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Mar 12, 2006
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I have 2 problems.
When I create a esf server appears this message in my console:

L 03/12/2006 - 02:14:40: [AMXX] Run time error 4 (index out of bounds) (plugin "EvolutionX.amxx") - debug not enabled.
L 03/12/2006 - 02:14:40: [AMXX] To enable debug mode, add " debug" after the plugin name in plugins.ini (without quotes)

This problem lags my server.
I don't know where I have to write the command, I tried to put it in C:\juegos\Steam\SteamApps\my@account\half-life\esf\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini
but.. nothing. Does Anyone know the solution?

My second problem is amxmod. I don't know how to use. I believe that I have it installed. Do it have automatic installation when I installed the esf 1.2.3 and evolutionX? or I need the program a part? Can u get a link to get it?

I don't know the commands to incrase the PowerLevel or get sensu beams, etc. How can I get a list of this commands?

thanks for all
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Oct 21, 2003
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Would you contact Microsoft to get assistance with say... Photoshop? Of course not.

You are asking for support for third-party addons on a forum that does not endorse or support them.

You are better off asking on the AMXX forums and <whatever support medium EvolutionX utilizes>.

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