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Thread: [Guide] How to play the Dragonball Online MMO!

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    Just letting you guys know that a way to translate 100% of DBO has been found. People seem to be working on the translations. Well actually, random people that received the translating tool are just using Google or whatever else translator to try and make sense out of Korean sentences. Also there's a discussion about whether to use the correct terms or FUNimation ones.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    the dbocom translation patch is so wrong and the gramatik ..jesus.... ah and the game sucks there is a guild called uprise or something they hacked like 100 accounts mines included xd

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    Yeah the site layout is nothing like the guide shows you. I'd love to give the game a shot but I cant even make an account

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    Anyone here still playing Dragonball online?

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    Yesterday was the first day of Dboglobal open beta.

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