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    Default Fight Club ROYAL RUMMMMMMMMMBLE!

    Sign up is here. Post if you plan on entering.

    Rules will be posted soon, just let me know if your interested . . .

    . . . and if you want to post smack, knock yourself out.

    I guess you should know what the prize is . . . I've instructed the judges not to hand out one title for a reason.

    That title is the ESF Forum Champion.

    The winner of the Forum Royal Rumble will be crowned the Fight Club Champion, and that title will be activated from that point on.

    I will not be entering the rumble itself, I will be refereeing it.

    *and you think i wouldnt be eather
    -teh hib
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    I shall be the first to join in this event...a special event in which I shall take home the belt...

    I should also announce my allegiance with Miroku...he and I are creating a faction that has split off from the VVU and is yet to be named...

    I should say that no other entries will be necessary, you would only be signing your own death warrant...not only have I defeated the great supermod Magus...but I am so great that Humpie bowed out of our you really want to mess with that?

    So lastly I ask you one question that I think you should think over greatly

    "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?"
    Fight Club Trial Ref

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    Faction: Catalyst

    "As a martial artist, I'm all about effeciency of movement, even if it's a bowel movement."
    -The Great Cucumba

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    I wont brag. I wont threat. I'll say only this:

    That title is mine!


    Um, count me in. I've been hungering for some Fight Club action, can't wait for the event.
    Fight Club - Wins: 3 Losses: 1

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    I will be the third to enter. I'm sure I can taste some decent blood here.

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    I shall take part in this match, only to put disgrace to all who participate. ^^*

    Fight Club: Wins: 0 Losses: 1

    Humpie, we still have to finish our fight. ;_;

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    Can I ask when it starts? First off I have to enter my fight club with Cucumba and finish it

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    #Esf-help Staff

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    This aught to be interesting. I can't write on the level of everyone here, so I'm not entering, but if u need any help judging I'm here. And for the theme, how bout DBZ-esque powers? Just a suggestion.

    Fight Club

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    I came up with the Exp system ^^

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    i was thinking on making like a small bio for the fighters. so we can have a discription on their attacks and styles. and it would be easier to write. one more question, does everyone who participate gets a hit in the story. because whoever is the writer, they would get f'ed up

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    How can I not join?


    but that doesn't matter because I am joining

    And I will remember your name and face on the day you are judged by the funhouse cast
    And I will rejoice in your fall from grace with a cane to the sky like 'None shall pass!'

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    I am joining, but wouldn't a tournament make more sense?

    Anyways, This victory will be mine. Most of you aren't even rhetorically ready....

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