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Nov 24, 2001
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Seeing as this seems to be a huge problem with people ill clear some things up

Making a whole post with nothing but "Thats a spoiler" is SPAM total complete and utter spam and is could be considered spoiling in itself

The moderators are quite capable of reading the english language and seeing what is and isnt a spoiler and considering most of the time people seem compelled to spam like that is when someone just says "Hey you know it would be cool if goku went to a level beyond ssj2!" Even if it does happen if a person didnt say its gonna happen then it isnt a spoiler and if you want to point out how much of a spoiler it was then it is in fact you that are spoiling

People dont need to point out in other sections "Yeah this is a warning" or "This topic is gonna be closed" so no reason to do almost the exact same thing here

So rather then getting yourselves into more trouble why dont we all stop making posts that say nothing but what is and isnt a spoiler
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