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Thread: Anime Images Stock

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    I decided to stickyify it.

    Also, will add to the list at the top, as people add more links.

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    it's a french website filled with popups, but has many wallpapers and game art etc, and anime stock, i forgot to mention it when i first made the thread

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    Try To find the program " FRAPS "
    so you can take screensshots of "mpeg,avi,mp4...enz"
    then you can make your own pic's

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    If you can find me a host that supports hosting over a gig of stock, I'll be happy to share it with everyone. D:

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    Okay.... u guys need renders huh?
    make em yourself!
    use this site to get anime images...
    and take a look at this render tutorial..
    It takes some practise but when mastered it will give you ALOT of options + u can make your own stocks

    Anyone can render! if you try !

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    nice, thats alot of links, ive been searching for something like this

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    This is a really good site for renders, plus more are added everyday:

    You can request for renders on their forums as well, though you need to have a post count of about six posts, and you can only request four renders a week, but it's worth it.

    This site has renders for Square Enix and Capcom games:

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