A new/additional Adv. Melee system

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Aug 10, 2004
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Adv Melee: Attackers and Defenders take turns.
*Percentages are based on untrans advanced melee, and some percentages may or may not be universal in transformation states.

I'm sure ESF 1.3 has its own improvements on Advanced Melee in 1.3, but I thought this layout would give some new ideas on how to develop it. I wrote this idea knowing BTL couldn't implement it, but if it can be used elsewhere, by all means. I think if done correctly, this would add more depth, skill, and strategy behind the Advanced Melee system.

A 'strike' is considered a regular hit.
A 'blow' is considered a strong hit.
A 'high' attack is a punch.
A 'low' attack is a kick.

High Strike = Regular Punch
Low Strike = Regular Kick
High Blow = Strong Punch
Low Blow = Strong Kick

Basic Keys:

Q attacks with a left punch, E attacks with a right punch
A attacks with a left kick, D attacks with a right kick

Q blocks left punch, E blocks right punch
A blocks left kick, D blocks right kick

Based on the strength of the attack...
W blocks the Upper Half but reduces more or less ki.
S blocks the Lower Half but reduces more or less ki.


There would be a set amount of time for the attacker to fight, but not how many attacks he could do in that instance.

The initiator of the attack strikes first, and depending how he wishes to maneuver during the fight, he may or may not lose ki.

The attacker must decide how to end his combat cycle:
-He can try to land a Power Hit to end the melee
-He can pass his turn to his foe to attack

The one being attacked must try to block or dodge every attack.

Blocking individual attacks will reward small amounts of ki, blocking general areas will reduce ki based on the strength of the hit, and dodging will neither reward nor take away ki, but incur a penalty if hit.

The differences of Strikes, Blows, and Power Hits:

Punches are faster with less damage, and kicks are slower with more damage.

Strong hits are done by holding the Q, E, A, or D key down for a second.

If a high blow connects, you would have time for two additional high strikes.
If a low blow connects, you would have time for an additional low strike.

Power hits:
Power hits work slightly different than strong hits. They end the Adv Melee sequence and knock the foe out of Adv Melee in the desired direction. The keys must also be held for one second.

Holding Q + E knocks the opponant downwards.
Holding A + D knocks the opponant upwards.
Holding E + D knocks the opponant left.
Holding Q + A knocks the opponant right.

*With higher differences in PLs, it would be unknown whether an incoming attack was a Strong or Power hit.

An Upwards or Downwards Power Hit would not be dodgable, only blocked or teleported around (will be explained below).

The display of your combat would show the basic outline of a fighter somewhere, the top left I suppose, and it would light up different parts of the body based on the attacks. Green would be for strikes, blue for blows, red for power hits, and orange for uncertainty. Uncertainty would only be for power hits and blows. It would tell what side the attack was coming from, but not what type.

Advanced Keys:

Pressing the arrow keys will dodge left and right respectively from the incoming attack.
*Dodging costs no ki, but if you move into a strike, you take additional damage. If you move into a blow, you take additional damage for the initial and following hit(s).

The arrow keys will also turn you in the direction to face your foe if you are currently not for 5% of your ki.

Defender only.
Push the X key to attempt a grab (explained below).

Slowing Time:
Defender only.
Hold the Shift key to initiate slowing time. This would drain about 15% of your ki per second as it was held, and it couldn't be used for very long.

There would be a noticed difference in usage while facing and while not facing the opponant. If you use it and block incoming attacks, you would gain a bit of ki back, so it would cancel out some of the drain. If you were turning to avoid an attack with Slow Time, it would take roughly 15% ki for a 1 second duration, and 5% for turning, being 20% ki total.

It would allow you to turn slightly faster, and also teleport slightly faster, but this would only be useful while the enemy was charging a Power Hit. In other words, the defenders motion would be sped up a bit, and the enemy's slowed down.

The enemy would be at 50% of their speed, and the player would either be at either 75% or normal speed.
*Also, motion blur could be in effect for this duration, just so it looks cool.

The attacker or defender can press the Z or C keys to teleport to either the left or the right side of the enemy.
Can only be done if facing the opponant.
There would be a slight delay in using it.

If you were the attacker, this initial teleport would use roughly 20% of your ki to do. Also, you may teleport an additional time around the enemy for 20% ki again to attempt a back attack.
*A back attack would allow you to Throw the enemy if they weren't facing you, or any attacks done would do more damage.

If you were the defender, the initial teleport would use roughly 30% of your ki to do, and for another 30%, you could teleport around to their back.

Attacks of Opportunity:

Now that all of the keys for Advanced Melee are clear, here's the fun part (which includes throws).

First, attacks of opportunity freeze the attackers timer if they are done by the defender. Once the defender turns and blows, it's his turn again. If the attacker uses them, it's his own time he's running on.

If the enemy is readying a left or right Power hit, he would be more vunerable on the corresponding side to throws and attacks.
Example: The attacker readies a left power hit. The enemy teleports to his opponant's left side, the side he's powering his attack on, and he could either attack the enemy, or time a grab to catch his arm/leg and throw him. If the defender teleported to the attacker's right side during a left power hit, he would only be able to attack.

An important note on throws:
Throws would only work if you teleported to the side a Power Hit was being done. Throws would not work on blows. So if you were fighting someone with a higher PL, and he had unpredictable blows/power hits, you would be at a disadvantage for not knowing his next move. You would need to predict whether it was actually a strong hit or a power hit. An attempted grab on a strong hit would simply miss your opportunity to attack. However, if you connected on the grab and threw them, they would have a greater stun time than there is now, so you could hit them with a strong ki attack.

If the defender teleports to the side of the power hit before it's about to be thrown, the attacker could turn and release his attack. He could also turn and teleport, and then release his attack, getting a surprise shot at the enemy. Though teleporting with an attack ready would cost twice as much ki, so it would be 40% + 5% ki as the total. Releasing an attack after teleporting would still have a one second delay, except you'd be readied with the kick.
*Teleport ki cost in general could be based on the strength of the readied attack, and if none, it could cost less.

Now what hasn't been mentioned is the Up Power Hit or Down Power Hit. Since these are the most advantageous, they would leave both sides open for an attack, but not a throw. This would be the con to doing extra damage beyond your Power Hit.
*If you hit the enemy into the air, you can do an additional melee hit. If you knock them into the ground, they're vunerable to a ki attack.

Last but not least, the Combo System:
*This concept was designed for BTL, but may apply to 1.3 somehow.

A combo system would be enabled so if you alternated high OR low strikes, left right left right, your meter would rise and they would be thrown continuously faster. If you successfully hit with your attacks, your combo meter would increase more than if you were always being blocked. If the enemy predicted you would try a combo, they could gain a lot of Ki from alternating their blocks and potentially catch a second wind.

But, assuming you caught them off guard and your combo meter was filled up enough, you could initiate the hypermode key, and it would drain your combo meter. This would strengthen your attacks in your left-right-left-right sequence, and you could alternate between punches and kicks. This would also negate the use of Slowing Time and Teleporting, so the enemy would either get their asses beaten by it, or they just might get lucky and block your attacks. If they tried to dodge, you could offset your attacks by holding the key and charging the attack. Chances are they can't evade every attack, so they would be feeling the hurt. Overall, it depends how well you can do the combo. Also, the using the combo meter would freeze your 'attacking timer', so you could still get an attack or two in at the end if used right.

I think this would make Adv Melee a lot more interesting, since defending is the only way to potentially gain more Ki (you can still lose it too if you depend on Upper or Lower blocking too much), and there are options for countering attacks if you already have ki. If you try to dodge too much, there's a chance you can take more damage and be more vunerable to side attacks. Overall, defenders can potentially gain/lose ki depending on their skill or they can catch the opponant off-guard to make significant attacks, especially if the attacker is low on Ki himself.

Then for the attacker, if you enter Advanced Melee against a player with no Ki at all, you can almost pull off anything you want. Otherwise, you can maneuver more easily around the opponant to catch them off guard (lower teleport cost), you can figure out patterns in their movements to essentially do more damage and reduce their ki, and you could knock them into the ground, or throw them into the ground (from behind), to finish them off. There is also the option for the Combo Meter that will increase your speeds and damages greatly. Overall, attackers can damage their opponant, reduce their enemy's ki, and end the Adv Melee to their advantage.
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Aug 20, 2005
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Hmm very thorough and thought out all very good :D but maybe you could make it so say a super saiyan fought a reverted in normal melle. There would be a wait time while the attack gets his abilties ready, but give the defender much less time to block the move, and make the attack have more time to throw out moves. And on certain mods ss3 goku vs majin vegeta ok 1. They would enter melle and it could be altered so they can choose to either attack or defend per arrow. For example Goku: Punch Punch Kick Block Punch Kick Block etc. for however long they can hold while at the same time vegeta can be doing: Kick Block Power Kick (would stun oppenent for 2 arrows) Kick Block Kick Kick Punch Power Punch Kick Punch and etc. well if you both did an attack then the attacks would meet in the air and you would both take a small amount of damage. And if you both blocked its your fault, but it would remove the turns, allowing both players a chance to hurt the other. And You could do a Power punch (stun) power punch (stun again) and then a final power kick (another stun, but final and max amount of stuns.) and then the kick would throw them backwards due to the stun, and allow a player to charge a beam to blast them since they are stunned.

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