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Thread: And now . . . the forum staff brings you the Fight Club ROYAL RUMMMMBLE!

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    Hwoarang’s eyes were now flashing blood red, signaling a sense of fear into the crowd. The ground began to rumble, intensifying as Hwoarang erupted with energy. He red light began to shimmer around him, causing the crowd to lose temporary focus. Vejimaru laughed, sheathing toukijin and stretching his neck. He blurred forward, verticaly swinging his infamous demon slaying blade. Hwoarang quickly side stepped it to the right, launching his right heel into Vejimaru's jaw. The contact erupted like lightning, shaking the coliseum and what was left of the crowd's nerves. Vejimaru surprisingly reacted quickly, disappearing right before everyone's eyes. He reappeared above Hwoarang, verticly swinging toukijin on Hwoarang once again. Hwoarang rolled out of the way, only rising to see the disappearing and reappearing Vejimaru grip his hungry claws around Hwoarang's neck. He quickly slammed the gasping Hwoarang to the ground, picking up him up, only to drop him down violently again. Hwoarang grabbed Vejimaru arm, concentrating a large amount of energy. His tightly gripped hands began to glow, as smoke poured off Vejimaru skin. He released Hwoarang, dropping back and swinging his arm with an expression of uncontrollable pain. Rising, Hwoarang extended his right foot, like lightning, into Vejimaru's chest. The half-demon forcefully rose up, as Hwoarang rolled forward, grabbing Vejimaru by his right leg. He began to swing his larger opponent continously, rushing all the blood to his head. Hwoarang smiled.

    "What do to with you, hmm.... "

    Hwoarang launched the currently dizzy Vejimaru out of the ring, aiming for the first chance that he pointed towards the roof of the coliseum. Hwoarang stood on the ring, performing the graceful raising arm technique. Maintaining his peace with the Earth, that led to a literal energy buffet. The ground shook again, and the unaffected crowd turned in the direction that their senses of intuition led them. Concrete dust poured from the obvious collision of demon and man made construction, revealing a crack traced gaping hole.

    "It looks like this fight has become one sided, as Hwoarang boasts his knowledge in short style Tai Chi," Cucumba venerated.

    Optimus looked towards the crowd. "A truely unbelievable sight here tonight, the entire crowd has just stood to their feet!"

    The crowd cheered, as the collection of similar chants began to synchronize once again.


    Hwoarang's sudden eruption of collected energy shook the coliseum, turning the crowd's direction immediately to him. He questioned the crowd's entertainment concern, for the blood of perticularly nasty demon, was recollecting his airborne self around the arena. Hwoarang threw his arm up, clinching his fists to trap the rapid waves of energy. He erupted again, shaking the coliseum. People moaned with discomfort, shuddering at the force that slightly pulled them toward the ring. Hwoarang pointed toward the gaping hole, as randomly sparking red aura became a large silhoutte around him.

    "Deception of hellspawn! I dare you to enter this ring!"

    The ground began to rumble, tensing Hwoarang's stomach. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy dropped into his stance, his eyes focused on the incoming energy of brimstone. "This is going to get nasty, fast!"

    From his previous exit, a blue and back blur appeared. The crowd could only perceive Vejimaru like a bullet from a rifle, heading straight for Hwoarang. Vejimaru extended his right claw tipped fist, gasping as Hwoarang leaned under it. He quickly adjusted, slashing violently with his left. Hwoarang side stepped it, spinning his right heel into the side of Vejimaru's face. Vejimaru didn't even flinch as he blurred towards Hwoarang. The half-demon almost impaling with his right fist. Hwoarang flipped back, grabbing the chain to stop his momentum. He swung around, using the chain to shift his momentum towards Vejimaru. Hwoarang blurred forward, only to fly right under the quickly rising half-demon. Vejimaru rotated, dropping his heel on Hwoarang's back. The Tae Kwon Do artist dropped immediately, coughing up blood up as he hit the arena with a smack. He rolled over, barely dodging the life threatning swipe of toukijin. Hwoarang spun to his feet, planting his right foot and extending his left toward Vejimaru's face. The half-demon easily blocked it, pushing Hwoarang's leg aside and launch his right fist into Hwoarang chest. Hwoarang flew back again, bouncing off the chains and landing on his knees.

    He coughed up blood, "Baka! I've let him get too strong!"

    Vejimaru danced around the ring, creating an afterimage that made Hwoarang begin to sweat. Hwoarang slowly rose to his feet, sending all available energy to his tightly clenched hands. They began to glow extremely bright and red, forcing Vejimaru to adjust his position.

    Hwoarang blurred forward, "Jinsoku... IRON FIST!!!"

    The Tae Kwon Do prodigy swung violently at Vejimaru, only to watch him disappear yet again. Hwoarang turned his right, then his left, gasping as he watched Vejimaru's claw equipped fist, heading straight for his face....

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    Kyo and Hwoarang launched a double team attack, Hwoarang using a right spinning back kick to the head while Kyo was foot sweeping Vejimaru, sending him spinning head first into the ground. Vejimaru landed with a sickening crack as he landed on his neck.

    "OOOOOH that can't be good! He looked like he was rear ended by and eighteen wheeler" commented Cucumba, somewhat distracted by the bleeps and blips eminating from Hibiki's Gameboy. "GOOOD NIGHT Vejimaru! He's not getting up from that one any time soon" Optimus agreed

    ...Vejimaru had been knocked out cold and lay still in the corner.

    Just as soon as Kyo and Hwoarang had joined forces, they had began fighting. Hwoarang throwing Kyo into the ropes with an irish whip, and ducking Kyo's clothesline on the rebound. On the second rebound, Hwoarang caught Kyo with a rocket uppercut kick and and followed it up with his signature Hunting Hawk Combination - a vicious three hit air kick combo (a flying side kick, followed by a spinning back kick and then a overhead axe).

    The crowd went wild - roaring for more. Cucumba glared over at Hibiki prompting a rather uninterested and emotionless commentary "The crowd seem to be loving this...theres no telling what these two will do next."

    Kyo hit the ground hard, clutching his back in pain as Hwoarang proceeded to stomp away at him. Going for his fourth stomp, Hwoarang felt his leg being grabbed and within seconds was taken to the ground with a leg scissors takedown. Hwoarang broke free of Kyo's hold and rolled away while Kyo took a split second to recover.

    Both warriors simultaneously sprung to their feet and dashed towards each other at insane speeds. As the two were about to collide, Hwoarang began a quick left right combo but missed as Kyo sidestepped and countered with an overhead hammerfist, sweep sending Hwoarang spinning in the air on the spot. Just as Hwoarang was about to hit the ground, Kyo hit Hwoarang in the head with a burning fist, sending Hwoarang hurting upside down into the ropes and rebounding in Kyo's direction. Expecting Hwoarang to be disorientated, Kyo performed a spinning right slash kick - flames trailing the leg, illuminating the immediate surroundings - aimed at Hwoarang's midsection, but before the attack could connect, he was caught in the face with a spinning back elbow.

    "WOW! what a strange turn of seems that no one can really gain the upperhand. I haven't seen a match like this since Jin and Hwoarang in Tekken 4" chimed Optimus, obviously impressed by the display of violence before him.

    Both men were lying sprawled on the ground seemingly out cold, in a similar situation to Vejimaru who was only just coming to his senses...still heavily concussed.

    Hwoarang and Kyo struggled to their feet, Kyo stumbling slightly and falling to his knees. In a last ditch attempt Hwoarang launched a spinning heel drop, aimed squarely at the top of Kyo's head, blue sparks of electricity tracing the outline of his foot.

    As the heel of Hwoarang's combat boot was about to connect with Kyo's head, Kyo sprung up and grabbed Hwoarang's foot, and simultaenously dropped and twisted to the ground. Hwoarang was send to the ground hard, confusing him for a few seconds but recovered just in time to notice that Kyo was still holding on to his leg.

    Kyo, already holding on to Hwoarang's right leg, grabbed Hwoarang's left leg and put them in a v shape as he stepped his right leg through and twisted Hwoarang's body over. The crowd exploded with excitement. They knew what was happening and they loved every second of it.

    "THE SHARPSHOOTER! THE SHARPSHOOTER!" yelled Cucumba "A move invented by the great Hart Family of Alberta, Canada. Theres quite simply no escape from this move - it looks like Kyo's going for a submission win here folks!"

    Kyo held on to Hwoarang's legs locked around his as he pulled back and sat down, bending Hwoarang's back and hyperextending his leg muscles, when at that exact moment...

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    "It's no suprise that the overconfident Vejimaru lost this round, and it's no suprise that Kyo Kusanagi and Hwoarang are continuing the high level of energy in this match. It's too soon to tell who will be in this contest to the end, too soon to tell who will loose their nerves and guts, and fall from the very pinnacle of our sport, but it's already apparent that this crowd is in for a treat tonight, Hib," said Cucumba. He stared at Hibiki . . . annoyed that the Gameboy was still out. "What about your two cents Prime?"
    "Don't skip me, I'm listening," said Hib as he furiously mashed the buttons.
    "Then why aren't you commentating," queried the Admin.
    "Bah, Veji lost, Hwo kicked his ass, and Kyo has a mean leg lock on him," spat Hibiki.
    "I hope the board of directors is watching the latin broadcast for your sake Hib."

    "Well," said Optimus, "It may be too soon to call a winner, but it's too late for Vejimaru, he's obviously going back to the locker room at this point. He had a solid showing, but against the amazing new comer Kyo and the veteran Hwoarang, he doesn't stand a chance."

    *no body loves me !_!


    As stated before, Vejimaru is eliminated, he remains a valid threat untill he is booted from the ring, killed, or beat into submission.

    Kyo Kusanagi goes first, followed by Hwoarang. The new comer will arrive and will not be named untill the end of the round, so his entrance can't be hijacked.

    (sorry about that Kyo)
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    Kyo felt a strange surge of power behind him. seeing his silhouette in a bright orange light on the mat infront of him. He turns aroud just in time to be roundhouse kicked in the head, sending him flying into the turnbuckle.

    "BOOM SHAKALAKA! WHOOOOO! You don't see that everyday, that would have been that last thing that Kyo would've expected." yelled Cucumba. "Man...that'll really take it out of you and now Hwoarang has time to recover. You just never know whats going to happen with these kinds of matches.

    Vejimaru now gaining the upperhand delivers series of kicks to the midsection to a stunned Kyo trapped in the turnbuckle. A double roundhouse followed by a spinning back kick. Then lifting Kyo to the top rope, Vejimaru prepares for a top rope hurricanrana, when Hwoarang clobbers Vejimaru in the back with a flying back elbow, sending a shockwave of pain down his spine. Then lifting Vejimaru up onto Kyo's shoulders, Kyo knows what to do.

    Kyo jumps off the top rope and powerbombs Vejimaru into the canvas with a hard thud, shaking the ground creating a shockwave that made the audience in the front rows lose their footing, "You'll need frequent flyer points when you fly that high Cuc! They'll need a shovel to scrape him off the mat!" commented Optimus. "Damn shockwave turned off my Gameboy just as i was about to beat the level." muttered Hibiki to himself slightly annoyed.

    Wanting to end this quickly, Hwoarang signalled to Kyo to deal with Vejimaru first. Picking the devestated Vejimaru off the mat, Kyo and Hwoarang threw Vejimaru into the ropes and in one smooth motion, double clotheslined and elbow dropped Vejimaru. Then getting on opposite sides of the ring, Hwoarang, picked up Vejimaru and irish whipped him towards Kyo who back dropped him out of the ring and through the spanish anouncer's table. Vejimaru clutched his back in pain for a brief moment before lying still, the pain causing him to black out.

    The crowd roared with delight, not only at someone being eliminated, but also at someone being put through a table. "Something about those spanish announcer's tables that make themselves prime targets for destruction ey?" noted Cucumba. "I wonder if these two know that it'll cost them $5000 to replace the equipment on that table." quipped Hibiki.

    As soon as Kyo had finished the backdrop he turned around to face Hwoarang, who had disappeared. Somewhat confused, Kyo looked around the ring with his opponent nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Kyo began to choke as Hwoarang locks a cobra clutch onto him his arms wrapped tightly around Kyo's neck and head, blue bolts of power eminating from his body. Hwoarang's grip growing ever tighter with each passing second with Kyo gasping for air and slowly blacking out.

    "Ahhh the sleeper hold, perhaps this is payback for that sharpshooter from before" commented Cucumba "It'll be interesting to see how Kyo will get out of this."

    Kyo, struggling to escape, fumbles and manages to grab the back of Hwoarangs head. Then drop-sitting to the ground, Hwoarang's chin connects with Kyo's shoulder sending Hwoarang to the mat face down, not far from Kyo who was recovering from the effects of the submission move. Then climbing to his feet, he moves over towards a stunned Hwoarang and picks him up from the ground.

    The arena slowly begins to light up as Kyo charges up for his signature Burning fist uppercut, flames engulfing his entire body when suddenly...

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    Hwoarang awoke, rolling out of the way. He smiled, sensing the uppercut and expecting no less from his newly required opponent. Kyo landed on the ground, still engulfed in flames. Slowly rising to his feet, Hwoarang was denied a breather, as Kyo blurred forward. His flaming fist inches away when Hwoarang disappeared.

    Kyo looked around, "This is madness... his endurance is astounding!"

    Hwoarang reappeared as Kyo turned to his direction, the demon within howling through the binding of his soul and reality.

    Hwoarang began to emit his hidden energy, red aura trailing like smoke from his eyes. "Our paths deny each other the victory, I bring word that this is where your's ends!"

    Kyo laughed. "A wise man never promises anything!"

    Kyo ripped off his white leather jacket, flenching his arms as he fed the hungry demon within.

    Hwoarang's eyes filled with remorse. He was always good at pissing his opponents off. "Fate goes without a sense of irony. A demon spirit rests within you, yet you bare the cross?"

    Kyo laughed and disappeared, forcing Hwoarang to as well. They randomly reappeared, constantly out manuevering each other. They both suddenly appeared, Kyo launched of a furry of aikido blows, the guiding flames trailing rapidly. Hwoarang rolled away, disappearing and reappearing above Kyo. He brought his right foot down, catching the unsuspecting Kyo in the back of the head. His opponent sky rocketing toward the ground, Hwoarang disappeared and reappeared below him. Quickly rising his left foot, sending Kyo in the other immediate direction. Lightning sparked from the contact, filling the crowd with "Ohhs!" and "Ahhs!"

    Hwoarang slammed into the ground, feet first. The octagon shook and creaked, it's natural foundation prolonging the abuse as long as it could. Hwoarang paused, maintaining his peace with the Earth. He sensed the brimstone that clashed for space within Kyo's soul. Channeling energy to his hands, Hwoarang was preparing to see what Kyo really had. He watched Kyo catch his bearings high above the arena, engulfing himself in flame and heading straight for him.

    Hwoarang crouched down, feeding his closed palms the secret behind Earth's precious gift. They began to glow like the sun. "Jiiiinsokuuuuuu.... IRON FIST!"

    Hwoarang blurred skyward, catching Kyo off gaurd. He was powerless to the speed of this manuever, forcing him to slow his pace and throw his shoulder back. Kyo swung his flaming fist forward, just in time to catch the highly aura concentrated counter-attack from Hwoarang. Their aura's danced for space, only to blind the audience and send the fighters rolling back. The repeated the process, shaking the arena itself on the next collision. Each hit became progressively accelerated. Once could swear they heard the audience's heart beat each time Kyo and Hwoarang contacted their amazing melee techniques.

    Cucumba clenched his fists, a smile growing slowly on his face. "This really has become the amazing event we all had hoped for!"

    Optimus Prime continued to watch the fight intently, flinching each time Hwoarang and Kyo's clashed their physical auras.

    Hibiki had almost lost his gameboy advance, stuck in a tug-of-war contest with a crazy fight club fan. "IT'S MINE F00!"

    Kyo disappeared, and the crowd grew silent. Hwoarang was having so much fun he hadn't noticed something. He realized that he was completely engulfed in aura, mentally reflecting on the fight's intensification. "Kyo... whether or not the outcome is in my favor.. I must say your are an impressive opponent!"

    Kyo reappeared, smiling as he threw his flaming right fist into Hwoarang's gut. "Then you'll be impressed with this!"

    Kyo continued to swiftly jab with his right and left into the stunned Hwoarang, the flame growing with each blow. Kyo had engulfed himself with flame once again, and spiraled towards the ground. He bent his knees, watching the helpless Hwoarang, barely float in the air. He charged up, each wave of flame shaking the arena more and more. He rose up, preparing for his infamous burning fist. It contacted fully, sending the flame clovered Hwoarang uncontrollably skyward. Kyo landed on the ground, as the demon within him began to rage. He dropped to one knee and his glimmered a slight red, as he literally tried to fight off the storm. "It's too early, are you trying to ruin my reputation!?!?!"

    Suddenly, Hwoarang reappeared and swung his right arm violently at Kyo's face. Kyo ducked, attempting another burning fist. Hwoarang disappeared again, reappearing as he spun his right foot towards the back of Kyo's head. Kyo rotated under it, pushing of the ground with his hands. His right foot violently extending into Hwoarang's gut, as he jumped to his feet. Hwoarang blurred back, holding his stomach in wrenching pain. Kyo pursued, his flenched right fist thrown back. He increased his speed, swinging at Hwoarang once he was within proximity. Hwoarang disappeared, reappearing further away from Kyo. The child of fire blurred forward once again, swinging another flame drenched fist toward Hwoarang, who disappeared again. Hwoarang reappeared, losing track of his opponent. He suddenly felt the brush of a incoming aura behind him, coughing up blood from the unexplainable and heated contact. He rocketed back towards the ring, realizing he had two choices. To either grab the chain and catch his bearings or....

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    Making his way to the ring, at six feet, two hundred and ten pounds . . . the phenom, SAAIIIIIIIIYAN PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE


    No one is currently eliminated, proceed as normal.

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    Default Pride Enters the Rumble

    And all the lights in the arena went out, in synchronous time with an ominous gong. The lights were returned when strobes started to go off; At the far end of the arena, on a motorcycle that was pure black chrome, rode Pride. His theme song--Sad But True by Metallica--blared as he glided down to the huge ring.

    Momentarily distracted, Hwoarang realized that he had been lucky and had clasped the top chain. He pulled himself back into the ring by sliding underneath the bottom chain from the apron, narrowly avoiding elimination. He and Kyo stood in the ring and looked at the newcomer, who was dismounting his bike. A distinct size advantage--"this must be the one they call Pride," Hwo thought to himself. The two competitive fighters looked on as the man stepped up onto the apron. He was dressed essentially like your average motorcyclist, save for a t-shirt with the sides ripped open. The **** read "Deadman Inc." on the front, and "Worldwide - Pain Sin-Dicate" on the back.

    The big unknown fighter stepped over the top chain. He had an air of confidence as he stepped up to the center of the ring and looked at the two warriors awaiting him.

    One, he recognized as Hwoarang. He'd been watching this guy closely from the back. "Hwo, right?"

    "Hwoarang. No one calls me Hwo."

    "Good. Hwo it is," Pride replied. "And you're Kyo."

    "Yes," Kyo replied.

    Then there was a moment of silence. The crowd was screaming.

    "I'll not waste any more time!" Hwoarang yelled. Running furiously, he swung a shin and foot into the side of Pride's head. On impact, time in Pride's immediate vicinity seemed to slow; Hwo felt his foot impact on something that felt simultaneously like gelatin and electricity. Pride's head tilted, but his grin only sharpened.

    "My turn, small fry."

    Pride leveled Hwo with a huge, winding right hand. The straight brawler's punch had caught him offguard, since he had expect some sort of martial arts attack. Hwo was surprised by the impact of the blow; the same odd watery electric feeling had been wrapped around Pride's huge soupbowl fist as it collided with the side of his head.

    Immediately, Kyo leapt at Pride for the attack, unloading with a series of high speed blows to the midsection. Pride was feeling pain, but Kyo could feel resistance--something that slowed and weakened his blows as they impacted against his opponent. Grunting angrily, Kyo unleashed his Burning Fist attack as a finisher to the combo.

    The flaming uppercut caught Pride in the jaw and sent him flying backward into the corner. Caught offguard by Kyo's speed, he was dazed and in a bad spot.

    Pride had only grunted a bit while being hit, but he felt the blows, nonetheless. "This guy is damned strong," he thought to himself. "That kick still hurt, too."

    And as if to remind him, Hwo blazed across Pride's view, landing a vicious spinning kick into his jaw and flipping the big brawler over the top chain...

    ...and onto his feet on the ring apron.

    Attempting to capitalize, Hwo swung his foot up high at the side of Pride's head, but much to his surprise the big man was able to get his bearings and throw up a forearm, blocking the attack with authority.

    Pride knew that Kyo was going to be trying a similar tactic, but his hands were locked onto the chain and he knew he wasn't going anywhere. Kyo's jolted forward, his fist engulfed in flame and ramming towards Pride's exposed midsection from the other side of the ring.

    Kyo was caught offguard when Pride sidestepped the attack and grabbed his arm as it swung between the top and second chains. With a quick downward jerk, Pride flipped Kyo out of the ring, entangling his arm violently in the chains. The crowd screamed as Kyo and Pride stood on the brink of a sudden elimination!

    "Hwo could clear the ring!" Prime screamed from his announcer's table.

    Hwo was already lacing into Pride with rapid punches, but he seemed unable to deliver a blow with enough force to send the Phenom off of the apron. Finally one of Pride's hands came loose, and Kyo screamed from his entangled predicament for Hwo to finish him off once and for all.

    Unfortunately Pride's free hand was a bluff--he hadn't let go out of exhaustion, but rather, just to free a hand to block another of Hwoarang's huge spinning martial arts kicks. Catching his ankle, Pride spun Hwo around in a circle, and when he turned back towards the Phenom, a huge boot in the face from beyond the top chain was all he was met with. The impact created a shockwave, and sent Hwo flying. Pride made his way back into the ring, leaving the furious Kyo to struggle to free himself from the ring chains.

    "You can take a beating, big man." Hwo's compliment came as he recovered from the brutal boot to his face; a drop of blood accompanied his ragged breath.

    "And you can give one," Pride shot back. Hwoarang struck a martial arts pose and prepared for the next volley. Despite the close call, Kyo was slowly untangling his arm from the chains on the apron. Pride seemed unaware as Hwo and Kyo prepared a simultaneous strike, but as soon as either of the opponents moved he spun with startling speed.

    He ducked Kyo's flying flaming attack, but he soon found himself being blasted from behind, feeling the familiar feeling of Hwoarang's foot and shin smashing violently against the back of his neck and sending him reeling.

    Hwo was already blurring at Pride for the next attack but his signature strength allowed him one huge right hand that slammed into the blurring martial artist, sending a massive shockwave of impact into his torso and stopping him in his tracks.

    "His reflexes...they're fast enough to block me, but they throw such heavy hits...!" Hwo tried to strategize in his head, and as he did he grew agitated, his red aura flaring. "He can stop me in my tracks with this shockwave impact technique! I will have to rely on my deepest strengths, and my speed..."

    Kyo grew increasingly infuriated at Pride, who seemed to be winded but not wounded. "I will show you, Phenom!" he announced. Kyo began to gather an immense amount of power, amplified by his frustrations.

    "I will show you what Rage is all about!"

    The crowd screamed for more. Pride knew he was in trouble.

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    "That was one HELL of a round," shouted Cucumba into the Mic, "and I for one, am thankful that I have the honor to be sitting here at ringside tonight."

    Hibiki sat angrily, his gameboy lost to the crowd . . .

    "What, . . . oh don't complain it was getting in the way . . ," said the Green One. "But what an explosive entrance by the Phenom, the unkown factor, SaiyanPride!"

    "I told you Cummer, this is just the beginning, and these mofos are going to kick it up a few notches before it's over. See, I brought this incase things get messy," said Hibiki as he held up a black plastic garbage bag. "You never know!"

    Cucumba and Prime just looked at Hibiki.


    "Nothing Hibs, I just hope that's enough. What do you think Prime?"

    "Too early to tell, the Phenom gave a hell of a showing, but he didn't dominate the ring just yet."

    "I tell you what though, Kyo is showing some signs of weakening, I hope he's preserving his strength," said Cucumba, staring back at the ring.


    Kyo recieves the loss token this round.

    The posting order is, once again, Kyo, Hwo and then SaiyanPrideXIX. Entrant number 5 comes in at the end of the round

    Kyo has exceeded the time he asked for, and did not reply after his 24 hour warning. Therefore, Kyo Kusanagi is eliminated at the begining of the next round. As before, he remains a valid threat untill he is eliminated.
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    Hwoarang reached even deeper for the Earth's constant gift, staring at the two fighters that stood to his right and left. He looked into the eyes of SaiyanPride, realizing he was seeing more than he could even ever understand. Energy swelled in his stomach, breathing new life into his exhausted soul. He sighed, thinking deeply to himself. "I've lasted five rounds, there is no reason to stop at this point."

    Hwoarang tensed his body, watching SaiyanPride and Kyo begin to regain there immediate stamina as well. Kyo was hurt, bruises were apparent on his face and he clenched his arm very tightly. Hwoarang turned to SaiyanPride who was stretching his neck arrogantly. The Tae Kwon Do artist shook his head, wondering how he would defeat such a monster. Hwoarang stretched his shoulder, "How do you fight something like him?"

    Kyo suddenly disappeared, reappearing infront of SaiyanPride. His right arm exciting the normal eye with trailing fire. He swung violently and quickly, gasping as SaiyanPride didn't even move. The phenomenon grabbed the trailing fist with his own left hand, spinning Kyo into the other direction. Kyo flew out of control towards the side of the arena, barely stopping himself before he crashed. SaiyanPride turned to Hwoarang, who was concentrating his energy past his own limit. "You look like a contest. Do you think you can last for long?"

    Hwoarang erupted, the natural foundation of the arena cracking in random places. "The question isn't how long, it's how fast!"

    Hwoarang engulfed himself in blue and red energy, waisting no time now that yin and yang had been achieved. He blurred forward as a sonic boom tore through the minds and ears of the audience. They shreaked and moaned, wondering how stronger could he get. SaiyanPride accidently blinked, opening his eyes to a blood stained and aura covered fist. It easily connected, rolling SaiyanPride to the cradle of chains. He leaned against them, rubbing his eyes in amazement. He pushed off the chains, laughing uncontrollably. "Don't plan for that to ever happen... again!"

    Hwoarang began to dance around the arena, as his blue and red aura fought for visible notoriety. "Your aura may make you think your invincible, but my master always told me one thing. Everything has a weakness!"

    SaiyanPride exploded with anger, blurring at Hwoarang with disregard for his other opponent. Kyo laughed as his foot connected in the back of SaiyanPride's head, creating a loud ringing thud that questioned the ears of the audience. SaiyanPride slid across the arena, grabbing the chain in a half-conscious desperation for survival. He shuddered as he heard Kyo and Hwoarang high five each other. "How ruthless.... "

    SaiyanPride slowly got to his feet. "I admire your last minute strategy, but the fun stops here."

    Hwoarang and Kyo looked at each other, realizing it would take both of them to slay this opponent. Kyo turned away, looking towards the ground. His eyes filled with the pain and suffering that only a demon could know. Hwoarang could feel the demon awaken within him, and slowly stepped back. "This isn't the time or place, you have the strength to fight it!"

    Kyo looked up, his mouth dropping with surprise. His face was still filled with pain and suffering. "If you only knew, power like this is a curse... it's like I have no remorse for killing"

    Hwoarang immediately smirked, slappin the "hell" out of Kyo. "Wake up!"

    Kyo shook his head, debating that his weakened state must also trigger the curse. He angrily turned to SaiyanPride, dropping into an Aikido stance. Hwoarang disappeared, causing SaiyanPride to jump into a state of paranoia. Kyo stood motionless, watching SaiyanPride's eyes dance around. The phenomenon listened intentively, gaining his fighting spirit with each second. "It's time to stop playing ladies, this is where it gets serious!"

    Cucumba clenched the table, his foot tapping nervously. "This has become an all out brawl. We shall never forget this event!"

    Optimus Prime stood to his feet, turning to the crowd. He threw his fist up, chanting as he looked for the audience to follow. "GO! *clap* GO! *clap* GO! GO! GO! *clap* GO! *clap* GO!"

    Hibiki suddenly appeared from behind the wall, holding the guy who stole his GBA by the shirt. His other hand curled into a fist, watching the fight with one eye on his bruised and bloodied assailent.

    Hwoarang appeared to the left of SaiyanPride, rotating his mid-air right heel towards the side of his face. SaiyanPride was forced to dunk, only to turn and see Kyo's flaming fist left blurring right at him. SaiyanPride knew Kyo had grown weak, and easily leaned up into with a shockwaving right fist of his own. He grew a smile, violently sending Kyo across the ring. SaiyanPride turned around and saw nothing. He looked up and saw nothing. Turning to his right, he gasped as he barely dodged a lightning speed left kick from Hwoarang. SaiyanPride began to lean forward for an attack of his own, but was forced to jump to the right, retreating from another rotating right heel. SaiyanPride quickly caught his bearings, throwing his right shoulder back as his left fist came blurring around. Hwoarang was unable to dodge, and coughed up blood as the blow was buried into his chest. SaiyanPride spun, bringing his right fist around. Hwoarang was slowly falling back when the second blow came, sending him airborne. He flew above the crowd, engulfing himself in blue and red aura to sustain against his momentum.

    SaiyanPride exhaled, thinking he should see if Kyo was down for the count. Before he could react, he felt a sudden warmth. Turning, he barely had time to jump back and dodge an easily considered deadly burning fist from Kyo. Kyo gasped, tumbling over his own momentum and right past SaiyanPride. The phenomenon wasted no time, chasing down Kyo and sending him to the cold arena floor, with his stiff and extended boot.

    Hwoarang suddenly appeared infront of SaiyanPride, sheathing two middle fingers with a wink and suddenly disappearing. He reappeared again, quickly falling down on SaiyanPride with a powerful heel drop. The phenomenon looked up just in time to recieve it directly in the forehead. The chain reaction was breath taking, lighting shattering from the contact. SaiyanPride's head bounced off the arena floor, as blood flew from his mouth. He rolled over, burying his face into his arms as he rolled across the arena. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy landed on his hands in a sitting position, leaning to his left and right till he felt he had enough momentum. He spun his left leg, the right following as he flipped to his feet.

    Hwoarang quickly turned to see Kyo barely getting up, his arms shaking with pain. He knew that Kyo's time was coming and he enjoyed every minute of their fight. "Farewell... may we meet on the battlefield again."

    Hwoarang turned as he heard SaiyanPride's heavy boots stomping towards him. He reacted with an amazingly fast and extended right kick, gritting his teeth as SaiyanPride easily jumped around it. SaiyanPride continued his pace, his outstretched fingers headed straight for Hwoarang's throat. Easily grabbing hold, Hwoarang choked for air as SaiyanPride held him high in the air. "You might have outlasted your new friend, but now it's your time!"

    Cucumba and Optimus Prime jumped to their feet and Hibiki stopped pummeling his new punching bag. The crowd grew silent, slowly developing a sudden cheer.

    Hwoarang didn't have time grab SaiyanPride's arm before he was violently slammed into the ground. The entire arena shook, bringing the entire crowd to their feet as well.

    Cucumba jumped to his feet. "I didn't think I would see it all tonight. If your missing this, your missing the birth of Fight Club Arena!"

    Hwoarang lay motionless, as SaiyanPride slowly got to his feet. The phenomenon nodded to his opponent, respectively waiting for him to get up......

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    The impact of the chokeslam Pride had laid out Hwoarang with had sent a rippling shockwave through the arena. Pride's aura, though still not visible, had raised its own momentary static charge, making brief sparks of static lighting around him as he stood. He was getting to the point where he would say he was actually in the zone, and once there he'd be difficult to stop. Confidence and successful battle only fueled Pride's fire, and the blows would be that much harder and faster to his opponents.

    Hwoarang got up slowly. Bloodied and weary, he was starting to finally feel the effects of fatigue. Pride let him raise to his feet without incident, still breathing heavily.

    Hwoarang powered up again as soon as he was on his feet and able, the blue/red auras battling for dominance over his body. The spiderweb cracks in the concrete from his painful landing widened slightly as his energies gathered around him. He screamed, absorbing as much power into himself as he could.

    Pride had not been notably injured yet. Hwoarang knew he'd need to hit him with some high-powered attacks to bring the behemoth down.

    But his fighting style, Hwo thought to himself. He counters in such unpredictable ways. I will have to make sure that once I get in the first shot, I don't let up until the last.

    "You are a powerful fighter," Hwoarang said to Pride. "You barely seem to have broken a sweat."

    "You're pretty damned good yourself, Smallfry." Pride rubbed the back of his head. "Those kicks hurt like nobody's business."

    Hwo's aura intensified slightly, as did his tone. "We can sit here and compliment each other all day, Stranger. Or we can finish this. It is sure to be a great battle."

    "Damn straight," Pride shot back. "Just know you've got my respect," Pride said. He extended his hand. "No matter who comes out on top."

    Hwo's aura calmed a bit, and he extended his hand and shook Pride's with slow, deliberate movements. The men then backed into their respective fighting stances; Hwo prepared for a Tae Kwon Do run, dropping low and stretching his limbs, while Pride stood straight up, gyrating his shoulders and punching at the air.

    Kyo, meanwhile, had charged up a high-density version of his flaming fist attack, and dashed at Pride from behind. Pride grinned, sensing the heat, and reacted.

    His aura was already charged from his run-in with Hwo, so his time-slowing shockwave powers were in high effect. Pride flung an elbow backward, and the air seemed to suck inward and ripple back out on impact. The time around them slowed, and the slamming crunch of Pride's elbow into Kyo's face sounded like a depth charge going off deep underwater.

    With the time around them slowed, Kyo's reaction to the impact was amplified by a lower field of gravity within Pride's aura. Kyo flipped upside down, but the momentum from his charge continued his propulsion forward, spinning around Pride's elbow and briefly floating past Pride, his head where his feet were just a moment before.

    Pride finished his brutal combo with a huge booted kick to the midsection of Kyo, who at that point was helpless to even be prepared for the impact. Time sped back to normal with the second hammering blow's impact, and Kyo went flying, blood pouring out of his mouth.

    Pride smirked with triumph, but it was momentary, as Hwoarang immediately powered up and attacked him with enough speed that he was not so easily countered. In fact, Pride wasn't able to counter at all; Hwo was at full blast, and the blows were coming with insane amounts of force and lightning speed.

    There was no more accurate way to describe the flash-fighting beatdown that Pride was receiving. Calling it any less than an all-out beatdown would have been a massive understatement.

    Hwo let out grunts and screams as his colored auras intertwined and amplified within one another. The punches came first, Hwoarang alternating his fists so quickly that the crowd could barely see them with their mild, untrained eyes.

    Pride felt the blows, there was no doubt about that. He desperately tried to cover up, but throwing his forearms across his face gave Hwo an opening to unload a barrage of punches and kicks on his mid-section. Frustrated, Pride's own aura flared with a rippling tinge around his body as he let out a vicious scream. Pride lunged forward, looking for a huge knockout punch, but Hwo vanished and appeared next to him. Within an instant, Hwo's leg came up full swing, smacking across Pride's midsection like a tree trunk. The doubled Pride over, and Hwo immediately followed up with a powerful jumping scissor kick across the back of Pride's neck. The Phenom was on the ground now, trying to get his bearings, but as soon as he got back up to his hands and knees, Hwoarang unleashed a monstrous kick directly into Pride's ribs, sending him soaring straight upward.

    Now is my chance... Hwoarang thought. His aura flared intensely, and he soared upward, letting out a scream that an old martial artist by the name of Lee would have been proud of.

    Soaring upward alongside Pride's body, Hwoarang matched the speed perfectly. Pride looked up in his brutal pain and felt the wind soaring around him. He thought he'd hit the ceiling and have a ***** of a fall, but he saw now that he had a worse problem.

    Hwoarang wound up, and screaming, he delivered the mother of all rainbow kicks to Pride. The announcers all agreed that it had looked like some type of modified or jacked-up super-powered version of the same tactic in Soccer. Except instead of a ball, Hwoarang's foot landed squarely in the center of Pride's chest, sharply reversing the Phenom's momentum.

    Pride flew downward, pain searing through his body. The impact of the kick had sent Hwoarang's colorful aural energies outward at his touch. The move was possibly the hardest blow Pride had ever felt.

    One eye closed and sore, he looked up--no, DOWN--and saw what waited to greet him: the ring's concrete base.


    The impact was earth-shattering. Pride's aura reacted as best it could, and again time slowed, but it did not lessen the deafening slam of impact. The crowd winced at Pride's brutal landing. The ring cracked and spiderwebbed under a massive shockware from Pride's aura, but it held nonetheless. Pride had landed square on his back. The cool rush of air around him gone, now replaced by a similar chill from broken concrete pieces under his body. He lay there, defenseless.

    And Hwoarang, who had been soaring downward himself, immediately landed on Pride's completely defenseless chest a moment later, driving his right knee into the Phenom's sternum.

    Another shockwave blasted out of Pride and Hwoarang's respective auras. The chain ropes of the ring shook violently. Some people in the crowd even fell over. Hibiki, in fact, was blown clear out of his seat and into the audience behind him; a broken piece of concrete blew by and narrowly missed Optimus' head.

    "Holy High Mother of Christ!!" Cuc yelled over the wind sheer. "He's got to be dead! There's no way he's surviving that!!"

    Hwoarang backed away from the opponent and knelt on one knee, exhausted. He'd been through five enemies already, and he'd used a majority of his strength to finally put this Pride guy down. Seeing Kyo still down and out in the corner, Hwo knew it was time for a breather. His aura ceased, and he gasped for air.

    The arena became very quiet with anticipation. Pride's body lay limp. The only sounds were the ragged breaths coming from Hwoarang. He looked at Pride.

    I did it, he thought.

    And then the audience went crazy. Hwo looked up and saw why.

    The Phenom in the center of the ring had just suddenly sat up.

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