Chrome Hounds xbox 360

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Dec 21, 2004
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made one of these a while back but eh.

Anyone have it and play on xbox live?

if so would you mind postin your gamertag. looking for friends on there. i'm currently in squad waffen-ss i think, and were alligned to morsoj, going to tarakia next war to stock up.

its a good game and all, but to be honest, i dont really like the community.

the whole xbox live "rep" thing really kills it.

some people are sore losers i guess and give you bad rep after you beat them/own them so hard they cry.

i'm appearently on 66% avoidability. "unsporty" and 12% trash talk? I dont have a mic.

anyways. would love to blow people up with some new peeps. theres about 8 more slots left in my squad, if anyone needs a descent one to join. me myself and 2 or 3 others are pretty closely nit.

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