Blockcounter balancing idea, NOW WITH VOTING!

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Jan 14, 2003
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Throughout my expierience I have never had trouble with "block-whores". The majority of people who block a lot are either new, or are being triple teamed. Here are some tactics for example:

1) Charge up a noticable beam, (one that has a hand sprite [SBC, Kam, ect..]) so the player sees you charging up. He attacks, you hit the [1] button, and block-counter him.

2) Another tactic, which is really hard to do(I've only managed it once or twice), run away and look at the radar. If players see you run 99% of the time they chase you. When they come close teleport back twice and charge them. You just need to have good timing and some luck so they don't connect with a melee after the first teleport.

As far as people teleporting quickly and meleeing you when you power up a beam, my suggestion is get quick at skill switching and you should be fine.

The TRUTH of the matter is, defense is always easier then offense. If I were to fight you Abe in real life, it would be much easier for me to roll into the fetal position and hold my head then to beat you up. It is the truth. The major flaw with the block-counter OFFENSE, is that the victim needs to melee you. If you don't melee them then they are just sitting in the sky like a sitting duck waiting to be blown out of the air. Another possible attack, if you still are determined to beat your opponent in a melee battle, is to just slowly back away from him. He will either sit there motionless waiting for you to attack while everyone else targets him, or he will charge you leaving him open to attack.

So, basically what I am saying is it is easier to become a elite "Defensive Attacker" then an "Offensive Attacker". However, "Defensive Attackers" require you to attack them for their style of combat to be successful. So if you know flat out that your opponent is better at "Defensive Attacker" then you are at "Offensive Attacker", then you need to either outsmart them, by say holding a generic beam in your hand luring them to charge you, or try another type of assault. In esf_city, you could just run through the buildings and fire a beam from behind him. Or if you have plenty of time, try using a "Defensive Attacker" style yourself.

One other aspect of the game that makes ESF so good is the balancing of characters in game. So if someone is blocking a lot switch chars to krillin(disc,flare), goku(flare, sb[lures opponent]), Piccolo(eyelaser), Frieza/Cell(fingerlaser, disc), or Buu(Candy Attack). After a higher guy kills you a couple times your PL will skyrocket and you'll be just as powerful. Then you could just eyelaser the guy until he attacks, then block-counter.

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Nov 10, 2002
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So childish... (/me thinks Keiryn plays Counter-Strike)
Anyway. Meter or no Meter there should be a limit to how many
hits the characters can take. When Cell tried to block SSJ2 Gohans
punches he only blocked like 2-3 hits and his guard broke because
gohan was too powerful.

I say:

If the Enemy is Stronger and Blocking - 5 hits should break his guard

If the Enemy is Weak and Block - 3 Hits should break his Guard.

And it should depend on who you have locked on that the hits
will be limited too. Yeah its a great idea to Throw beams in a
blockers face, or Quickly Teleport out of the way. But why would
you be teleporting around 5 times when your enemy predicts
your every move by looking at the scouter. On the other hand
Its not really hard to tell where the enemy went without using the
scouter because its something to learn to "Know". I guess its
cause of the Particals that come out or something. But regardless
of that By the time you attempt to knock him out or supposedly
out smart him you'll barely have enough ki left leaving you with
no choice but to recharge and get your ass tossed around for
a bit. Also Blocking takes away only 3HP from the player. I dont
usually pay attention to the Health/ki pool bars or anything but
when I played on a lan with bots They only seemed to be doing
3HP of damage to me. Which is pathetic.

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