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Dec 2, 2002
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Is anyone interested in writing a FF with me? Accepting anyone - all you have to do is write a small piece here describing your character, and I will choose from there. The world I am setting is Martial Arts, but we start from the beginning. As in, our powerlevels are not 20 billion, they're normal, but depending on your race etc they can be raised higher.

Its 5 days until the World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth. Fighters from all over the globe gather, all heading for the arena!

Join us. This will be the setting for me to choose whoever comes up with the best characters! My character is Glura, a Namek, sent by King Yemma to be the Guardian of the Earth. He requested the aid of his servant, Onmon, a four armed Human. He brought with him Senzu Bean Seeds and Scouters!

Please join me, so that we can build on this FF!

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