Biased Retailers?

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Jun 8, 2004
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I went into a Dixon's today after deciding I really wanted to look at a ?3000 set-up I could never possibly afford. I actually wanted to see a Blu-ray player on an HDTV in action, to see if the HD-era is all it's cracked up to be. After basking I noticed a large gathering in an open space of the shop floor. Hooked up to it's own HDTV was a publicly-testable Wii, WiiSports and two Wiimotes.

I didn't want to wait around for 20 minutes to play it myself but it looked fairly fun, a big hit with the kids, not so much the parents trying to drag them away and resume their Christmas shopping. Walking out I noticed they also had a 360 demo set-up and next to imported PS3. Plugged into a 17" CRT. Playing 'Talledega Nights' (Blu-ray i'm assuming, though the crappy TV didn't show notable quality difference).

I thought it must be some kind of joke at first. Sure the PS3 isn't coming out over here 'til Q1 2007, but the way it was understated and undersold, in a plain glass case, it may as well have been a PS2. If it wasn't for the difference in design I wouldn't have looked twice. Something was afoot.

So I asked the staff member why the Wii got a sumptuous banquet of a presentation, yet the PS3 was gathering dust in the corner before it's release. He told me they're trying to gather as much focus on the Wii for Xmas, except for one thing, they didn't have a single Wii for sale. In fact, they were sold out. Until New Years.

I asked him that if their next batch of Wii's were going to be around the same time as the PS3's, why weren't they getting equal exposure? If anything, the PS3 should get the best TV to show off it's higher resolution, a big selling point, instead of making it look obselete. He wandered off to ask his manager. He never came back. I'm assuming he was assasinated, bribed, or played WiiSports in the staff room 'til I left.

It's like they imported it just to make it look ridiculous. Bias much?

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