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    add another from me

    madd dog / KyoKusanagi / Cucumba /

    *edit woot u can remove this one its back on track for the monent
    *edit2* ok the fight is finished u can delete it from the list
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    sorry about that, I'll fix it right now.
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    Here's one: Engar / Madd Dog / Cucumba / Who Dares? (Open Challenge)
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    My fight with Hwo didn't disappear, you copied the URL wrong, you foo'!

    /me slaps

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    *rubs cheek*

    ok ok ok so I messed up. The link was working fine before, what can I say ? Edit your post with the right URL and I will put it in.


    *slaps self*

    I found the right URL. Don't really know how I screwed up on that one.
    Who put you in charge?

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