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  • Vote/Popularity system

    2 3.51%
  • A mix of the above ideas

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Thread: New scoring and ranking system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravendust
    I like Veji's idea but maybe not 1/10th for losers, otherwise people might only fight fights they think they can win
    That had been a concern of mine, as well. Although, with some of the higher scores around, lately, it still offers a fair amount. It would be easier to observe the effect if more people would participate in FC matches, but for now, I suppose 1/10th is sufficient, given that there is only a handful of active people in the club.

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    Heres an Idea....In Veji's Exp system the person with a significantly Higher amount of exp HAS TO ACCEPT a duel with a newb or face ramifications, or Exp Loss. But yea this way if a Newb wishes to challenge Cucumba, they will be able to fight him, and if Cucumba wants to...oh say, whip my arse then I can choose to hide. Unless of course people cheer me on... By the way, wheres the place I go to make open challenges?
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    In this section... just start a new thread.

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