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Thread: Community Project: Operation Tien

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    OK DT...

    How much beer is it going to cost me?


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    Looking back, I coulda sworn I was more than just the "sound guy" for this... >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by DarktoothDKD
    Bring out the Googenheighmer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYnetiK View Post
    OK DT...

    How much beer is it going to cost me?


    It's not named Community Project for nothing.

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    Well, if I can inebriate DT with as much hard liquor as possible, I might be able to convince him to at least rig him for me, since theres no way I could get to his level overnight :P
    Lucky I work in a bar eh.

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    Such a shame this project died.

    by Cameron Gray

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