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Sep 28, 2003
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I'll be going away next weekend and won't have access to a PC meaning only one thing.. Pen + Paper concept time.

Incase none of you have been folowing the plot I am scribbling up a (hopefully) well written fic on Pride + Cuc before the Rumble begins, events, social forum events, essentially (and possibly) a kinda documentry type thing in the form of Fight Club / Forum type.

I am not making promises you will get a mention, and if you do it may very well be a brief mention, whatever, like I said no promises; but if you would like to be placed into this story (again you will not by any means what-so-ever be a primary character unless you are one of a select few whom have close ties to the two mentioned above), please leave your name down and I will see what happens.

Also I'd like to add that this story, if you do get a paragraph or so, is based entirely on Fight Club weight. Meaning, obviously, that Cucumba and Pride are the strongest two and next to near anyone who stepped up to them would get a severe face smeeshing. If you've never fought a fight club match, then you will obviously be regarded as a civilian which all in all isn't terrible because I intend to have civilian 'scenes'.

If you do have a Fight club profile but are ranked low, or haven't a huge name for yourself, then you may get a mention in a bar brawl or something similar, who knows.

The bigger guys.. Well, we'll just have to see. :)

P.M.'s are appreciated, but you are welcome to post here. If you do agree I'd like you to just jot me down a few things so it's at least semi-accurate.

Your name.
Your personality.
Your character description (rough look/dress of your character etc.).

If you have a Fight Club profile already, just send me the link and I'll read it over! :)

If you would like a preview, one can be found here.

[-NOTE: Due to previous requests the storyline has been altered to accomidate the 'Pre-Rumble' Setting.-]
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Nov 21, 2003
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Stairing at the Abyss
Grega said:
I thought of giving this thing a go. Be gentle with me guys XD

Name: Grega

170 cm


dark brown spiked on top of the head, not spiked on teh back and shorter and on the sides and


Body type: All round basic. Not to muscular not to weak-looking.

Clothes: Black shirt with long sleaves. Pants dark bluish color. Partial armor that consists of metal gloves that reach to the elbows, a chestplate with pads on the shoulders and metal boots that reach to the knees. The armor is made from a special material making it very light and sylverih coulor. But it realy isnt to good for devense.

Theme Song: The Forgotten

Weapon: A onehanded sword made of a special metal that absorbs light and uses it for attacking and defending pourpouses. The wsord itself isnt very sharp though, and the amount of light in it is limited.

Primarily a spacialist in sword combat. But also has skills in hand to hand combat resulting from his speed and reaction time. He isnt very strong so his attacks dont deal mutch damage, but the lack of strength is made up by his exeptional speed and reaction time.

Special attacks:

Spectral flash:
Not realy a combat attack as mutch as a tactical attack. It shoots a beam of light from the sword directly at the oponent. It dosent hurt the oponent but it blinds him for a while.

Solar shield: This is a defensive move. It forms a shild round the character in the form of a half sphere. The character cant move while this is on and is shilded only from the front. This shield is very hard to penetrate.

Laser slash: The sword shoots a laser infront of the blade making it cut throo anything that dosent reflect light.
That would be it ^^

Err personality. A proud warrior that looks on to the next good and fair fight ^^
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May 29, 2002
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I request a cameo or two... if you're not too mad about the loss. :]
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Aug 16, 2004
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Kaination said:
-2P has joined the battlefield-

Name: Kain

Height: 6'1"

Body Structure: Normal; Not buff, but not skinny weak.

Hair: Average length, white spikey hair

Eye Color: White

Age: 15

Dress style: When not in combat, small White overshirt, black shirt with black pants, white gloves and white shoes

Infused with fire, white = red
Infused with ice, white = blue
Infused with lightning, white = yellow
Infused with energy, white = purple

Weapon: Typically uses his fists, but when in deep trouble he can summon an purple energy sword.

Opening Theme song: 403 - Northern Lights

-Super Speed
-Knowledge of Vital points of the body
-Mastered power of body; Can open a certain amount of valves (the valves gives a boost of energy) to perform certain attacks; has 100 before faint. Only one valve attack may be present at a time. Valves regenerate slowly over time.

Special Attacks:

- Tai-jut-swon:
Unleashes 5 valves and performs a powerful-Lightning speed 20 hit combo.

- Shy-dran: Unleashes 10 valves and gives Kain the ability to see through walls + enemies vital points & nerves.

- Drai-Negan: Unleashing 10 valves, Kain puts energy into his feet to perform extreme acrobatic skills to dodge/give speed, and gives his kicks more power.

- Drai-Nejan: Unleashing 10 valves, Kain puts energy into his fists and his punches become faster and stronger.

- Shya-dron: Unleashing 30 valves, Kain can see attacks the opponent is going to make before the opponent does the attack.

- Summon: Phase sword: Unleashing 40 valves, Kain can summon a purple energy sword.

- Elemental: Lightning strike: Unleashing 50 valves, Kain can summon the power of Lightning to infuse with his body, causing his body movement to move several times faster, but his stirkes are weaker then normal.

- Elemental: Fire strike: Unleashing 50 valves, Kain can summon the power of Fire to infuse with his body, causing his blows to be several times stronger, but slower then normal.

- Elemental: Ice strike: Unleashing 50 valves, Kain can summon the power of Ice to infuse with his body, causing his strikes to be of normal speed and power, but slows the targets movement several times if struck.

- Elemental: Energy strike: Unleashing 60 valves, Kain can summon his energy together into his hands and shoot a beam.

- Summon: Dual phase sword: Unleashing 80 valves, Kain can summon dual energy swords, and at the will of 10 more valves, Kain can bring power into his hands and feet, increasing movement aand power slightly.

- Infusion: Elemental energy: Unleashing all valves, Kain can infuse himself with the power of Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Energy, to allow him to move several times faster, allow him to deal several more damage per blows, slows the enemy down when struck, and allows the casting of beams. Takes 2 minutes to cast and infuse elements together. Once infused, Kain grows a white aura around himself. Lasts 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds are over, Kain faints to the ground, and has to await until one energy comes back before he can move. The more valves unleashed, the stronger the power up.


- Coin:
Used for distractions.
- Needle: Quick strike that stuns the target temporarily.
- 3 Energy vials: Gives Kain 100 Energy. If Kain already has 50 energy, he will gain 150 energy, and the 50 energy will decay rapidly back down to 100.

I wnana be in it D:>
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Mar 6, 2003
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New York
I'll take one if you've got it. You can probably write me in easily enough shutting down some "when is 1.3 coming out" threads.

Though I'll have a bio posted soon also.
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Sep 28, 2003
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Well, sorry to break it to you guys, but my PC just got fried, I'm on my dads laptop until I can get the money to put together a new PC. I lost everything that was on the old hard drive, including the almost completed Part 2 of my Fan Fiction.

I dunno how long I'll be out of operations for but yea... Once I get my new PC made I'll get straight back into it.

Again Sorry for the inconvinience.

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