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Oct 12, 2008
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Dragon Ball AE: Episode 1: Goku's Return
Gohan enjoyed the weekend. He and Goten spent time together a lot during their days off. Mostly they just did normal stuff, like hang at the mall.
But today Trunks came over to train. He and Goten were best friends since the day they were born. Trunks wore a black T-shirt and fighting pants.
Gohan and Goten wore blue T-shirts, and red orange fight outfits over them. The get up was similar to their father's. Goku always wore the same thing it was just how he operated.
Trunks brushed away his shoulder length silver hair and cracked his knuckles. "What are the rules to this little game?" He asked.
"You set them Gohan. "Goten said.
"Allright. "Gohan nodded. "Just fight with whatever you've got. However minimize the energy blasts." He moved into a fighting stance.
Trunks and Goten smiled at each other. Goten jumped at Gohan launching punches and kicks with blinding speed. Trunks moved to Gohan's other side and did the same thing.
Gohan blocked every swing and kick that was thrown at him. Then he powered up to his max as a mystic sayien. Then energy he created was enough to throw Trunks and Goten back.
Trunk performed a perfect back flip, becoming a Super Sayien as he hit the ground. His sliver hair became a golden-yellow spike that stuck out in all directions. His eyes turned light blue and his eyebrows changed to match his hair. His power increased dramatically but Gohan still hadn't warmed up.
Goten got up also Super Sayien to find Gohan's fist in his face. Gohan and kicked him into the ground. The ground buckled and caved in slightly. Trucks smiled.
"You dropped your guard." He said.
Then he was knocked away by Goten. He had hit him in the side of the face. Trunks sailed across the ground the wind knocked from him.
"So did you. Goten said.
Then something grabbed his leg. Goten looked down to see Gohan with a death grip on his ankle. Gohan swung Goten around and threw him into Trunks who was just now standing up. They both fell in a pile.
Gohan flew into the air. He put his hands to his side in a cup shape. A light blue ball of energy formed in the cup.
Trunks stood up and his eyes widened when he saw the energy growing in Gohan's hands.
"Hey," he said. "You said no energy."
Gohan smiled. "No I didn't." His energy ball shot beams of light from the spaces in between his fingers.
Trunks braced himself, but suddenly the energy disappeared. Gohan's head snapped to the left.
Goten stood rubbing his head. Then he powered down from Super Sayien his hair going back to black. Trunks did the same. It was a huge power level, coming from far away. The power itself was unlike anything they've ever felt. But they knew who it was.
"Father!" Goten said.

* * * *

Vegeta's training was intense. Even in his Super Sayien 4 form the 750 times normal gravity was enough for him to strain. As he punched and kicked in the gravity room his speed and power increased. He often had to take rests and lower the gravity to 400-time normal gravity. In this state he did 10,000 push-ups before returning to 750.
He came out for meals and to talk with his wife. She even asked him to teach her how to fight a little bit. But this was just to spend more time with Vegeta. But Vegeta did teach her how to use her KI and fight a bit. Trunks trained in the room with his father sometimes but only when the gravity was at 400.
Now Vegeta had it set on 400 while he did some push-ups and take a drink for water. He decided it was time for a break so he turned the gravitron off and went into the house.
Bulma had breakfast ready when Vegeta came in. She said hello but Vegeta only grunted a response. He sat down and ate quickly.
"Vegeta after you eat I have something I want to show you." Bulma said.
Vegeta looked up. "What is it?"
"I figured out that Big Bang thing." She said with a smile.
Vegeta choked. "What? Already?"
Bulma laughed. "Yeah I'll show you come on." They when out to the back yard where Bulma had set up large rocks for Vegeta to blast when he got angry.
"Allright show me." Vegeta said as his tail wagged.
She held out a hand and released a blue arrow shaped blast that destroyed three rocks with a large explosion. Then she turned to Vegeta smiling.
"Pretty good huh?" She asked.
"It was better than good it was….good." Vegeta said. "IT took me weeks to learn that move."
Bulma laughed. "Well I am a genius."
Then something happened. Vegeta's head snapped to the left. It was a huge power an unreal power. And it was something very familiar. It was Goku.
"What is it?" Bulma asked.
"It's…it's Kakarot….." Vegeta muttered.

* * * *

They stood at Dende's place. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Chichi, Bulma, Krillon, and Android 18. Gohan carried Chichi because she couldn't fly and Vegeta had Bulma ride on his back, 18 had carried Krillon because he was too weak to fly. But he leaned on a cane to keep his balance while standing. Gohan had called his wife Videl who was away visiting her father as he died of cancer. She said she would try to make it. No one had heard from Tien or Yamcha since Shenlong, so it wasn't known if they were even still alive.
Mr. Popo had instructed them to wait outside the palace. He explained that when Goku arrived he was very filthy so Dende had led him to a bathtub. "He should be out very shortly." Popo said. Vegeta leaned against a tree, his arms folded across his chest. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was excited about seeing Kakarot again. He looked forward to seeing the new levels he had reached.
Then Dende came from the palace entrance. He stood before the crowd. "Here he is." He motioned toward the doorway. They could feel his power it was astounding. They watched the door and from the shadows the one and only Goku emerged.

* * * *

The man paced around in his dim laboratory. Along one wall was a row of computer consoles. Along the other were nine large containers. Each contained a powerful creation. His creations.
The man was Jerry Gero Jr. The grandson of the genius Dr. Gero he was exactly like his grandfather, but most of all he wanted to get revenge for his grandfather's death. He paced in front of the containers, stepping to smile at every one of them. "They're almost ready. Soon I'll have our revenge grandfather," he laughed evilly.

Dragon Ball AE: Episode 2: The Way it Was Goku wore his usual blue T-shirt and red-orange fighting uniform. He looked no more than twenty-five. He smiled at everyone.
"Hey guys." he said.
Chichi stepped forward. "Is it really you, Goku?" She asked her eyes filled with tears.
Goku laughed. "Of course it's me honey."
"But you're so young. "She said.
"Well, after I absorbed the dragon balls I stay young and fit forever." he explained.
"Are you immortal?" Krillon wheezed.
Goku laughed again. "Actually no. But since I never age I won't die of old age. I can be killed. I think."
Krillon sighed. "I was hoping to fight along side you again someday."
"You can."
Krillon snapped alert. "What?"
"I am basically the eternal dragon. And as long as Dende is alive, I have his powers." Goku said.
Gohan turned to Dende. "Is that really possible?" Dende shrugged. "Sure it is." Goku said. "Krillon, wish for something. I'll let everyone have one wish for now."
Krillon smiled. "I want to be young again."
Then Goku nodded, his eyes turned red and Krillon began to glow, suddenly it stopped and there stood Krillon in the same get-up as Goku and only twenty-three years old. 18 stared at her husband. He was truly happy and well for the first time in ten years. They hugged and kissed overwhelmed with joy.
Goku smiled." 18 do you have a wish?"
18 froze. She looked at Goku with wide eyes. "You'd really grant me a wish?" "Sure."
18 thought for a moment, "Okay. I want to be a true human," she said. Goku's eyes went red and 18 began to glow. When it faded it appeared that nothing happened.
"What?" Goten said. "Nothing happened."
"Sure it did, Can't you tell?" Goku said.
Gohan nodded. "I see it 18's eyes have gained the appearance of life. They're no longer cold and sinister. She is human,"
Krillon laughed and hugged his wife. "She's human!"
"I am." 18 cheered. She amazed herself. For that was the first expression she truly ever had expressed.
Goku turned his attention to his wife. "Chichi, would you like a wish?" He asked. Chichi was crying silently. She shook her head. "I only want to be your wife again."
"Sure thing." he said.
In a flash Chichi was twenty and fresh. She was his wife again. She then fully began to cry.
Goku turned to his children. "Gohan?"
"Yes." Gohan nodded. "I want to be able to use both mystic sayien and Super Sayien powers."
" K." Goku said. His eyes glowed for a moment then when back to normal.
Gohan looked around then he felt his power swelled. He tensed himself up and his hair turned golden-yellow along with his eyebrows. He became more muscular and his pupils turned light blue. He continued to raise his power. Suddenly he exploded. His hair became dozens of golden-yellow spikes that stood straight up. His body became more finely tuned. He smiled and he finished. He became a Super Sayien 2 once again.
Goten glared at his brother in awe. Gohan returned to his normal form.
Goku put a hand on Goten. "I already know what you want." He said. Then Goten became a Super Sayien 2. His body almost identical to his father.
Goku moved over to Trunks. "How about you Trunks?"
Trunks shook his head. "No thanks I'm good."
"Bulma?' But Bulma just shook her head.
"How about you Vegeta?"
"I don't have a wish." Vegeta said. "But grant me this, show me what new level you have achieved."
Goku shook his head. "I rather not. But don't worry you'll see soon."
"What do you mean?"
Goku shrugged. "I'm not sure quite yet, but I feel something is coming."
"What's coming, Goku?" Krillon asked.
"I'm not positive. But I do know that were in trouble." He was very calm dispite the bad news.
Vegeta grunted. How can he be so calm? He just said we were in trouble. "Tell me Kakarot. If what ever is coming is so strong why are you so calm?" Vegeta pressed.
"Because." Goku said as he floated into the air.
"Because what?" Vegeta demanded.
"I'm hungry." He said and flew off. Gohan grabbed his mother then he and Goten flew after Goku.
Vegeta stood grunting. "Damn him, he's hiding something I just know it."
Trunks moved to his father. "But what?"
"I have to find out." He said, and flew after Goku.
Bulma watched him go. "Well I guess you're my ride home."
"Poor Vegeta." Krillon said. "Every time he reaches a new power, Goku beats him to it."
"I know." 18 said.
* * * *
Vegeta sensed Kakarot already near his home. Vegeta grunted and struggled to fly faster. "How did he get so powerful?" He muttered. He flew on ward, the wind rustling his hair. A shadow raced by on the left. It moved around in front of Vegeta. As it came to a halt Vegeta realized that the figure racing toward him was, him. The figure floated in front of him. It was an exact copy of Vegeta himself. Vegeta's mouth fell in surprise. It was a clone, but that didn't disturb Vegeta, what bothered him was the tattoo on the clone's forehead. It read: RR red ribbon.
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Jan 5, 2008
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What's "AE"?
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May 28, 2006
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another enstallment
It's spelled "Installment" with an "I".

Which means your series is DBZ A.I.

Which will confuse people into thinking your story is about androids again, or else that your thread is of the capabilities of the npcs in an upcoming DBZ game/mod.

And if you decide "who cares about spelling, I'll call it AE anyway" then I don't expect much from this anyway. I mean, if you can't even spell the title right...

I'm being overly mean though...I tend to have a prejudice against most fanfictions with the exceptions of certain exceptional ones. Either old baddies are resurrected, two worlds are crossed over, the ending storylines are continued, badly designed Godlike fan characters are involved, commonly being the absolute heroes that likely are little more than the writer's own "self-insertion", which if you think about it as an innuendo has a perfect double meaning. And of course you get your preposperous fusions, and make believe super saiyan levels that deviate from and destroy the concept worst than SS4 did. The only way they're truly faithful to the series is how well they can follow Dragonball Z's repetetive cyclical formula, and really who can kid themselves that that's a compliment, because being able to replicate the "peace;new bad-guy;bad-guy owns;characters die; heroes train;heroes fight; bad-guy dies; Dragonballs restore status quo" cycle is NOT a sign of talent.
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Not bad at all considering you chose after GT rather than replacing it. Tien and Yamcha could be interesting but I really ... hate clones!
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Oct 12, 2008
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i will give u more episodes heres a clue whosn in it brollys brother
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Feb 23, 2006
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i will give u more episodes heres a clue whosn in it brollys brother
That's more like a spoiler.

As for the fanfiction. It's pretty bad without considering the grammar and punctuation errors. Even if Goku received the dragon's powers it doesn't make sense that he's able to make #18 a human when a the dragon himself could not, it's also beyond the ability of the dragon to make people stronger >> Gohan's and Goten's wish.

Also Androids again? Let them R.I.P ffs they've already done their part in the storyline of Dragonball.

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