esf and evm

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May 12, 2005
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hi there
i whas wondering
why does it takes so long to make 1.3
if EVM surpasded you guy's ???
i mean
evm you will have
goku in ssj ssj2 and ssj3 and on some server even ssj4
and i can go on and on about the transforming

the only thing that esf 1.3 have and the evm doesnot
is the ginuforce and android 18

before you release 1.3
i would think about how you can inprofe the fusion
because it's sucks in evm
like the fusion thechniek of goku that trunks and gotens juiced
and even goku and vegeta

sweet a really esf/evm fan
sorry about my bad english i'm from holland you now :p

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