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    Welcome newly registered user!

    You have been re-directed to this page as you've just registered on our forums. In order to activate your account, we ask you to check your email as by now you should have been emailed by the forums with an activation link. If you are unable to find it, please contact us.

    In the mean time, we ask you to check out the F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) below which will answer will show and guide your way through the download, installation and playing this modification. Feel free to post on the forums if you need require any assistance.

    Please make sure you read this thread first before asking any questions on the forums

    Forum Validation System
    - What is this validation system?
    - Do I have to validate?
    - What happens if I don't validate?

    General ESF Questions
    - What is Earth's Special Forces?
    - Where can I download this modification?
    - Do I need Steam in order to play this mod?
    - How do I install Earth's Special Forces?
    - What's the difference between v1.2.3 and the Open Beta?
    - Can I play this mod on Counter-Strike, Source or Non-Steam?
    - I still have a few questions, where can I ask them?

    ESF v1.2.x Frequently Asked Questions
    - How do I play this modification? (Flash Tutorial)
    - What are the powerlevel requirements to transform?
    - Why can't I click the installation button in the installer? It's gray!

    Earth's Special Forces :: v1.1 Reversed Pack
    - What is this Reversed Pack?
    - Where can I download the Reversed Pack?

    EVM & ECX Related Questions (Add-ons)
    - What exactly is EVM? (EVolution Mod)
    - What exactly is ECX? (Evolution Class Extensions)
    - Where can I download these add-ons?
    - Where can I download Big Pack v8.4 for ECX?
    - If I need support for add-ons, can I request it on the forums?

    ESF: Final
    - When will ESF: Final be released?
    - How much PowerLevel to I need to transform?
    - What new Features will ESF: Final have?
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