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Thread: Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

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    Default Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

    Please remember that the verification not required for browsing and posting on the forums outside the support sections of ESF. It's only required when you are having in-game issues / troubles with Earth's Special Forces and wish to gain some help from the community and team members. Non-validated users will not be able to post in the help sections.

    As of today, members are required to validate their forum account via the new validation system in order to receive official support for Earth's Special Forces. The purpose of the new system is to verify legal ownership of Half-Life, allowing us to focus on helping legitimate users. The validation is easy, safe, and quick to do thanks to Steam's OpenID API.

    A big thanks to Skizer (Owner of Gamers-Desire) for creating the old validation system. We would also like to thank the ESF team and ForcePit members for helping to test the new system.

    As of now, there's a new system in place, developed by fuzzy. It allows you to repeat the validation process for your Steam ID, in case you decide to buy Half-Life.

    The purpose of the system is to verify that you own a legal version of Half-Life on Steam, allowing the forum community and the ESF team to focus on helping legitimate users. The ESF Team takes a strong stance against piracy and will not be offering support to those who engage in such activities. And those who validate will be put in their very own "Validation Group" with their own color and the ability to post in the support sections! Users who are already in other groups, like Force Pit, won't have their primary group changed.

    The Validation System will only save your SteamID on your forum profile. The SteamID is both hidden and private to you and your fellow forum members. Only moderators, staff and administrators can see it. The information is being saved for a really good reason which will be revealed in the near future.

    First, make sure you're logged in to the forums. Please make sure you're logged in with the account you want to validate. The linked Steam ID cannot be changed afterwards.
    Next, it is absolutely mandatory that your Steam Community profile is public!
    After you made sure of that, go to:

    From there, you'll see:

    When you click on "Sign in through STEAM", you should be forwarded to:

    Notice the green "Valve Corporation (US)". This symbol identifies the page as being encrypted, meaning your information is safe and secure.

    On the page itself, you should see the following:

    Make sure you read the red square so you know that the validation will not steal your steam information! You should only enter your steam username and password on steam official site sites such as

    At the right of the page, you'll see a login box where you can fill in your Steam username and password:

    Log in your Steam information so the validation can save your Steam ID to the profile. You'll see a confirmation message containing your Steam ID.

    After that, you're back to the start - well, almost. Up next is the actual validation. Again, make sure your Steam Community profile is public!

    Depending on whether you have Half-Life or not, you will have either the Account validated. positive confirmation icon or the Verification unsuccessful - NO SUPPORT negative confirmation icon added to your profile.

    If you don't own Half-Life, you can buy it at Steam. After that, you can re-verify. Please note however that the results are cached for 24 hours.

    For those who doubt this system, you can always check out Tonjohn's replies, and he works for valve:

    Quote Originally Posted by tonjohn View Post
    This site is using our web api which is completely safe. When you login, you do so on the Steam Community website. ESF does not have access to your password or any super secret material.

    Quote Originally Posted by tonjohn View Post
    While is it possible to spoof the Steam Community website, the URL itself cannot be spoofed.

    Instead of logging in when prompted, you can manually login to the Steam Community before doing the ESF verification thing and it should work w/o asking you to log back in (assuming you use the same browser).

    Should there be any problems with the system, please don't hestitate to PM fuzzy!
    Please include all error details and, if possible, screenshots.
    Last edited by fuzzy; Jan 31st, 2012 at 05:46 PM.

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    Finally.... now we can just ignore those who post without verifying their original half life copy

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    its a good Thing realy

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    Yup. Now we can just get rid of those eye sores we now call UNVs.

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    Can you stop forcing us to read threads?

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    read bad, brain hurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damaera View Post
    Can you stop forcing us to read threads?
    It's not like a simple click is killing you.. besides, this should be the last one.

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    I registered just so i could get my HL validated.

    Thats how much i support you guys!

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    it took me 15 tries to login with my forum account :S
    something messy there..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Denz View Post
    it took me 15 tries to login with my forum account :S
    something messy there..
    Or you forgot your password like I did. :P

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