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Dec 3, 2002
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Speaking as someone who actually has an incurable virus, I just want to say that both sides of this argument are garbage. Both sides have only themselves to blame.

I would like a cure for this virus, but there isn't one. And I take it a little personally, because my virus, while completely compromising my life horribly, is not no one gives a **** about me or other people like me.

Terrorism is horrible but let's face facts--September 11th should have never even happened. It only happened because we were smug and idiotic, the signature staple of being American, and we let KNOWN TERRORISTS into the country and actually GAVE THEM FLYING LESSONS to boot. That's like handing an axe murderer an axe and tying yourself up fright in front of him.

By the same token I feel the commercials are very wrong...these people should not be villifying those who took action subsequent to September 11th because obviously buildings collapsing and thousands of people being MURDERED should take some precedence (as opposed to living relatively full lives and dying early because of stupid mistakes we make ourselves in private, where the safety of he general public is not even part of the concern).

Am I upset that I live in a major city with one of the best hospitals in the U.S., and yet I have no one to go to for help with this virus? You're damn right I am. Hell, I couldn't even afford to have a test done even if I had a doctor at my disposal (which I don' insurance, so the doctors are total *******s to you nine times out of ten. "I have an incurable virus, I have some questions about it" "oh don't worry about it." Wow, **** you lady.)

But nobody wants to help anybody, when you get down to it...only help themselves...and these commercials are perfect examples of that. The AIDS rally folks are all about getting their bling bling so that they can do their thing and spam "Be Careful, Don't get AIDS!" on every ****ing wall on my subways and in my workplaces (like it helps). America is as educated as it's going to get about STDs; fact is most people are like me, and think they have it under control. You think you know someone, but really you have to remember that a lot of people--particularly in the US--are complete liars. I thought I was good to go, but the girl I was involved with lied to me. Now I'm screwed. So if anything, let me be a lesson about that ****: don't think you know just because someone says something to you.

And as for the terrorism bit...I'm sorry, but AIDS only kills people who are ignorant, careless, or liars. Really it's a small percentage who are like me, and are mostly cautious but made one bad mistakes. There's also the rape percentage to consider as well. Bottom line...I'd rather have a million people with HIV then a million dead from mass bombings across the country. The terrorism stuff needs the money if for nothing more than the fact that it cripples our economy to let buildings be destroyed and industry be damaged.

Shame on the AIDS activists for putting it to this angle. They aren't going to get a dime, now, guaranteed...and they should fire their ****ing marketing guy, because this is borderline suicidal from a business standpoint.

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