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Sep 9, 2007
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How I think that should be the advanced melee? COMBOS, imagine:

LMB = Punch
RMB = Kicks

1.Have you ever played spider-man? well, you hit 3 times punch and he makes 3 diferent puches. 2 x LBM + 1 RBM a diferent combination...and so on.....And the way you defend a power ball, you can also defend the punches and kicks comming from the enemy.
Note: animations shouldnt be very detailed motionly because the hits are almost instantainly, it would be like a foto session, for example, it should be more like a picture for each hit so it looks really fast. Theese hits take low HP.

2.The total time advanced melee should take? I dont know, make it like between 5 - 13 seconds depending on the diference of each characters KI, for example, for 2 characters that differ 1.000.000 or 2.000.000 KI it should take 5 seconds, so the weakest guy is not killed quickly. If theirs KI differ like 200.000 then it takes 13 or 14 seconds because its balanced...just an idea

3.Remember the transparent ball that surrounds characters when they make a head-on? Well advanced melee should happen wille the 2 chars are inside of it. To make a bit of eye candy, make the ball "and the chars inside as well" fly slowly in a random direction, and when it gets to a wall or ground it acts like a ping-pong ball, it takes another direction.

4.How to make advanced melee happen? you choose it like a normal attack, and the first one to atack gets to hit the other player for about 2 seconds. After the first 2 seconds then he can response as well.

I think its simple, and no movements 100% repeated.


Other sugestion:

You see the first atack? the basic melee. It should work like a 2 attack choice between basic melee and ki blasts. For example:

Forget the KI blasts in the number 2 attack.
You choose atack number 1, and then you can:

Press LMB, and go against the enemy making him a basic melee attack.


Press RMB and make KI blasts. By the way ki blast should be a bit faster making, should make you loose less energy, and less HP to the enemy.

Theese are my suggestions to make the game faster, more entertained, and simpler...i guess.

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