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Oct 5, 2010
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Hello guys,
im new around here and trying too figure out how things work, i have read the rules and instructions, from what mistakes i have been doing is that i thought the esf 1.2.3 will work by just downloading that but im wrong aint i, after going through some of the threads and by the repeated comments is that i need half life 1 and that is a legal download which means i need to pay for it but here is my problem when i look it up the game is a shooting game how does it have any comparisan compared to esf and how will it work with the combination with esf, HL, steam. im lost here.

anothere question is that i need to know the cost is $9.99 i need to know what will that be in Rands so that i can make a decission on getting it or not, please help me as the history of this game is really worth it to me,
i have been searching for this game for around 8years now and i finally found it but yet im stuck and the urge to get is really outragous, thanks Nish.
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ESF is a modification of Half Life. That means it takes Half Life as its core, and then changes it to look different. ESF uses the Half Life engine to run. And since the engine is not freely available, you need to buy the game to acquire the engine. Thats how modifications work.

As for the cost. Not sure how acurate this is since i dont know how rands are abreviated, but if ZAR is correct then its like this
10.00 USD = 68.8665 ZAR

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