivion Aura. The longer the aura is clearly visible the more powerful the next Affinity attack will be. However an unpowered Affinity attack is nothing to be scoffed at.
Chaos Affinity: Oblivion Bomb - A basic attack much alike the Chaos Orb. Energy is siphoned from the dark energy around him and drawn into the orb to power it. It can be fired after an extremely brief or extended charge period.​
Chaos Affinity: Oblivion Wave - By creating a solid line of dark energy and shattering it Kelesk is able to create a wave of microscopic energy shards which are propelled in a straight line in any direction around Kelesk. The shards are merely tiny fragments of hardened energy and aren't powered up or strengthened by the Oblivion Aura.​
Chaos Affinity: Oblivion Blast - An attack which can be fired after a charge period. During the charge period the attack gives off a low humming sound followed by a loudening shriek as the attack strengthens. The blast is a compressed wave of superheated energy which is barely visible to the human eye which travels at hypersonic speeds. The attack cannot be directed after it has been fired and leaves Kelesk vulnerable to counter-attack should he continue to focus the attack. The attack can be sustained so long as the wave does not collide with anything it cannot wrap around or bore through.​
Chaos Affinity: Oblivion Field - The only true defensive ability in Kelesk's arsenal. While under the effects of the Oblivion aura Kelesk is able to manifest his energy into a series of physical octagonal panels of energy which are extremely resilient to physical attacks and almost impenetrable by energy blasts. During such time as using the field Kelesk is unable to move or attack and must remain stationary in order to keep the field active. While the barrier may appear impenetrable it can be torn away or shattered through purely physical means. The field can work in one of two ways, the first is anywhere up to a dozen segmental panels that range in strength which Kelesk uses should he be aware of an oncoming attack, the final panel being the primary panel and as such being the hardest to break. The second is a huge singular panel which runs in a direct line in front of the attack which while impressive to behold, isn't as resilient as the former and is really only a last second defence however if this panel remains in place long enough for Kelesk to focus it is possible to layer it, transforming it into the former form. Since Kelesk is required to remain stationary to maintain the panels in place the Oblivion aura will reignite shortly after the panels have been put in place.​
Chaos Affinity: Inferno - One of Kelesk's trump card abilities. Using an incredible amount of reserve energy Kelesk is able to increase the pressure gradient over a huge area around him. By superheating this air using the Oblivion Aura he is able to contain a massive amount of heated energy in a gradually compressed area until it eventually implodes. The end result is capable of destroying everything over a large area at the cost of vitality. After using the attack it is highly unlikely Kelesk would be able bodied enough to continue a fight.​
Chaos Affinity: Armageddon - It is said that if Kelesk were ever able to defeat Cucumba the prison which held his brothers would be broken and Armageddon would befall the world.​

Faction: N/A

History/Trivia: In the coldest regions of space, the monstrous entities Ogdru Jahad - The Seven Gods of Chaos - slumber in their crystal prison, waiting to reclaim earth . . . and burn the heavens.

”First there were seven,
Then seven became five.
Now as sure as the Ages decline,
Three are no more,
But one is alive.”

This short prophecy has been passed down through the generations and and recently come under scrutiny over the fact that if they prophecy is followed approximately there would still be a second Ogdru Jahad resting dormant outside the prison. Although Cucumba has stated that all were caged Kelesk's recent actions have brought this into question. First sparing Doku, then reviving Grega. Many believe that Kelesk's unusual acts of kindness are in some way linked to this dormant god of Chaos though as of yet nothing has surfaced.

Cucumba, first born of the being known only as Cucatoth, sealed away the seven Gods of Chaos long ago whom were the second born of the being. From within their prison at the edge of the universe they plotted their revenge, seething at their gaoler for close to a millennia. Upon the death of Kelesk at the hands of Cucumba the prison that held the Seven weakened allowing one to escape and assume control of Kelesk’s corpse which had been caged beneath the earth. Now, being reborn by the will of one of the Seven and stripped of all his prior life the reborn Kelesk now seeks his brother, the one who caged his brethren with only one goal; to destroy him utterly and anyone who stands between himself and this goal.

During the time Kelesk has arisen as the Lord of Chaos his body has gradually changed from its previous appearance. With each passing battle his battered body changes ever so slightly growing ever closer to its natural appearance.

Although he is known across the Forumscant as a deity Cucumba has stated this is not entirely the case. Although no details were given Cucumba has stated that Kelesk is only two-thirds deity making him a demigod, which also brings into question the potential for Kelesk’s mortality especially given the battered state of Kelesk’s body.

In his latest outburst of destruction Kelesk was once again defeated by Cucumba, even with the power of the Oblivion Aura as his disposal. During the battle it was stated that if Kelesk were ever able to defeat Cucumba the prison which held his brothers would be broken and Armageddon would befall the world.

“In the end the final decision we all must take, make or break,
will decide what will be and our destiny.
If we lose the fight Armageddon will finally tell,
burn in hell, there will be no after, be no other day.”

Ancient scrolls which have been recently discovered call Kelesk the strongest Ogdru Jahad from the legend of "Seven Days of Flame" who burnt the world to the ground shortly after their creation, citing him as an example of the superiority of the Ogdru Jahad over the Great Old Ones.

Although these ancient texts regard Kelesk as the one known as the Flame of Infinity it is said elsewhere that the 'Flame' is known only as Kagutsuchi which was birthed during the end of creation and marks the beginning of the end; though there is said to be one whose role is to pacify him.

Several more scrolls have been found and one in particular gives mention to an inevitable war between the forces of both good and evil though no further information is given. Other scriptures have written that should the cage containing the remaining Ogdru Jahad ever break the world would burn, once more in seven days.

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Name: Astroz Delmar

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Physical Attributes: Abnormally long teeth, frizzy hair, a boyish face, light (but muscular) arms, calm eyes. Beyond that is unknown, as Astroz is rarely seen without something covering his torso, most often his signature trench coat.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: 6.0"

Eye Color: Green (Red when his lust for blood takes over).

Age: Unknown. Rumored to be several thousand years old.

Clothes: Black leather trench coat, black pants, and black boots, w/ black sunglasses as a gesture of humor.

Arsenal: Incredible strength, dark incantations, and a highly modified .45 caliber handgun.

Opening Theme: IAMX - Bring Me Back a Dog

Thanks to FCX for the sketch and -Origin for the coloring.

  • Can transform his own body.
  • Can walk through walls.
  • Telepathic communication.
  • Is incredibly strong.
  • Has a strong sense of smell.
Special Attacks:
  • Transform: Can transform his body into nearly any animal, even some humanoids.
  • Illusion: Creates an illusional environment in the target's mind, frightening them.
  • Feed: Draws blood from the taget, causing temporary paralysis.
  • Sense: Can sense lifeforms within a 2 mile radius.
  • Special Slug: Fires a hollow-point slug from his handgun.
  • Transcendence: (Has to have used Feed) Creates a state of intense rage for 5 minutes, laying waste to his environment and foes.
  • Blood Force Trauma: (Has to have used Feed) A very powerful series of punches to the stomach, causing disorientation and grogginess.

Astroz Delmar was born a vampire, a pure-blood as they're known, long before written history existed. He was among the finest of the vampires in his coven, and was one of the youngest ever to be appointed a position of power. From an early age, he had been passionately curious of philosophy - how the world, not to mention its inhabitants, think and work. Lycans, which the vampire covens often clashed with in the old days, were of particular interest to him. He was arrogant as well, picking fights with those of lesser stature as a means of establishing dominance. He liked feeling powerful.

Being a vampire of some stature, Astroz and his "colleagues" were often tasked to deal with anomalies in the night, as well as analyzing new species, guarding higher ranking vampires, gathering information, negotiating with other covens, and enforcing laws and territory. His group became known as a deadly force, and was feared by many of the other covens, reinforcing his reputation as a powerful vampire. It took a millennium of servitude before he decided it was time to break free from the oppressive reign of his coven. He went to the elders of his coven requesting permission to leave, and was outcast immediately as a result of his personal beliefs.

Once free, Astroz had to adjust to the human world. Preferring not to wake up with a silver stake rammed through his heart, he became adept at deceiving society - being a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to say. Over the years, he learned countless lessons of humanity. Although still interested in its intricacies, he believes to have perfected his knowledge of human nature.

It was then that he began to experiment with dark magic. Before he had left the coven, he stole a number of books from the chambers of the elders. Written in them were many phrases, all of which powerful in their own way. They all had different meanings, dependent upon the context in which they were used. They could easily backfire and destroy Astroz instead. So he practiced carefully, working his way up from the least dangerous phrases, trying hundreds of different combinations, learning many spells, and possibly creating some never before known.

It became obvious to him as the years went by that to live comfortably, he required wealth. To him, it was an easy task to acquire. Assassination contracts were his primary source of income, not to mention the way he mastered various forms of combat and stealth. It was not of significance to him whether his target was a vampire, a human, or a lycan. They were all worthy challenges in their own ways, and every hostile encounter honed his various talents.

After wandering the Earth for several millennia, Astroz tired of his solitary lifestyle. It was time for a change. One of his remaining vampire friends, Arturro Sierra, had put up a nightclub for sale, which he immediately purchased, and fitted it to his specifications. Now, it has become a hub of arms dealing and contract killings. Astroz still takes on contracts and certain arms deals himself, although only the ones of the highest priority, usually those that involve a Vampire or Lycan, or some other creature of (sometimes profound) interest to him. Otherwise, one of his many familiars is sent instead.
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Name: Rocky.
Height: 6’8”.
Weight: 230 lbs.
Age: Unknown.
Eyes: Red, but flicker back when communicating telepathically. Whilst red, the eyes glow, although faint, the glow is enough to light a darkened room.
Hair: Long and shaggy black hair, drifts down to his shoulders, has horns protruding through his forehead that extend 6’ from his head.
Build: Lean but very well toned and muscular.
Skin: Originally white but skin darkened from the extreme conditions from his environment. On his back are numerous scars from countless years of torture.
Clothing: A long hooded black cloak covers his body, when he removes the cloak all he wears is a pair of torn shorts. Rocky wears a gold medallion around his neck, his only connection to his past.
Other: Has large metallic wings and tail made of a strong yet light material called adamant these were implanted during his recreation, The wings are powerful enough to lift his whole body for extended periods of time, and the tail is also used as a weapon and has a short spike on the end which can be used to pacify victims if struck in the right area.
Faction: VVU has been revived! Although not nearly as powerful as it was in the glory days. Verbal Violence United, under the leadership of Magus and Rocky has returned to fight for dominance in the fight club.


There once was a great Warrior of an ancient Aztec village. The villagers loved and respected this warrior who was also their leader. He was kind and generous and led his people to a new age of peace and prosperity. He taught the villagers to properly live off the land, to maximise their crops and minimise their wastes. The villagers called him Great One. For all that he had done for them.

However peace didn’t rain in the village forever, A severe drought season set in and threatened to destroy the village for good. The warrior prayed to many Aztec gods for rain but to no avail. As his villagers began dying the warrior became desperate, and did the only thing he felt he could do. The warrior prayed to the lord of the dead. He prayed to Satan in order to spare his village.

Satan answered and said that he would spare the village, on one condition. The warrior must pledge his soul in service to him forever. The warrior accepted the deal, he told the villagers of his fate and bade them all farewell. As the warrior entered the gates of hell, he saw rain clouds appear above his village. The great warrior made the ultimate sacrifice for his village.

The warrior had a strong spirit and was not willing to succumb to the Devil’s will so easily. In order to have his spirit broken such that he would follow orders more willingly, The Devil had him tortured and his body mutilated. He had huge metal wings bolted to his back, and a long metal tail bolted to his lower back. His clothes were ripped and his body permanently scarred.

At last He was ready, Decades had past since his deal with Satan his previous memories just shadows in his mind, Only one thing remained. The warrior was summoned before the Devil, who commanded him to drink his blood. Upon doing so the Warrior was reborn. His eyes changed to a deep red. Horns began growing out the front of his head, his nails grew razor sharp and his teeth turned into fangs. New undead life soared through his body.

He has all but forgotten his past. All who meet him now refer to him as Rocky, for none now live who know his real name. His only memory is his gold medallion, the sign of the village leader and his only connection to his former life. He is very protective over it.

At last the Devil’s ultimate fighter is complete. He is more than willing to obey any commands given to him, by the Unholy one. There’s a new fighter on the block. He fights without reason, he fights without remorse. He lives only to serve. Life means nothing to him anymore. Only Death.


The Devils curse: Usually Rocky’s first attack, Using his sharp teeth he bites into his opponent. Although it doesn’t do serious damage immediately, the victim, as time goes on will find himself being slowly weakened.

Unholy ball: Concentrates all his energy into his arm, which he then pushes through to his hand, He forms a small ball (about the size of a ping pong ball) of pure dark energy, the ball is attracted to dark energy and will orbit Rocky until he sends it flying into his enemies. The ball is fully controllable but requires intense concentration. The move also takes a long time to charge.

Mass Unholy Ball: Instead of one ball, Rocky forms multiple balls that can be fired one at a time or all at once, the balls will continue to orbit his body until fired.

Super Unholy Ball: Exactly the same as the Unholy Ball but with a slight difference. Rocky continues to pour more of his dark energy into the attack, literally draining the source of his life energy. The ball grows to the size of his entire palm and becomes a vacuum for dark energy, sucking in any dark energy that it comes into contact with

Enhanced Senses: Due to being bitten by Magus so close to his Werewolf form, Rocky has taken on a few of the Werewolf’s characteristics, the most obvious being heightened senses. Rocky can see, hear and smell things much better than he used to

Gargoyle: Crouches on the ground and turns himself into stone for a short period, when Rocky breaks free of the stone he has transformed into a Gargoyle. He loses all reason (if he had any before) his fangs and nails become sharper and he becomes overall stronger. The downside is that he is becomes simple-minded and can easily fall into traps. The move is cancelled only when Rocky wants to.

Dimensional rip: Because Rocky now has more of the Devil’s blood flowing through him, he is now able to rip dimensional holes between earth and hell. Sending a foe to hell can be used as a fatality.

Tail stab: Not a useful technique in battle but Rocky can use the blade on the tip of his tail to incapacitate victims, the move requires precision to hit the right nerve.

Fear Factory: Using dark energies Rocky turns the whole environment black, then proceeds to create illusions of monsters and evil beasts. If Rocky has knowledge of an opponents weakness he may be able to conjure an illusion that specifically exploits this weakness. The idea is to scare the opponent into making a mistake and walking into a trap.

Fatality: Using his tail, Rocky lifts his opponent by the neck and bites his victim, mixing his blood with theirs. Most are unable to survive but those who do, will forever become a servant of Satan.

From the Devil:

All techniques require telepathic communication with the Devil depending on the situation the Devil may or may not supply Rocky with the tools he desires.

Satan’s Blade: Rocky calls to use the Devil’s own sword. The sword will come from the ground. This sword is massive and requires two hands to properly wield. Although it is possible with one hand its not nearly as lethal. When the sword is dropped it sinks back into the ground.

Book of Incantations: Acquired from the carrier in his battle with Kelesk, Rocky can be aided in battle by having Satan cast a spell on him or his opponent. The book has many different spells so it is impossible to predict what might be used. Spells are only in affect for a limited time.

Possession: Used only in dire circumstances. Rocky can ask the Devil to possess his body to defeat particularly tough adversaries. However Satan is not often willing to do this.

Punishment: Not a technique to help Rocky, If the Devil sees that Rocky is doing a bad job he will instead make things tougher by removing certain abilities. It’s designed as a punishment for poor fighting.

The Recreation:

After the fight with Magus, Rocky was brought back from earth and returned to the experimentation labs in the deepest parts of hell. The following is an extract of the log book from the demon scientist in charge of Rocky’s recreation…

Day 1

We received the patient, Rocky today and boy was he in bad shape. Cuts and bruises littered his entire body, the worst were around his neck. We immediately hooked him up to the life support system and began bringing him back to life. However he had lost a lot of blood and we were certain he would perish. That is of course until the Dark Lord himself entered the lab with the Vampire, Magus, whom we all suspect is now head of hell’s legion of soldiers. The Dark Lord stepped over to Rocky and with one of his sharp nails made an incision in his own wrist. He then allowed the blood to drain down Rocky’s throat. It was truly an awesome sight, almost immediately signs of life began to show up on our equipment. After the bizarre process was completed, He instructed us to clean Rocky up for some, ‘new experiments’ what he means we can only guess at this point but it doesn’t bode well for our enemies.

Day 2

I received a shock after returning to work this morning. The Dark Lord and Magus had words last night and have decided to replace Rocky’s existing equipment with a stronger yet lighter material. The new material is called adamant which I have never seen before. The slaves in the fire pits below are working on those, our instructions for today were to remove his existing wings and tail and to continue watching over him. We found that despite the fact that the wings function normally, there were several fractures and loose connections that would have made their manoeuvrability somewhat difficult, I plan to note these down to prevent such problems occurring again.

Day 3

I received another shock this morning when I entered the lab. As I went to check on Rocky I noticed that his horns had grown to almost double their original length, although it is not uncommon for Demon horns to grow the length they had grown in a single day is unprecedented also of note is the length of his hair which had grown a lot as well. I wonder if this has anything to do with the enormous amount of blood that was transferred between the Dark Lord and Rocky on the first day of operation, however due to my lowly level as a demon slave, I dare not ask too many questions.

Day 4

Rocky’s new equipment arrived today still hot from the fire pits. The metal was extremely light for its size and I found it difficult to believe that these could be stronger than his original steel versions. However my place is not to argue, we fitted the wings and tail into place, so far so good. We woke Rocky for a brief moment to ensure that the new materials were fully functional. These new wings have a special fold-in function, due to their size they can be retractable and quite easily concealed, its amazing what can be done these days. Rocky looks extremely weak, in the rare times that I have met with him he always looks strong and fearsome, its almost amusing seeing him in this state.

Day 5

Rocky has quickly begun to gain much of his former strength. Now he is able to remain awake for longer periods of time. However we don’t let him stray out of the lab area, should he collapse from exhaustion it would be most difficult for Demons of my size to lift him back into the operating table. I would also like to note down here that our new batch of performance enhancers, batch CF048 has been completed and tests are running as I write this. We are confident that we have eliminated the side effects found in previous batches and should this prove successful, it will be administered to all warrior class demons, truly it is a wondrous time to be serving the Dark Lord.

Day 6

That stupid Rocky, he went crazy today and ripped through several of my scientists, he demanded he speak with the Dark Lord but who am I to summon him. Then the foul beast left the lab in a hurry, only to collapse from exhaustion moments after, it took every scientist we had to lift the brute back into the lab. There’s another thing that bothers me, batch CF048 proved successful on all levels of low class demons, Satan was pleased with this and wants us to inject Rocky with it. However I’m strongly against this, Warrior level demons are different to slaves, I would rather test it on a battle class demon before giving it to Rocky, the side effects could be…disastrous, of course I put my concerns up to Lucifer but he would have nothing of it. We are to inject Rocky with the enhancer or be demoted to serving in the fire pits. I rather like my job as a scientist, it gives me certain privileges other demons don’t get. Looks like I’ll be injecting Rocky tomorrow.

Day 7

Well it’s done. I injected Rocky with the serum only moments ago. We shall see what we have created now. In my opinion the subject will be stamped as uncontrollable and will be terminated immediately or perhaps he’ll be sent into one of the lower torture levels performing routine duties for the rest of eternity. One thing is for sure, I am quite certain this creature has seen the last of his fighting days.

Legion’s Crystal:

Using the power of Legion’s Crystal, Rocky can cure his body of demonic power, returning him to his former human self. However the Crystal’s power can also be used for an opposite effect, allowing Rocky to corrupt his body further, increasing his demonic powers and deforming his body further.

Human Rocky:
Rocky prefers to compress his power when not fighting; therefore most opponents will see Rocky in his human form at the start of battle. He still likes to wear his hooded cloak. In human form, Rocky is slightly smaller than in his demon form. He also has no visible signs of demonic deformation, save for his metallic augmentations which due to not being organic, remain the same regardless of form. While in human form, Rocky likes to keep his wings folded in and his tail wrapped around his body, the heavy attachments being difficult to carry around as a human. Rocky is also unable to use any of his demon powers while in human form, but as a strong warrior he should not be underestimated.

Rocky (a.k.a. Level One Demon Form):
Activating Legion’s Crystal while in his human form will transform him to his usual demon self, described at the top of this profile. Rocky will usually activate this power as soon as he enters combat, fearing that in his weak human form he will be unable to defend himself.

Demon Rocky (a.k.a Level Two Demon Form):
Activating Legion’s Crystal again, begins to have a drastic effect on Rocky’s size and appearance. The Demon grows to well over seven feet tall and his muscle mass swells accordingly. Rocky also gains a more vicious demonic look, shedding his pseudo-human appearance and growing long black claws and sharp pointed fangs. His horns also protrude further out of his head and begin to curl upwards as they grow. Rocky’s skin also significantly changes colour, turning to a red-tinged black. Rocky’s voice also changes considerably, transforming into a thick husky whisper, which faintly echoes regardless of where he is. In this form, Rocky retains all his previous abilities, although one can safely assume he is able to take each one to a higher level. With new control of dark energy, it is most certain that Rocky has come up with some new techniques as well, although they have not yet been used in combat. Rocky is highly dangerous in this form, extreme caution is advised.

Further Corruption?
Furthermore, Rocky boasted against Magus that his level two demon form was not the epitome of his power. Does this mean there is a third level? Was Rocky just boasting? No one really knows the true extent of Legion’s Crystal but it is sure to be revealed in the near future.
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Name: Grega.

Height: 176 cm.

Weight: 73 kg (around 150 pounds).

Hair: Dark brown and spiky.

Body: Not too very muscular, but still toned.

Clothes: Black shirt with long sleeves. Black pants and usually wears a brown cloak.

Armour: Chest plate with padded shoulders, knee-length boots, and elbow-length gauntlets, all made from an unique alloy of silvery colour. The metal the armour is created from is very light, and offers a decent amount of defence, although not as much as steel.

Weapons: Grega can materialise any weapon.

Skills: He is adept at swordsmanship, both at using one-handed swords and using two-handed swords, although he prefers to use one-handed. He can also use two swords or guns.

Personality: Shows no mercy to anything in the way of his objectives, be they personal or otherwise.

  • Materialization: Grega can create any object, replicating its form and appearance from memory.
  • Light Manipulation: By manipulating light, Grega can utilize a range of useful techniques, involving illusions and focusing light to the point where it can slash through things that do not reflect light, and set fire to flammables.
  • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes.
  • Electric Genesis: Grega's body creates and stores quite a bit of electric energy naturally. This can be used in a manner of ways, as he has learned to channel it.
  • King of Chronos: Its a state that manipulates time. Grega gained the ability on the other plane when facing many strong opponents before being called back by Kelesk. It manifests itself in two ways. (explained in techniques)

  • Half-Sphere Shield: By aiming his palms at whatever he intends to protect himself from, Grega can create a hybrid shield created by a mix of electricity and light, capable of withstanding any attack directed within 180 degrees of the direction Grega is facing.
  • Shock Wave: By using light to heat up the air below his palms, he can create aimed explosion shock waves. This technique can be used to propel himself into the air and maintain flight or simply blow away any one hit by his palm.
  • Electric Sphere: A ball of electric energy created in Grega's palm, which can be thrown at opponents. This uses a lot of electric energy, but can cause severe damage to a target through electrocution. It moves quickly through the air, although significantly slower than the hybrid.
  • Light Sphere: A sphere of light that can be created anywhere Grega can see, and can be detonated at any time he decides it fit to do so. It works much like a flash bang, only focusing on the eyes. After detonation, it sends a shock wave of light that temporarily blinds anything within a four meter radius.
  • Hybrid Sphere: Yet another sphere, but a hybrid of the light sphere and the electric sphere - one that packs a punch, and can blind if detonated within 2 meters of the target. This sphere is thrown like the Electric Sphere. Can also be made by first throwing an electric sphere and then making a light sphere within the thrown sphere.
  • Time freeze (King of Chronos): Time is frozen for all but the user. Though objects frozen in time can not be damaged or moved as they are frozen in time. This goes for living beings and not living objects. The ability is only useful in battle as a means of "instantaneous" movement, though it has a heavy toll user. It can not be used for more than 20 minutes of the users own time per day. If exceeded the user risks getting torn apart by times desire to move forward. Activation requires about 5 seconds of motionlessness from the user.
  • Awareness (King of Chronos): Time proceeds at a slower pace for everyone including the user, though the users awareness proceeds with normal time. The user perceives all movement as in slow motion and is thus able to react to any situation almost instantly, while he himself also moves in slow motion. Since the only thing that is slower is the time, the force of attacks and impacts is still the same as with normal time. This can be activated instantaneously, but it can only be used for a combined time of 30 minutes per day, before the distortion in the dimensional time line begins to collapse the dimensional walls.
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Figured I'd try again

Hopefully this time more people will fight.
Cleaned up my bios a bit.


Name: Dubbed "The Ruger Man" by the tabloids; Real name unknown.

Height: 5'9.

Weight: 185 pounds.

Age: Unknown; believed to be between 20 and 30 years of age.

Eyes: Dark brown; Eyes become red when in hybrid form.

Hair: Black.

Born in: Unknown; although evidence suggest that he was born in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Residence : He now resides in the force pit.

Ethnicity: Hispanic.

Attitude: He's generally calm. He can control himself for short peroids of time while in hybrid form but eventually becomes a mindless creature for the duration of the transformation.

Physique: Toned.

Outfit: Wears a black suit with a red tie; sunglasses are common.

Weapon: A silenced, black, Ruger Mk-1.

Bio: Before he was captured "The Ruger Man" was a hit man used for the riskiest of operations; he was dubbed by the tabloids as "The Ruger Man" because of his preference of using a Ruger Mk-1. Although there is footage of some of his hits it is argued among experts that none of the "Ruger Men" shown in the videos is the real one but one of his decoys or copycats. As far as the records show none of his targets have survived.

A sting operation was attempted but failed miserably; the result was a dead undercover cop with twenty other causalities. After the attempted sting operation he went into hiding; about a year and a half later the killings started once more. He was once thought to have been captured after an attempt on the Russian Prime minister, but on the day of his trial the suspected Ruger Man was killed in a car crash along with the policeman who was driving him.

On the supposed Ruger Man there was a single bullet wound that went through his head; the bullet came from a Ruger Mk-1. Many professionals argue wether this Ruger Man is the real one or a sucessor, but as far as they knew the Ruger Man was back; any information Regarding the Ruger Man's return was withheld from the public as they believed that it would pronounce his return to anyone in need of his skills. The idea was short lived, about a week after the murder of the supposed Ruger Man a letter was sent to a new's station in New York. Attached to the letter was a video tape; the tape was an assasination of the head of a bank that laundered money from various mafia's in New York. The letter showed all records of the dealings and a simple note with the word's "I'm not dead" written on it.

After the New York scandal the number of murders associated with the Ruger Man spiked into the thousands. He started to use a group of copycats, that were efficient enough to pass of as the reak Ruger Man. The group was called the Ruger mob and in spite of the name not all of them used rugers as most members did jobs in pairs; some of the members were caught but none lived long enough for questioning.

The last known hit of the Ruger man on the serial killer Magus; Magus was supposedly a hybrid of a lycanthrope(werewolf) and a vampire. Police were tipped to the planned assasination and had set up an ambush to capture Magus and the Ruger Man. When the police rushed in Magus was nowhere to be found, and the Ruger Man was bleeding furiously. After the Ruger Man's arrest agents stepped in and took the Ruger Man to the force pit to examine the assassin. They were astonished to see that the Ruger Man had survived the infection. The Ruger Man was prepped for surgery to plant a bomb next to his heart that would help to control the assasin. The Ruger Man was to follow all orders or die.

The Ruger Man woke only to be informed of the situation, he was forced to test his new abilities, they used a fake full moon to help control his transformation. After a couple months of "training" he has become able to force his transformation although only for a limited time. In this forced hybrid form he can still control his actions without giving in to his urges and gains strength and speed not comporable to any human but less than half of his true form. While in his human form he has none of the weaknesses or advantages of a hybrid. He loses total control of himself when a "true" transformation happens, the transformation grows progessively stronger a week before the full moon aproaches and then progressively weaker after the full moon has passed.

Dubbed "Golpes de Fierro" by his mob: This technique is simply using the Ruger as a distraction to get close enough to do real damage with his fists.


Forced Transformation: He gains some extra strength, speed, and awareness. This transformation does not have any visible traits other than red pupils. The transformation is said to have half the power of a real transformation.

Full Hybrid Transformation: When transformed he gains super human strength, speed, and awareness. He grows to be about 7 feet when transformed, grows fur over his skin, his fangs grow to three times their regular length, and muscle mass enlarges making weight about 300 pounds. He can control himself for a few a minutes before his bloodlust takes over, once he loses himself his feral side takes over which lacks his finesse but makes up for it with brute strenght.

Regeneration: The Ruger Man has the ability to regenerate his cells, when he is transformed his regeneration rapidly increases making him almost invincible; a shot to the heart (silver or not) in this state would only slow down the regeneration.

Blood Suck: Sucks the enemy's blood for nearly invincible power; after a few minutes the extra blood is used up and the body has goes into a crash that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a number of days depending on how much blood was drank.
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BIO updated.

Still working on how my character actually got resurected though ^^


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  • Name: Five Star General Dogmanix (Dogma for short)
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair: Black hair, military crew cut
  • Eyes: Green
  • Attire: Dogma sports the uniform of a 5 star general of The Imperial Forces of The Nix.
  • Weapons: Lazgun, PulseSword
  • Traits: Dogma is completely incompetent at most things he attempts, but is much loved by Zeonix and thus was given the rank Five Star General [highest rank] and command of a few legions as a personal body guard. Sadly, Dogma's incompetence often leads those he commands into death.
  • Personal Body Guard: Dogma is surrounded at all times by least one legion of the INF (Imperial Forces of The Nix) which consists of roughly 10,000 war hardened soldiers. Dogma is also known to travel with extremely powerful (and some not so powerful...) friends, including but not limited to Fire Phoenix, Sub, Zeonix, DaRk, NGE, Rayne, and Ren.
  • Misc: Death is not an issue for Dogma as Zeonix will simply revive him from the dead shall he fall in battle.

I'll probably add more later, but that's enough to get the general idea for now.
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Name: Boreas.

Age: 21.

Height: 175 cm.

Weight: 79 kg.

Eye colour: Bright blue.

Clothing: He likes to be well dressed, as he believes it compliments his great intellect. He usually wears a suit, and tie.

Hair: Semi-long.

Weapon of choice
: None.

Attitude: Arrogant would be the first impression given to anyone who decided to strike conversation with Boreas. Although not being one to pick a fight, he tends to get on peoples nerves which have led to him getting in fights a numerous amount of times.


  • Endothermic Water Manipulation: Boreas' signature ability. Allows him to lower the temperature of water, even to the closest any scientist has ever gotten to 0 K. The ability is limited to his hands.

  • Telekinesis: Boreas' immense study of superhumans has resulted in him learning the lost art of telekinesis. He is still untrained in his newfound ability's use, and can only use it for a matter of seconds.

  • Cold Immunity: Boreas neither feels nor takes damage from cold. Linked to his ability to control the temperature of water.

  • Fast Learner: Boreas processes information incredibly fast, which makes him very good at studying things.


  • Ice Smithing: Combining his signature ability with telekinesis, Boreas can create any object he desires out of ice when near a body of water.

  • Fist of the Northern Wind: Mastery of a multitude of martial arts makes Boreas a skilled and dangerous hand-to-hand fighter, especially in combination with his endothermic water manipulation ability. His personal style focuses primarily on countering the attacks of other martial artists, which is done by swiftly identifying the opponent's martial arts' style and adapting to it.

  • Fury of the Frozen Tundra: While his hand-to-hand combat primarily focus on countering, he developed a style for attacking with slashing objects. He's trained himself to master a multitude of slashing objects.

  • Strategic Thinker: Due to his ability to learn things very quickly, Boreas adapts to situations remarkably well, and can devise strategies to tilt them in his favor.


  • Seal Wound: Using his signature move, he can seal his own wounds. Sealing a wound will cause that areas mobility to decrease.

  • Ice Edge: When using his ice smithing talent, he usually creates a katana-like sword he's named Ice Edge. When hit by this sword, the point of impact will freeze a small surrounding area.


Boreas grew up in a pretty ordinary family. He quickly developed a passion for knowledge, and sought any kind as long as it was new, even before he started school. By the time he started, it didn't take long for him to learn everything his school had to offer.
Seeking challenge he started to research the stockmarket and became very proficient. It was about the same time he developed an interest for martial arts and studied pretty much every hand to hand combat there is available.
Being aware of his powers throughout his life, he never used it publicly, or showed it to anyone on purpose.
Now he spends his time in a big apartment where he's researching other superhumans such as himself.
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Name: Doku (the tayuu was dropped making it easier for opponents to pronounce his name)


Height: 172cm (5ft 8)
Weight: 68kg (148lb)
Age: 37 - (originally 27)
Race: Human
Appearance: Shoulder length dirty-blond hair, reasonably sleek. Face more mature than previous but still delicate in some aspects, age hasn't quite set in yet. Moderate build, noticeably larger than before.

Notable features: Completely heterochromic with the left eye being green and the right grey. Eyes seem younger than his face.

Clothing: Sports the same black trousers and boots from his past form, jacket has been replaced by a robe-like overcoat, still Navy in colour. Black vest worn underneath.

Personality: Generally calm and well tempered. Strong sense of justice, however, less tolerant of those asking for trouble. Very philosophical when it comes to duty, identity and revenge. Unlike his past self, he will only give a single verbal warning to his opponents. Serious in his speech, cracking the occasional time pun.

Quirks: Ambidextrous – tends to swap sword grip mid-battle, predominantly left-handed against right handed opponents. Cautious - Will fight defensively for observation initially.

History: The child of a high-profile businesswoman in an ultra-capitalist pseudo futuristic metropolis known as Pleonexia. To avoid speculation of the paternity, he was soon sent off to a fictitiously cruel relative. Doku eventually found himself being raised as an arena fighter in a vicious but surprisingly legal bloodsport. After being sold from manager to manager for a good decade, he ended up as a mercenary whilst searching for explanations for his unusual abilities.

Noteworthy in the arena, before he left, he made a fair few rivals who wanted a second round on their terms.

Recently, due to his defeat at the hands of KelesK, Doku had been experienced to a strange energy rift. A portion of his life force was taken to fuel the revival of Grega, aging him 10 years in the process, both in mind and body. Despite putting him slightly past his physical peak, the strange energies involved have augmented his abilities, granting him further unusual powers.

Set on reclaiming the 10 years he had lost, Doku now searches for means to defeat KelesK, whether it be a weapon or by the journey he takes. He also holds some resentment against KelesK's revived apprentice.

Combat details

Weapons: Doku now sports a single katana as his main weapon, allowing his attacks to become significantly faster than with his previous heavier weaponry. In reserve is a Wakizashi (katana-esque dagger) which is only used as a last resort. Both are made from an unspecified alloy, with properties exceeding steel by a far margin and seems to react to temporal changes. A firearm is no longer carried, Doku decided that his time practicing with one was better spent elsewhere .

Skills: Extremely proficient at sword-play and unarmed martial arts. Combined with his lightning fast reflexes (which he has almost completely retained even after ageing 10 years), virtually all human opponents are unable to even keep up the pace. Due to energies embodied to him by the vortex, Doku now possesses control over his own time field. Despite these new powers, Doku's fighting style still revolves around sword-work but incorporates time manipulation.


  • Acute hearing : His hearing allows him to estimate a variety of factors of unseen objects such as speed, direction and location.
  • Geographical memory: Due to growing up in a massive complex maze-like place, his ability to remember his location relative to where he started/knows is phenomenal.
  • Superhuman speed: Whilst his strength is noteworthy, Doku is best known for his unholy speed. This is aided by the fact he has minimized the weight he carries in equipment. His speed has been maintained since his transformation, although it is speculated his peak would have been around the age of 30.
  • Adaptation: No longer as young-minded, Doku's ability to quickly pick up opponents fighting styles has been reduced significantly. However, it is still possible to teach an old dog new tricks, just with more time.
  • Precognition - The energy rift also imparted the ability to foresee the future. Whilst it doesn't detect everything, it still means that it is difficult to catch Doku off-guard. Occasionally, glimpses of the distant future in the area he is in present themselves.
  • Time manipulation - Also imparted to him by the rift, Doku has a level of control of the time flow around him, allowing him to accelerate or slow it at will.


  • Time Manipulation - Able to slow down the time flow on objects near by, allowing him to dodge incoming projectiles with relative ease. It can also be applied to living beings but requires physical contact and is far more draining. Less effective over distance, 10 meters seems to be its maximum range.
  • After-image – No ultra-fast swordsman would be complete without the ability to blur themselves when running at top speed?
  • Bypass blade – Aided by the temporal reaction in his weapons, Doku can perform a slash which will simply phase through armour or a parry for the duration of the attack. This is characterised by a blue slash after-image and a noticeably higher pitched sound. Rumours are that he can perform this skill unarmed.
  • Time lapse - Doku can momentarily increase his own time flow, allowing him to move even faster for short bursts. However, this does drain life energy and will shorten his life by a little as well as being tiring.
  • Teleportation - Again by diverting time flow, he can cause himself to arrive at a point without the hassle of physically moving there. Again, this skill is heavily draining.
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Updated with info on Covenant and Bankai.
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Updating my dinosaur of a bio. Removed a lot of my older abilities.
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Theme Song: Spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum or Time to fly by Reo Speedwagon
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: seems to be about 30
Eyes: white light shines from his eye sockets, he has no eyes
Hair: semi-long and white with two bangs hanging in front of a headband

Clothing: He wears a long, white over coat with purple flame syncopations along the outer edge. Usually hooded, when not he wears a thin purple headband of pure silk that extends two feet behind his head. The robe is closed with a silk belt that is also purple, which hangs down with two silver tassels at the end. Under the cloak, he wears white gi pants and a padded vest with inconceivably many pockets. His boots are made of gray-white leathery material .

Appearance: Nicodemus is a roguishly handsome man, with a bright smile accented by his glowing eyes. With a directed looking, and unmarred face he stares down any confrontation with confidence, even if facing a situation he knows he will not survive. His skin is mildly pale and unblemished save for a small indentation on both sides of his hands.

Personality: Though he is good humored and has a quick wit, when danger is imminent he becomes introspective and quiet. He is always smiling, and shows respect to even the vilest scum.

Weapons: He uses a crystalline staff made of the purest amethyst with a large gem of the same nature that floats between the four dagger-like tips at its end. It glows faintly of mystic energy, and gets brighter the more power flows through it. On occasion, and only when necessary he will use a forbidden form of White Astral Kung Fu.

Primal Energy Manipulation: Nicodemus in known for being adept in the use of primal energies to do battle. Using the indentations on the back of his hands and his palms to focus the energy of his surroundings increases his skill greatly. He has also used this to make hand to hand combat advantageous.
Teleport: He has on occasion applied the use of his vest of many pockets to create small vortexes which he can step through and instantaneously teleport distances of up to about 600 feet to another portal; the maximum number of portals possible in unknown.
Celestial Body: Nicodemus’ body is immune to all poisons, and diseases. His blood being a healing agent aginst small wounds and dibilitating effects.
Although, not super strong, he makes up for it with incredible speed, reflexes, and the ability to sustain quite substantial amounts of damage before his physical form begins to deteriorate; all due to years of intense endurance, and energy manipulation training.
Astral Form: When thrown into a coma, or the moment before death, Nicodemus' remaining energy is translocated into a shining spherical ghost like form. Capable of nothing but movement, and speech, this form does not interact with the world on a physical level. This projection provides a regenerating aura and has a calming effect upon all who enter. He can remain indefinitely in this form, but cannot return to his body unless it heals or recovers from the coma.

Yondaikata: Through the use of PEM (primal energy manipulation), controlling the four elemental forces (earth, fire, wind, water) becomes possible for Nicodemus, he prefers to use only wind and earth, but can if necessary implement the others with great skill.
Yondaiken The addition of PEM to his strikes when using Kung Fu greatly increase the damage of attacks and speed at which he can deliver them
Shizashiken: Using the tips of his staff as projectiles he launches then at an opponent with lightning speed and accuracy. Depending on the type of PEM used, the attack may vary in severity. i.e. fire=explosive earth=bludgeon attack wind=cutting water=freezing
Godaikata: With great amounts of concentration and effort, he summons forth the pure energy of life. With it he can restore himself or others with enough time to focus.
Kudaikata: Using the alternate of Godaikata, he can also take the life force from living things. Both of these abilities take their toll on his stamina reserve and require him to have touched the being with his staff, with the stolen life force he may replenish himself, but he is loathe to do so unless under the greatest duress.
Sora no Ensoken: His most powerful, conceived attack to date; Nicodemus instantly uses both Kudaikata and Godaikata in union to create a spherical meta-disintegrational void approximately 120 feet wide wherever he likes. This attack doesn’t require him to use much energy, because it is powered by the Universes’ Primal Force, but there are two problems with it. One: the fact that without enough time to prepare for the energies that have to flow through him, around him, and against him, this technique could outright kill him, or put him into a coma that requires someone with similar powers to release him from. Two: because he has not reached the power of a deity, if within the radius when it goes off, he along with everything else inside, ceases to exist.

Born of the love between of two star deities, Nicodemus had a great childhood. His father, a minor white star deity by the name of Solareus, was calm, wise and, just like Nicodemus, had an ever-present smile. A purple dwarf star deity named Zenith, his beloved mother, was kind and gentle by nature. She nurtured him and taught him to speak a multitude of languages. When the Great Galactic Storm came to the planet Galleth, where he lived with his mother who stayed in human form, there was only one thing they could do to escape. As Solareus along with the rest of the Star Guard were making war on the Chaos realm, the only way for Nicodemus to survive the space travel required to reach a safe planet, was for his mother to give up her life in order to provide a barrier around him. When he reached the new planet, his mother compressed her consciousness and remaining energy into the Amethyst Star. Which is the staff he carries. Nicodemus has not reached the age at which he can use his true powers as a deity. Which means that he could not search for his father, and has not seen him in the twenty-five years since his departure from Galleth. On his new home, the planet Rix 'uun, he trained with the local inhabitants to develop the abilities he currently possesses, with the exception of his life energy control, which he gained due to his heritage. He now seeks a way to find his father, alive or dead, and travels the galaxies helping the injured and desperate, in search of any remaining Star deities.
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Name: Renkon

Race: Saiyan (what if)

Age: 19.

Height: 175 cm.

Weight: 100 kg.

Eye colour: black

Clothing: Super Elite Squadron Saiyan Armor

Hair: Short Spiky

Weapon of choice: Ki

Uploaded with

Abilities: Helio beam = Shoots out a powerful green beam. size depends on power put into the attack.
Kamehameha = Yes, renkon is able to use the kamehameha wave
kaioken (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5) = there will be a bio on renkon, but to be blunt king kai taught him the technique.
Scouter Detect = Renkon uses his scouter to observe the observee's 'powerlevel'
Energy Sense = can sense power

Ultimate Technique's: Helio Beam Kamehameha = Fuses his signature technique with the kamehameha wave to create a huge beam.
False Super saiyan = Renkon is not powerful enough to become a super saiyan.. yet.

Bio: Renkon is the the nephew of king vegeta, because of his abnormal power of 25,000 on planet vegeta, he was banished to the outer reaches of the galaxy. he wasnt killed because of family ties.
Renkon luckily landed on a small planet inhabited by 1 being. A humanoid looking alien that had an obsession with saiiyans. the humanoid was very powerful. The humanoid made a deal with Renkon to make him achieve extremely high power.
Being a powerhungry saiyan he accepted. then the humanoiid brutally started beating Renkon to a near death state. Then, the humanoid recovered Renkon back to full health. Renkon was confused and the humanoid who claimed his name was
Cheros answered with "saiyans have the unique ability to become stronger with each near death recovery. Being as twisted as it was Renkon still accepted. 4-5 beatings later, Renkon was now Unbeatable by cheros. Renkon started his new
mission, to find a good test to his new powers.:fight:

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