Dedicated Server??

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Aug 4, 2004
Hey, I just need to know if there is a SPECIFIC dedicated server for ESF, or can I use the one provided with steam after I dl it? I'm gonna go ahead and try that anyway, but some help, advice would be appreciated..

Also, can anyone help me get AMX Mod installed??

I can hold a steady 6 man server, haven't tried anything higher, just did the make a game, and got a few people in there.

Thank you.


I need the links for DL, the patch, and dedicted server, and instructions.. Please, and thank you.. And the HLDS didn't work.. Couldn't find ESF for it.


Ok, forget everything above ^, cept maybe the AMX, but I can mess with that later. Ok, now, I found the downloads, from an old link I had laying about. I'm gonna mess with it myself, and see if I can get it to wrok, but in the meantime, I can't seem to find the main site, or the manual... Can I atleast get some links to that?

I will attempt to search for them, and if I don't find it, I will edit this, and just hope for the best.



Ok, I got it installed, even got it running, only problem is I can't join. :x

Invalied Steam Usier ID Ticked or what ever...

Any thoughts?

I've tried restarting/rebooting/deleteing clentresigrtry.blob/loggingout/ all manner of attemps no luck..

Thank you for your support.

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