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Sep 23, 2002
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I take it you haven't read our "Acceptable Use Policy"
It states you're not allowed not allowed to advertise.

AUP said:

The only place you are allowed to advertise is in your signature, and you must adhere to the above signature rules. (Signatures and Avatars policy) ESF is paid for by it's creators with no reimbursement, and they quite enjoy making this mod for all of you, it is not fair for you to place a free advertising burden on their bandwidth. The sole exception to this rule is fan sites, you may advertise any ESF related site on this message board. If you lie, and advertise off site to something not ESF, you will be warned. Any violations of this rule will be treated as spam, with no exceptions.
if you have any further questions about the subject, feel free to contact me with a private message.

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