Fallout 3 Teaser Released

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Jan 9, 2003
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An official trailer, how exciting! I've been following Fallout 3 since Van Buren and it's wonderful to see something I can wrap my eyes around, even if it doesn't actually give us anything to work with so far as the mechanics are concerned. Oblivion with guns? Likely.

Some food for thought, a primarily positive and a primarily negative link with regards to Fallout 3,and Bethesda in particular.

Gamedaily has a small article on the history of Fallout 3, and makes note of two fantastic announcements by Bethesda, one being that they were retaining the SPECIAL skill system, and the other being that they will retain some characters from Fallout 2 (and from the Teaser we can tell they're keeping Ron Pearlman as narrator).

On the other hand, a moderator on one of my favorite Fallout forums (No Mutants Allowed) has composed an article documenting Bethesda's history of dumbing down franchises and playing fansite favoritism, and warns us of many deeper disappointments to come. It's a very long read, but a very good one.

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