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Aug 22, 2004
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Hey guys,

After coldsteel told me about his story I got curious and I started my own fanfiction story. It's about an apocalyptic future and one man called Jason Connor who survived an attack from his enemy. I hope you guys like it. Please give me comments about it.

Goodluck reading it,



Chapter 1: The Past and the Future

The Year 2013,

A loud bang woke up Jason from his sleep; at least he thought he was sleeping. He finds himself in a dark room. It looks like a prison cell. When he tries to move every muscle in his body hurts. What is this pain? He takes a look at his body and he sees a lot of stitches all over his body. He also notices that his right arm is a metal one, like an android arm. Also his right leg is replaced with a metal one. After a few minutes he can move a little. He stands up from the operating table and looks around to see if someone is there. But there only is a humming sound coming from the machines which are connected to his body. He tries to remove the hoses and cables from his body but it hurts like hell. After a few attempts he manages to remove them.

He can walk around a little and he can feel that his mechanical leg is working like a normal one would. Also his arm and mechanical hand are working properly. He tries to find a way out this 'cell'. Then he finds something that looks like a door. 'How does this open' he asks himself. There isn't a handle or something like that. But then all of a sudden he hears a clicking sound from the other side and slowly the door opens. Light is coming from the other side of the door, not much but at least he can take a look around now. Jason walks out of the 'cell' and finds himself in a corridor. The floor is a metal-like surface and there are blue lights placed in the floor that light the corridor. When he walks a little further he can hear people talking to each other. Jason questions himself: 'are they on my side or are they the 'enemy'? He decides to find out and walks further. When he walks towards the corner he can hear them talking about some war that's going on outside this building. He doesn't hesitate any longer and walks directly to the place where the voices are coming from. When he walks around the conner he can see 2 people talking. One person is dressed in a white jacket and the other one is dressed in black and he carries a big gun on his back.

When Jason approaches them they notice him and the man in the white jacket says: 'I knew he would make it' and smiles at Jason. The man in black walks towards Jason and sticks out his hand and says: ‘Good to have you back Connor'. He continues: ‘I don't know if you remember me but I will introduce myself anyway. I am Sergeant Cooper, but you can call me Eric.' Jason shakes Eric's hand and says: ‘Thank you sir'. Jason remembers Eric's face and he knows he's in good hands. After a while the man in white comes forward and introduces himself to Jason. 'Hello Jason, I am doctor Braun. I was responsible for your recovery from the 'little' accident you had on the battlefield. But it looks like you have recovered very well. How do you feel now?' Jason answers: ‘Very good actually, but the pain is driving me crazy at the moment and I can't remember anything right now.' 'The pain will go away in a few days, that's because we had to replace your right arm and left leg with mechanical ones. They were crushed by the terminator who you were fighting with. 'Jason, you were ambushed by an infiltration unit from the enemy. Do you still remember what they are?' asks Eric. Jason closes eyes and tries to remember the fight. He sees himself again fighting with a human like machine and feels the pain in his arm and leg the moment they were crushed. Then everything turns black. Then he remembers what he was fighting, they're called terminators. Jason answers: ‘That was a terminator who tried to kill me.' He shivers when thinks about what went on that night. 'Well Jason' Eric continues: ‘we were lucky when we found you because the terminator was just trying to crush your skull. We fired at him with our plasma rifles and he took a run for it. But unfortunate for him, he walked right into our trap and he was blown to pieces by 2 tank mines. Then we rushed back to you. The last words you said were: 'please...., help me.' After those words you passed out and we carried you to the nearest army post. The medics stopped the wounds from bleeding, but they discovered that your right arm and left leg were completely crushed. So then you were taken to this underground facility to recover. Doctor Braun was selected to operate you and replace your crushed limbs with mechanical ones.' Jason slowly remembers what happened to him. Then Doctor Braun interrupts his thoughts. 'Jason, we have prepared a room for you, if you would follow me please.'

Jason follows the doc through a few corridors. When he looks around he can see more 'cells' like his with soldiers who were wounded. After a short walk they come to a more nicely decorated corridor. 'This is restroom area for people like you who just recovered from their wounds. This is your room Jason.' Doctor Braun opens a wooden door. When Jason looks inside he can see there is a bed, a closet and a desk with a chair. 'The toilet and the shower are in the next room' the doc points with his finger towards a door in the room, 'behind that door.' Jason looks around and feels very comfortable with this 'new home'. Before Braun leaves he says: 'Take a rest now Jason. Tomorrow you will hear all the news you missed when you were recovering here. Goodnight and see you around.' Jason thanks the doctor and sits down on his bed. He could use some rest indeed. His whole body was aching. So he pulls of his white operating jacket and he falls on his bed. Before Jason closes his eyes he asks himself: 'What happened to my past? I can't remember anything before the fight..'
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Quite different from all the other fanfics i've read on this board. I want more =x

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