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Thread: Fight Club Bios

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    • Name: Five Star General Dogmanix (Dogma for short)
    • Height: 6' 1"
    • Weight: 190 lbs
    • Hair: Black hair, military crew cut
    • Eyes: Green
    • Attire: Dogma sports the uniform of a 5 star general of The Imperial Forces of The Nix.
    • Weapons: Lazgun, PulseSword
    • Traits: Dogma is completely incompetent at most things he attempts, but is much loved by Zeonix and thus was given the rank Five Star General [highest rank] and command of a few legions as a personal body guard. Sadly, Dogma's incompetence often leads those he commands into death.
    • Personal Body Guard: Dogma is surrounded at all times by least one legion of the INF (Imperial Forces of The Nix) which consists of roughly 10,000 war hardened soldiers. Dogma is also known to travel with extremely powerful (and some not so powerful...) friends, including but not limited to Fire Phoenix, Sub, Zeonix, DaRk, NGE, Rayne, and Ren.
    • Misc: Death is not an issue for Dogma as Zeonix will simply revive him from the dead shall he fall in battle.

    I'll probably add more later, but that's enough to get the general idea for now.
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    Name: Boreas.

    Age: 21.

    Height: 175 cm.

    Weight: 79 kg.

    Eye colour: Bright blue.

    Clothing: He likes to be well dressed, as he believes it compliments his great intellect. He usually wears a suit, and tie.

    Hair: Semi-long.

    Weapon of choice
    : None.

    Attitude: Arrogant would be the first impression given to anyone who decided to strike conversation with Boreas. Although not being one to pick a fight, he tends to get on peoples nerves which have led to him getting in fights a numerous amount of times.


    • Endothermic Water Manipulation: Boreas' signature ability. Allows him to lower the temperature of water, even to the closest any scientist has ever gotten to 0 K. The ability is limited to his hands.

    • Telekinesis: Boreas' immense study of superhumans has resulted in him learning the lost art of telekinesis. He is still untrained in his newfound ability's use, and can only use it for a matter of seconds.

    • Cold Immunity: Boreas neither feels nor takes damage from cold. Linked to his ability to control the temperature of water.

    • Fast Learner: Boreas processes information incredibly fast, which makes him very good at studying things.


    • Ice Smithing: Combining his signature ability with telekinesis, Boreas can create any object he desires out of ice when near a body of water.

    • Fist of the Northern Wind: Mastery of a multitude of martial arts makes Boreas a skilled and dangerous hand-to-hand fighter, especially in combination with his endothermic water manipulation ability. His personal style focuses primarily on countering the attacks of other martial artists, which is done by swiftly identifying the opponent's martial arts' style and adapting to it.

    • Fury of the Frozen Tundra: While his hand-to-hand combat primarily focus on countering, he developed a style for attacking with slashing objects. He's trained himself to master a multitude of slashing objects.

    • Strategic Thinker: Due to his ability to learn things very quickly, Boreas adapts to situations remarkably well, and can devise strategies to tilt them in his favor.


    • Seal Wound: Using his signature move, he can seal his own wounds. Sealing a wound will cause that areas mobility to decrease.

    • Ice Edge: When using his ice smithing talent, he usually creates a katana-like sword he's named Ice Edge. When hit by this sword, the point of impact will freeze a small surrounding area.


    Boreas grew up in a pretty ordinary family. He quickly developed a passion for knowledge, and sought any kind as long as it was new, even before he started school. By the time he started, it didn't take long for him to learn everything his school had to offer.
    Seeking challenge he started to research the stockmarket and became very proficient. It was about the same time he developed an interest for martial arts and studied pretty much every hand to hand combat there is available.
    Being aware of his powers throughout his life, he never used it publicly, or showed it to anyone on purpose.
    Now he spends his time in a big apartment where he's researching other superhumans such as himself.
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    Name: Doku (the tayuu was dropped making it easier for opponents to pronounce his name)


    Height: 172cm (5ft 8)
    Weight: 68kg (148lb)
    Age: 37 - (originally 27)
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Shoulder length dirty-blond hair, reasonably sleek. Face more mature than previous but still delicate in some aspects, age hasn't quite set in yet. Moderate build, noticeably larger than before.

    Notable features: Completely heterochromic with the left eye being green and the right grey. Eyes seem younger than his face.

    Clothing: Sports the same black trousers and boots from his past form, jacket has been replaced by a robe-like overcoat, still Navy in colour. Black vest worn underneath.

    Personality: Generally calm and well tempered. Strong sense of justice, however, less tolerant of those asking for trouble. Very philosophical when it comes to duty, identity and revenge. Unlike his past self, he will only give a single verbal warning to his opponents. Serious in his speech, cracking the occasional time pun.

    Quirks: Ambidextrous – tends to swap sword grip mid-battle, predominantly left-handed against right handed opponents. Cautious - Will fight defensively for observation initially.

    History: The child of a high-profile businesswoman in an ultra-capitalist pseudo futuristic metropolis known as Pleonexia. To avoid speculation of the paternity, he was soon sent off to a fictitiously cruel relative. Doku eventually found himself being raised as an arena fighter in a vicious but surprisingly legal bloodsport. After being sold from manager to manager for a good decade, he ended up as a mercenary whilst searching for explanations for his unusual abilities.

    Noteworthy in the arena, before he left, he made a fair few rivals who wanted a second round on their terms.

    Recently, due to his defeat at the hands of KelesK, Doku had been experienced to a strange energy rift. A portion of his life force was taken to fuel the revival of Grega, aging him 10 years in the process, both in mind and body. Despite putting him slightly past his physical peak, the strange energies involved have augmented his abilities, granting him further unusual powers.

    Set on reclaiming the 10 years he had lost, Doku now searches for means to defeat KelesK, whether it be a weapon or by the journey he takes. He also holds some resentment against KelesK's revived apprentice.

    Combat details

    Weapons: Doku now sports a single katana as his main weapon, allowing his attacks to become significantly faster than with his previous heavier weaponry. In reserve is a Wakizashi (katana-esque dagger) which is only used as a last resort. Both are made from an unspecified alloy, with properties exceeding steel by a far margin and seems to react to temporal changes. A firearm is no longer carried, Doku decided that his time practicing with one was better spent elsewhere .

    Skills: Extremely proficient at sword-play and unarmed martial arts. Combined with his lightning fast reflexes (which he has almost completely retained even after ageing 10 years), virtually all human opponents are unable to even keep up the pace. Due to energies embodied to him by the vortex, Doku now possesses control over his own time field. Despite these new powers, Doku's fighting style still revolves around sword-work but incorporates time manipulation.


    • Acute hearing : His hearing allows him to estimate a variety of factors of unseen objects such as speed, direction and location.
    • Geographical memory: Due to growing up in a massive complex maze-like place, his ability to remember his location relative to where he started/knows is phenomenal.
    • Superhuman speed: Whilst his strength is noteworthy, Doku is best known for his unholy speed. This is aided by the fact he has minimized the weight he carries in equipment. His speed has been maintained since his transformation, although it is speculated his peak would have been around the age of 30.
    • Adaptation: No longer as young-minded, Doku's ability to quickly pick up opponents fighting styles has been reduced significantly. However, it is still possible to teach an old dog new tricks, just with more time.
    • Precognition - The energy rift also imparted the ability to foresee the future. Whilst it doesn't detect everything, it still means that it is difficult to catch Doku off-guard. Occasionally, glimpses of the distant future in the area he is in present themselves.
    • Time manipulation - Also imparted to him by the rift, Doku has a level of control of the time flow around him, allowing him to accelerate or slow it at will.


    • Time Manipulation - Able to slow down the time flow on objects near by, allowing him to dodge incoming projectiles with relative ease. It can also be applied to living beings but requires physical contact and is far more draining. Less effective over distance, 10 meters seems to be its maximum range.
    • After-image – No ultra-fast swordsman would be complete without the ability to blur themselves when running at top speed?
    • Bypass blade – Aided by the temporal reaction in his weapons, Doku can perform a slash which will simply phase through armour or a parry for the duration of the attack. This is characterised by a blue slash after-image and a noticeably higher pitched sound. Rumours are that he can perform this skill unarmed.
    • Time lapse - Doku can momentarily increase his own time flow, allowing him to move even faster for short bursts. However, this does drain life energy and will shorten his life by a little as well as being tiring.
    • Teleportation - Again by diverting time flow, he can cause himself to arrive at a point without the hassle of physically moving there. Again, this skill is heavily draining.
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    Updating my dinosaur of a bio. Removed a lot of my older abilities.

    By the power granted to me by the timeless one, you will be destroyed.

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    Theme Song: Spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum or Time to fly by Reo Speedwagon
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Age: seems to be about 30
    Eyes: white light shines from his eye sockets, he has no eyes
    Hair: semi-long and white with two bangs hanging in front of a headband

    Clothing: He wears a long, white over coat with purple flame syncopations along the outer edge. Usually hooded, when not he wears a thin purple headband of pure silk that extends two feet behind his head. The robe is closed with a silk belt that is also purple, which hangs down with two silver tassels at the end. Under the cloak, he wears white gi pants and a padded vest with inconceivably many pockets. His boots are made of gray-white leathery material .

    Appearance: Nicodemus is a roguishly handsome man, with a bright smile accented by his glowing eyes. With a directed looking, and unmarred face he stares down any confrontation with confidence, even if facing a situation he knows he will not survive. His skin is mildly pale and unblemished save for a small indentation on both sides of his hands.

    Personality: Though he is good humored and has a quick wit, when danger is imminent he becomes introspective and quiet. He is always smiling, and shows respect to even the vilest scum.

    Weapons: He uses a crystalline staff made of the purest amethyst with a large gem of the same nature that floats between the four dagger-like tips at its end. It glows faintly of mystic energy, and gets brighter the more power flows through it. On occasion, and only when necessary he will use a forbidden form of White Astral Kung Fu.

    Primal Energy Manipulation: Nicodemus in known for being adept in the use of primal energies to do battle. Using the indentations on the back of his hands and his palms to focus the energy of his surroundings increases his skill greatly. He has also used this to make hand to hand combat advantageous.
    Teleport: He has on occasion applied the use of his vest of many pockets to create small vortexes which he can step through and instantaneously teleport distances of up to about 600 feet to another portal; the maximum number of portals possible in unknown.
    Celestial Body: Nicodemus’ body is immune to all poisons, and diseases. His blood being a healing agent aginst small wounds and dibilitating effects.
    Although, not super strong, he makes up for it with incredible speed, reflexes, and the ability to sustain quite substantial amounts of damage before his physical form begins to deteriorate; all due to years of intense endurance, and energy manipulation training.
    Astral Form: When thrown into a coma, or the moment before death, Nicodemus' remaining energy is translocated into a shining spherical ghost like form. Capable of nothing but movement, and speech, this form does not interact with the world on a physical level. This projection provides a regenerating aura and has a calming effect upon all who enter. He can remain indefinitely in this form, but cannot return to his body unless it heals or recovers from the coma.

    Yondaikata: Through the use of PEM (primal energy manipulation), controlling the four elemental forces (earth, fire, wind, water) becomes possible for Nicodemus, he prefers to use only wind and earth, but can if necessary implement the others with great skill.
    Yondaiken The addition of PEM to his strikes when using Kung Fu greatly increase the damage of attacks and speed at which he can deliver them
    Shizashiken: Using the tips of his staff as projectiles he launches then at an opponent with lightning speed and accuracy. Depending on the type of PEM used, the attack may vary in severity. i.e. fire=explosive earth=bludgeon attack wind=cutting water=freezing
    Godaikata: With great amounts of concentration and effort, he summons forth the pure energy of life. With it he can restore himself or others with enough time to focus.
    Kudaikata: Using the alternate of Godaikata, he can also take the life force from living things. Both of these abilities take their toll on his stamina reserve and require him to have touched the being with his staff, with the stolen life force he may replenish himself, but he is loathe to do so unless under the greatest duress.
    Sora no Ensoken: His most powerful, conceived attack to date; Nicodemus instantly uses both Kudaikata and Godaikata in union to create a spherical meta-disintegrational void approximately 120 feet wide wherever he likes. This attack doesn’t require him to use much energy, because it is powered by the Universes’ Primal Force, but there are two problems with it. One: the fact that without enough time to prepare for the energies that have to flow through him, around him, and against him, this technique could outright kill him, or put him into a coma that requires someone with similar powers to release him from. Two: because he has not reached the power of a deity, if within the radius when it goes off, he along with everything else inside, ceases to exist.

    Born of the love between of two star deities, Nicodemus had a great childhood. His father, a minor white star deity by the name of Solareus, was calm, wise and, just like Nicodemus, had an ever-present smile. A purple dwarf star deity named Zenith, his beloved mother, was kind and gentle by nature. She nurtured him and taught him to speak a multitude of languages. When the Great Galactic Storm came to the planet Galleth, where he lived with his mother who stayed in human form, there was only one thing they could do to escape. As Solareus along with the rest of the Star Guard were making war on the Chaos realm, the only way for Nicodemus to survive the space travel required to reach a safe planet, was for his mother to give up her life in order to provide a barrier around him. When he reached the new planet, his mother compressed her consciousness and remaining energy into the Amethyst Star. Which is the staff he carries. Nicodemus has not reached the age at which he can use his true powers as a deity. Which means that he could not search for his father, and has not seen him in the twenty-five years since his departure from Galleth. On his new home, the planet Rix 'uun, he trained with the local inhabitants to develop the abilities he currently possesses, with the exception of his life energy control, which he gained due to his heritage. He now seeks a way to find his father, alive or dead, and travels the galaxies helping the injured and desperate, in search of any remaining Star deities.
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    Name: Renkon

    Race: Saiyan (what if)

    Age: 19.

    Height: 175 cm.

    Weight: 100 kg.

    Eye colour: black

    Clothing: Super Elite Squadron Saiyan Armor

    Hair: Short Spiky

    Weapon of choice: Ki

    Uploaded with

    Abilities: Helio beam = Shoots out a powerful green beam. size depends on power put into the attack.
    Kamehameha = Yes, renkon is able to use the kamehameha wave
    kaioken (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5) = there will be a bio on renkon, but to be blunt king kai taught him the technique.
    Scouter Detect = Renkon uses his scouter to observe the observee's 'powerlevel'
    Energy Sense = can sense power

    Ultimate Technique's: Helio Beam Kamehameha = Fuses his signature technique with the kamehameha wave to create a huge beam.
    False Super saiyan = Renkon is not powerful enough to become a super saiyan.. yet.

    Bio: Renkon is the the nephew of king vegeta, because of his abnormal power of 25,000 on planet vegeta, he was banished to the outer reaches of the galaxy. he wasnt killed because of family ties.
    Renkon luckily landed on a small planet inhabited by 1 being. A humanoid looking alien that had an obsession with saiiyans. the humanoid was very powerful. The humanoid made a deal with Renkon to make him achieve extremely high power.
    Being a powerhungry saiyan he accepted. then the humanoiid brutally started beating Renkon to a near death state. Then, the humanoid recovered Renkon back to full health. Renkon was confused and the humanoid who claimed his name was
    Cheros answered with "saiyans have the unique ability to become stronger with each near death recovery. Being as twisted as it was Renkon still accepted. 4-5 beatings later, Renkon was now Unbeatable by cheros. Renkon started his new
    mission, to find a good test to his new powers.

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