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Thread: Models for ESF 1.3

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    Default Models for ESF 1.3

    hello i am patru20xx and this is my first model for esf 1.3 vegetrunks ~zomg, removed~
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    can someone, (preferably the thread author) post a picture of the model, I no longer have HLMV installed =(.

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    he snaped a vegeta's head to trunk's body.
    actualy he didnt even snape it on the body its simply placed there....

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    lol he just ripped and released a model not even asking for permission and no one cares?
    sorry if u got permission, but i rly doubt it

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    Hello i am patru20xx i have a new account this is a new cell normal for esf 1.3 this models is from 1.2.3 i make this models for 1.3 i don't speak english very well from here you can download
    link pwned
    how i upload photo to this forum i can't with imageshack why??
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    That model looks very familiar. :x

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    ok the vegetunks is a model rip of sv,s vegetto head aka the earings model.
    The cell model i beleve is final shines
    cell model dont quote me on it tho i may be wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by madman121 View Post
    The cell model i beleve is final shines
    cell model dont quote me on it tho i may be wrong
    Bastard, making me download Final Shine's Cell.

    You are correct, that is his Cell model with different animations.

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