A little message from me + respect thread

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Mar 25, 2003
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If you honestly think the ESF team is lying, believe it!
If you think the ESF team is telling the truth, believe it!

What I am getting at is, april fools will last the whole day despite the time limit some people believe in, if the news is real, tune in tomorrow and see if the news remains alive.

You guys can argue/ debate if the email is real or fake but just please wait until tomorrow to find out. (The forums have had enough arguements over this already)

I have to say though ESF, I am not sure what to believe about this, if this is fake, you have tricked me pretty good!

If the news is true and is still remains true tomorrow I just personally would like to say my thanks to the ESF team for making an amazing mod which has been around for years on end.
You have my full respect despite what happens.

So, here you are ESF, Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this mod!

(This thread was not created for arguement purposes)

Thank ESF!

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