Father and Daughter (Working title)

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Jan 15, 2011
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Chapter 1

Story of a young blooded Sayian rested on the shores of pearl beach that lays on earth.
This young dirty blond haired girl; with scarlet lit eyes and pure gentle skin rested her head lightly on the white sandy beach looking up into the sky also watching the salted waves rolling like thunderous mouths.
The girl slowly started to sit up while rubbing her eyes with a gentle sweet yawn, stretching her arms above her head and stretched, she looked around the age of eight years old but it could be assumed she was younger for her eyes gave a innocent look that would seem she was five.
After a few moments of stretching she stood up and dusted off her pearl white shirt and navy blue jeans with a flask jacket that rested on the ground which she picked up, placing the flask jacket on her leaving her arms bare to the sunlight but her shoulders and back covered in a jet black leather. Looking back out on the waters once more she whispered

//So, it’s time…\\

With that she smiled and a aura of power surged below her feet and she took off into the sky like a rocket taking it’s first flight, as she soared into the air she stopped in mid air and looked from left to right. The girl looked as if she was searching for something, she grumbled and hissed a light tone pulling something from her flask jacket pocket and strapped the object onto her ear which arched around to her left eye from her left ear. With a light smile of satisfaction hearing the light beeps that the objected made, making numbers visible on it. She pressed the button on the object and nodded with a grunt and a blast of energy formed around her as she spun off into the other direction she was facing; she was moving so fast the water underneath her was in-caving under the pressure of the ki admitting from this young girl.
In no time flat she was soaring over a great and beautiful looking city with buildings that reached the skies like towers that raised to the heavens. The girl placed her feet down on the roof top of a tall sky-scraper and sat down, waiting, waiting… thoughts came to mind

//Where is Father…. He’s LATE!\\

The girl growled in annoyance as a figure with ki erupting around it’s heavy muscled body frame and pure jet black hair that spiked up, deep brown eyes and a black fighting gi. The girl turned her head and blinked a few times and smiled big, hopping up and standing on her feet now as she waited for the figure to come closer before near screaming “FATHER YOUR LATE!” she hissed with a annoyed tone that hinted her voice so clearly.
The man just floated there in mid air and grunted with a tone to his voice that made the girl shrink back a little and she said “Mother made you clean today didn’t she…?” The man only grunted again and flopped down on the building top beside the girl and flopped back on his back laying there and said with a heavy strong voice “Dear god that woman can make you work a eternity just cleaning!!!” the girl suddenly burst out laughing holding her stomach and smiling big, she clung to her fathers arm and laid down resting her head on his shoulder; he didn’t protest to this and let her do as she pleased.
The man raised his head a little looking down at the child

“So, Emily…my little brat…What do you want to do today as I promised…” Emily ****ed her head to the side and grinned devilishly as she raised her head up and slowly begun to sit up. “Well father oh prince of sayians… I want to fight a full battle!” The prince of Sayians known as Prince Vegeta, well he lowered his eyes to a mire shut as he soon started to snicker and grin his wide grin “Very well… I wont go easy on you just because you’re my brat…” Emily poked her fathers side and spoke with a innocent tone “Well, don’t suspect me to go easy on you either father.” With that they both suddenly vanished with grins on there faces, Waves of energy crashed in different parts of the city; colliding with each other and fists connecting with fists as the sounds and echoing of power erupting in the chosen areas. Light bruises formed on both of there bodies in different places, after a few minutes of the air getting thinner with the heat of battle; they collided once more there fists connecting with each other causing a surge of Lighting and ki to be forced together; a explosion was made and blew them both back ten feet.

Emily and Vegeta was panting as silently as possible as there breathing was great, there eyes never leaving each others as they both had the grins of Sayians. Blood trickled down Emily’s chin that trailed from her mouth and Vegeta had scratched along his cheek and shoulder had a light gash, there clothes had shred marks all over them not revealing anything but the skin of there chests, backs, legs. Vegeta begun to raise his power-level to a greater rank, Emily scowled at Vegeta baring her young fangs and clenched her fists tightly at her sides, letting out a lashing scream that increased her strength to a higher rank as well; Auras formed around there bodies like waves of flames erupting from a new lit candle.

Vegeta busted into the air with such a blazing speed that Emily couldn’t react in time and was sent crashing into a building, Vegeta blinked at his daughter slow reaction and started to chuckle; he raised his hand up slowly and started to aim a green orb of energy that suddenly formed in his hand “EMILY CATCH!” he thrown the blast of energy into the hole where Emily went threw…it stayed silent…no explosion….no sound or ki struggle… Vegeta started to get confused and shot another blast into the hole but nothing happened again…this made Vegeta growl at the frustration and placed his hands together “Dammit! GET OUT OF THE HOLE!” and fired a beam of energy into the hole, this time the building went up in an eruption of fire and rubble. Emily formed behind Vegeta with the two energy balls in her hands and placed them into his back and yelled “Striker Cannon!” Blue energy flashed and Vegeta was sent crashing down with energy pushing him towards the ground, he slammed into the rubble of the building and skidded into a gas station making it explode, a huge explosion was set off and fire erupted every were in the area Vegeta fell. Emily hovered there for a moment for she giggled and flew to the roof top again and sat down on the top of the sky-scraper they started with, waiting for her father to recover from that sudden surprise attack.

Vegeta slowly pushed up off the ground holding onto his arm and grunted with a heavy smirk, he hovered up into the air and flew to the top of the sky-scraper where he sensed her ki and rested down beside her with a sigh of happiness in his voice… he spoke “Well…that was fun… “ he grunted as he forced his shoulder back into place and rolled his arm back and forth to get it working right again as Emily winched at the sound of snapping bones. Emily smiled and gave her father a kiss on the cheek and hugged him, of course the Prince of Sayians is not supposed to show affections but he placed his arm around her waist and held her gently “Thank you daddy, that was very fun!”
Vegeta sighed and looked down at the mess they made “I’m sure we are going to be in trouble with your mother…” Emily blinked and titled her head to the side “Why?” then noticed what they had done and sighed “Oh…that…Yeah… I’m sure of it…” With that they both sighed at the same time and laid back relaxing once again like they was before, watching the sky roll over with clouds and smog from the destruction, what a beautiful sight.

Chapter 2

Vegeta and Emily soon raised from there relaxing on the rooftop of the building, hearing fire trucks and other things drive underneath them to aid in extinguishing the fire and destruction. Emily looked over at her father and smiled gently before she gave a heavy sigh, lowering her head “Well, let’s go face the wrath of mother” her words echoed in Vegeta’s head like a new born thunder storm. Vegeta relaxed a bit and put on his strong stubborn face, his smirk rolling over his lips like a true Sayian.

Both of the Sayians charged there ki so it erupted around them like flames and flown off to the other side of the city, both exchanging faces at each other while they fly; trying to get there minds off the trouble they would be in when they get home.
A dome building came rolling around the corner as they pass by the taller buildings, coming into view of there home Capsual Corporation which was a high technical building that built and manufactured high quality products. Vegeta was the first to land, feet planting firmly against the pavement near the garden which was not far from the front door, Emily secondly landing beside him and gripped his hand a little tightly hearing a loud crash in the house “You think that’s mommy???” Emily asked with a shuddered voice as Vegeta only kept his stern look and started to walk towards the door.

//…Dear god we are going to die…\\

Emily thought to her self as they reached the door, hearing a middle aged woman roaring around like she was chasing something… what was this? The door slung open in a flash!

“AAHHH!! HELP MEEE!” Is all that Emily could hear as a boy ran past her at a blazing speed, Vegeta’s eyes were wide and had a light shocked look in them as his son just ran past him like a banshee on fire. “Trunks Brief! GET BACK HERE NOW!” a blue haired woman echoed out loud with a shrieking voice… Emily turned her head to see Trunks behind her hiding as best as he could.

“Trunks??? What you do?”
Trunks didn’t speak for a moment and then raised his voice “Mom thinks I did that stuff in the city today!! I WAS AT THE CANDY STORE!!!” Emily didn’t even have to guess what he meant as she looked up at her Father “Sooo… let’s bite the bullet...” that was all she said before walking into the house with her brother behind her clenching her shirt and her father holding her hand a bit tighter.
Vegeta walked into the kitchen with the kids while the blue haired woman was sitting at the table, looking at all three of the ones that entered.


Emily spoke in her mind.
Trunks stayed hidden behind Emily as Emily hid behind Vegeta and Vegeta was just standing there, lightly pale in the face as he looked at his wife sitting there “onna…” he spoke with a ruff tone, but suddenly his voice was shortened by her sudden outburst “Who… Did… IT!?” That was all that needed to be said and Emily and Trunks pointed up at Vegeta from behind his back.

The woman raised her brow and looked to Vegeta, then the kids, then back to Vegeta “Don’t onna me! You know how much destruction you caused today?!” with that Vegeta knew what happened… he turned his head to glare at the kids but…

//What the?!\\ little images of there bodies were vanishing…

//Those little….they teleported and blamed me… I will get them later… them little mongrels…\\
With that Vegeta lowered his head in defeat and got a ear full from his wife.

Emily and Trunks appeared in her bedroom, Trunks letting go of her shirt as she flopped down onto the bed and started to giggle lightly before bursting out in a loud chuckle, Trunks also joined in on the laughing as they knew they was now in deeper then before!
Trunks sat down beside Emily and looked at her slightly now actually noticing the wounds and torn up clothes… “So you and dad was training huh?” Emily just giggled and nodded but now she felt a little guilty and sighed “ I guess I shouldn’t let him take all the ear engulfing noise from mom…” Trunks nodded and let Emily teleport back to the kitchen.

As Emily fazed in around the corner she peeked into the kitchen slightly and raised a brow…something was wrong here… what was he doing… what was she doing back…?
Seeing her dad and mom clenched together tightly exchanging deep passionate kisses and
sounds of lust, Emily raised her brow and finally figured out what they was doing “EWWWW!” escaped her lips as she nearly screamed it, Vegeta flopped his head on the table with a deeper grunt then normal “onna…!” his only word as Bulma nodded quickly and ran over to Emily, snatch her arm and pointed a finger at her face “Now listen here young lady! Just because we are busy doing something…doesn’t mean your not in trouble… Go to your room and wait for us to come up or else! And stay in the room with trunks!” with that she gave Emily a push towards the stairs.

Emily walked up the stairs grumbling and hissing with annoyance nearly already forgetting about the little sight, Bulma returned to Vegeta and they teleported instantly to a more private area; letting there desires be filled.
Once Emily reached her room she entered and went up to Trunks, poking his forehead “Train with me…” With that not another word was spoken as Trunks knew he had no choice, the room became a wild uproar in battle! The floor started to pick up as there fists came colliding together and energy shot from each bash of fists connecting with fists, feet with feet. The bed suddenly broke in half, mirror shattered to pieces and lamp got busted to bits.

Emily lowered her hand to her side and raised her other hand up to face Trunks that was raging forward towards her “Galatic Blast!” with that a beam of energy fired from the palm of her hand and struck Trunks threw the wall of her room and outside slamming into a tree. Trunks coughed up a little bit of blood as he floated off the now cracked tree, his body sizzling with smog and light burned marks along his shoulder and such.
Emily floated off the ground slowly as debre laid along the cracked and busted carpet floor that littered with glass and shards of wood, raising a little more she flew out the hole in the wall that now was in her wall, lowering her self towards the ground she landed in front of Trunks.

//Trunks has gotten a little stronger this year….Man how he has changed…\\

Emily thought to her self as she watched as this beat up figure of her brother slowly stand up whipping the blood away from his mouth and gave a strong loving grin, the grin that tells you ‘Hell yeah! Let’s go some more!’ after a moment Emily smiled and spoke “Maybe I should let you go super sayian…” she thought teasingly as Trunks started to get angered and balled up his fists and started to power up; for his age he was rather strong but Emily knew him perfectly well and knew she could whoop his butt even if he went super sayian.

//Man I wish he would give me a good fight today…\\

All of the sudden Trunks fists tightened till blood ran and dripped off his knuckles as his stance changed to where his feet spread a bit apart and his knees bent, his eyes closed in concentration as his ki begun to grow at a unspeakable rate. Emily’s eyes started to wide as she took a few steps back and covered her face with her arms in a cross style.

//Well well, Trunks has trained behind my back I guess… Interesting\\

Trunks stood up straight and rolled his head back as the ground started to rumble and the tree behind him started to sway; his eyes still closed and his teeth ridging hard, his fists started to shake. Emily kept silent as she continued to watch her brother go threw a new transformation? Or was it he was trying to show off a bit of power…Trunks suddenly let out a loud screaming roar of battle as his ki shot up extremely high leaving Emily eyes going wider. Trunks’s aura was soon forming around his body as the ground started to crack beneath his feet as the birds in the sky squawked in fear, bits and pieces of the ground soon started to raise up from the ground as the tree behind him started to have a cracking sound emit off of it.

//So much power?! Did trunks…..did he use the dragon balls or something?!\\

Emily screamed in her mind as she wanted to know HOW Trunks begun to get so strong, Trunks’s hair spiked out and his body begun to grow as his eyes turned to teal from deep brown, his aura sparking with electricity and dust as a whirling vortex formed around him as his aura blazed like new born flame. After a few moments of his sudden outburst of energy, he lowered his hands and his body was rather buffed now! Trunks arms and legs can be seen having bigger muscles and it was very obvious he was now too big for his size…

//I see… He went to the next level… But with that much weight on his body he must be rather slow…\\

With this she grinned and lowered her arms slowly but in seconds Trunks was in front of her, her eyes wide with fear as his fist came colliding into her stomach sending her crashing threw the Capsual Corporation’s walls. After crashing threw a few walls she came to a skidding stop against the hard marble floor which now cracked under the weight she was thrown with.

//Such power!? HOW DID HE MOVE SO FAST?!\\

Emily eyes could not detect him but here senses could, she span around quick on the ground and kicked out at the thin air; her foot connecting with Trunks’s jaw and he was sent back a few feet, but was soon on his way back at her with his foot brought back ready for a strong kick to her stomach. Emily could not react fast enough to this sudden charge and was bashed into the wall to the left of Trunks, he was grinning like a fool that just had sex for the first time and loved it.

After a few moments Emily slowly stood up from the rubble that laid on top of her from the busted wall, having chalk and such all over her from the busted walls she went threw, her arm has a light trail of blood and her shoulder slightly injured.

//he’s holding back…\\

was her only thought as she stood up fully and powered up into Super Sayian, her eyes going lightly pale blue and her hair waved in a flame a little like her fathers but more like her other friend Gohan. Emily’s stance changed now, her fists clenched then relaxed and continued to do this as she waited for Trunks to move… but instead he just stood there and eyes wide with fear… Thoughts ran threw Emily’s mind…

//Is he scared of me…? Why he is one level higher then me right now… he still has a power advantage…What could he be so scared….of…?\\

Emily’s thoughts was cut short as a hand fell onto Emily’s shoulder…she knew who it was… her hair went normal and so did her eyes…but Trunks stayed the way he was not moving…not once did he even inhale…his face pale. The person turned Emily around and had some cold stern eyes staring into her own…a shudder ran up her spine as she felt heat from on her cheek as a hand swift by her at a blistering speed, she fell to the floor and skidded to the side as Vegeta stepped out of the hole that led to the training rooms. Trunks watched as his sister fell to the floor holding her cheek in pain, watching her tears fall down her now deep red cheek… rage consumed Trunks as he stared at Vegeta…his father who now hit his beloved sister so ruptly.

Vegeta smirked a devilish smirk “So you’ve reached the next level brat… Let’s see what you can do!” with that his fists clenched and he transformed and charged at his son at a blazing speed and landed pumping blows all over Trunk’s body beating the boy till he had blood spill down his arm, leg and a bit from his mouth…bruises formed all over his body and his head having a light bump on it from crashing into the far end metal wall.
After a few more moments of thrashing his son he stopped and grunted with thought… he turned his back to his son and spoke with his cold tone “Go clean your self up and go to your room… onna will talk to you soon…” Trunks only nodded his head with a grunt of pain and was now de-transforming as he slowly limped towards his room, leaving his sister with the devilish sayian prince. Emily was not sitting up holding her cheek with tears sliding down them as she looked up at the stern angered face with eyes that erupted like volcano’s.

//He….he hit me… It’s not the first…time me and trunks messed up the house…I feel cold inside…I can’t breath…what’s wrong with me…why is this happening…? What did I do so wrong to make him smack me?\\

Emily’s mind ran with questions of why…why!? Why did her father all of the sudden hit her like she was in trouble… this would be answered soon as Vegeta slowly stopped in front of his daughter and glared down at her “Get up brat…” with that Emily slowly raised to her feet and she stood there with her hands behind her back cupped together in a nervous way. Vegeta smirk became clear in view as he turned and started to walk “Follow” his words were now softer but he still held the stern face. Emily continued to do as she was told and followed after her father, not knowing what was going to happen to her… if Trunks got beat up so badly… then what about her?

After a moment of walking they came to a metal door that was tainted with energy that eloped off it like waves, Emily didn’t know what this place was for she has never went down this way before this was off limits to her and her brother and anybody else sept Vegeta and Bulma. Vegeta turned towards the door and pushed in a few numbers on the control panel and the door slung open, after walking in with tensed steps she soon saw the Dragon balls were in the middle of the table… beside them the Black star dragon balls…and to the other side of the normal dragon balls were the Namek Dragon balls.

//What the hell!? We had the dragon balls all this time… ALL OF THEM!? How is this possible… Wow… Five full wishes….amazing! but…why is father showing me this?\\

Vegeta walked over to a chair and sat down in front of a big computer and pointed to his side, this telling Emily to go stand by her and so she did; she walked over to him and stood there…with a light gulp of fear she shuffled her foot nervously.
Vegeta waited in silence as Bulma soon came into the room and stared at Emily with a red cheek and tear marks, she pouted but did not give sympathy to her daughter “Okay Emily… your punishment is going to be a doozy today! We want to show you are new ‘toys’… Go stand by the dragon balls and do not move from that spot…” with that Emily hopped to attention and stood in front of the earth dragon balls.

Bulma grinned and walked over to Vegeta and sat on his lap, his hand being placed on her waist to hold her from falling; she started to type onto the screen the letters too small for Emily to see from where she stood…she was starting to shake wondering what they was going to do… Emily soon begun to feel dizzy and a glowing light was starting to emit off of the dragon balls, soon small images of the dragons started to form and appear but not as big as they once were, more to fit the room. Emily’s eyes widened with delight as All three dragons appeared! “Wow!? How … but How?! And why am I here mommy..? Daddy..? “

Her questions were not answered and Bulma continued to type, after a moment she was starting to get more confused as she rubbed her head and stared at the dragons who stared at her with demonic red eyes…

//I wonder….\\

With that she whispered as silently as possible but able to hear from a close distance which the dragons were at “I wish…” Bulma was already up side her and smacked her bottom with a firm hand and growled lightly “Do not! Make a wish! I said STAND THERE do not talk!” with that she let the girl whimper and rub her bottom and sniffled “I was just going to see if they work! God I’m not a kid anymore and you don’t gotta smack my ass!”… oooh she was in trouble now.. Bulma’s face scrunched up in a fit of rage as her daughter just swore in her house… “How DARE you… I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap!” with that they both begun to growl in anger… Vegeta was just sitting there in the chair, waiting in silence…

//How dare she… I’m old enough to do what I want…I can say what I want… God sometimes I wish that my parents were the kids so I can teach them a thing or two! … \\

she grumbled and started to giggle at the thought… she smirked and smiled with a devilish glare knowing well the dragon balls do not work because she doesn’t feel the power from them… “I wish mommy and daddy was KIDS!” she started to laugh as Bulma’s face went pale and Vegeta’s eyes shot open in pure surprise “WHAT?!? NO EMILY!” was the last thing Vegeta said as a voice was heard “Wish Granted…” the earth dragon balls begun to glow deeper and flew into the air and shot out in all directions, but the room was made for blocking them back and they fell to the ground and rolled along the floor in a simmering steam that rolled off it’s side… as she looked back at her parents her eyes widened as a fitting image of a child matching Bulma and a tuff little boy having the hair of Vegeta…what the…? …….. suddenly….


Emily screamed!!!

* To Be Continued!*

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