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Thread: ESF Dedicated Server for Windows

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    Default ESF Dedicated Server for Windows

    This will guide you through the installation of ESF dedicated server, based on Windows operating system.

    1. Download SteamCMD.
    2. Extract the files to some easily accessible folder, e.g. C:/HLDS.
    3. Go to the HLDS folder and launch steamcmd.exe, then wait for SteamCMD to update.
    4. Login to SteamCMD using your Steam account's login info:
      login <username> <password>
      (Note that upon input of certain commands, the answer may be delayed because SteamCMD needs to connect to a remote database. You're good to go when you see Steam> at the beginning of the new line.)
      If your Steam account is protected with Steam Guard, you'll be requested to specify the Steam Guard code that's just been sent to your email. Once you've received the mail, enter the code in SteamCMD. Wait for it to say "Success".
    5. To start downloading HLDS files (they're needed for ESF dedicated server), write this:
      app_update "90 -beta beta" validate
      (The number 90 specifies which game's files are we downloading. -beta beta specifies that we want the latest beta build of HLDS which has bugfixes, better security, etc. validate simply commands SteamCMD to validate the downloaded files.
      Wait for the Success message and exit SteamCMD (if any errors come up in the output window, ignore them).
    6. Launch ESF installer. If a message pops up asking if you want to uninstall ESF first, hit No. Uncheck all the options (MP3s, Japanese Voices, Steam menu music, Desktop shortcut), they're not needed for ESF dedicated server. Install the files to HLDS\steamapps\common\Half-Life.

    That's it. You can now start ESF dedicated server through hlds.exe that is located in HLDS\steamapps\common\Half-Life (if it shuts down at first try, launch hlds.exe again and it'll work).
      Spoiler: HLDS Update Tool way (outdated) 
    1. Download HLDS Update Tool from Steam website.
    2. Open hldsupdatetool.exe and install the content. It is recomended that the path would be easily reachable, e.g., C:\HLDS, although you can install to C:\Program Files\Half-Life Dedicated Server or wherever else. During the installation choose the region of where you live (e.g., Europe). The download speed will depend on it.
    3. Now that the installation is finished, you can start downloading dedicated server files. Open Command Prompt (go start, Run..., input "cmd" and click OK). Then write "path to where you installed HLDS\HldsUpdateTool.exe" -command update -game valve -dir "path to where you installed HLDS". E.g.,
      "C:\Program Files\Half-Life Dedicated Server\HldsUpdateTool.exe" -command update -game valve -dir "C:\Program Files\Dedicated Server"
      Note that you don't have to write quotes around path if it does not contain spaces.
    4. Now wait. In some seconds/minutes it will start downloading the content showing the progress in percents. When it says 100.00% and some kind of "connection reset peer" error - downloading is finished.
    5. Now install ESF into the same folder (e.g., C:\HLDS). I'd suggest unchecking all the ticks during the installation since those are meant for gaming client, not dedicated server.
    6. After ESF has been installed, go to esf folder, that is located in HLDS installation folder, and create a file named steam_appid.txt in it. Then open steam_appid.txt and write number 70 in it. Now close the file.

    That would be it. You can now start your server with hlds.exe (located in HLDS installation folder).
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    Server with ECX addon.

    After you have created an ESF dedicated server (by the guide above), simply open Corona-Bytes.NET_ECX_RC2.exe (that is default ECX installer's filename) and install the content to HLDS folder.
    ECX contains Metamod, AMX Mod X and the addon files.

    Start the server the same way as starting normal ESF server.

    Server with Metamod and its modules.

    For Metamod, I suggest Metamod-P, that is compatible with some Half-Life mods normal Metamod is not.

    In esf directory create a new folders addons/metamod/dlls. Then put metamod.dll into addons/metamod/dlls and create file named plugins.ini in addons/metamod folder.
    Now open liblist.gam that is located in esf folder and change gamedll value to "addons/metamod/dlls/metamod.dll".
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    Thanx hlev..

    im trying it out now =)

    EDIT: how can i make my server ECX?
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    Default Server not starting

    HEy, I tried doing this and My server simply wont start it gives me a Host_Error message with no explanation and just wont even go into the program

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    creating esf server with ecx worked. Thanks for the guide!

    But can you tell me how I can add Bigpack then? I tried to install it but the server seems like doesn't load it. Do I have to add special commands to a file or what exactly?

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    ESF DS with Big Pack didn't work for me either. I saw some of the servers running it though. That must have been non-Steam servers using other files to launch DS since I doubt if it works with original HLDS.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    Do you have to install ESF after the HLDS? or is it possible to have ESF and then doing all of the above? I've done it all, got ESF installed and my HLDS.exe/the program doesn't show any games at all.

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    HLEV! I give my ip to other esf players and they cannot come to my server. WHY?

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    Did you by any chance select "LAN game" when making a server?

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